Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira, Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver at UFC 162


For the first time since 2009 we’ll be seeing Frankie Edgar face off against an opponent in a non-championship bout that doesn’t involve some sort of title being on the line.

Like everyone else Frankie Edgar will have to work his way back up the ladder and craft a new path for himself back to the title.

Hot off the heels of signing a 4-fight contract extension with the UFC and after his very brutal knockout loss to Cub Swanson, Charles Oliveira will be the man looking to upset the former Lightweight champion at the upcoming UFC 162.

Also added to this card is a great stylistic matchup between German kickboxer Dennis Siver and solid Jackson’s MMA striker Cub Swanson, with both coming off impressive winning streaks which will come to an end when the clash at the Silva vs Weidman headlined UFC 162.

With these two fights announced in addition to Chang Sung Jung vs Ricardo Limas, this sets up the division with some great potential matchups and gives fans a very bright and competitive future for the Featherweight division and it’s reigning champion.

Let us know what you think of these matchups in the comments below.


  • Edgar will wear gold again in the UFC for sure.

    • I hope so! The guy deserves it! He's been screwed a few times in my opinion.

    • And if not I think he could make 135 and whoop all those guys with relative ease.

  • SIVER ftw!!!!

  • Almost a week old news, not hating just letting you guys know in case you thought it was just announced.

    Siver and Cub have both looked amazing lately so that is one hell of a fight, I'd probbaly take Cub with him being more well-rounded and a better gas tank. Siver's striking has looked brilliant at 145 though, I wouldn't put it past him o win by beating Swason to the punch all night

    Edgar vs. Oliviera should be one sided but if the Brazillian wins, it would be one of the biggest upsets of all time.

    • Since when did two days become a week? lol

      Definitely wasn't just announced, but still thought I'd share with the LK community. There's a lot of users who only frequent our site so I gotta think of them too!

  • Wait a minute. Wow…. never realised you meant Jung vs. Lamas was on the same card.

    So that means that ONCE AGAIN, it is extremely likely for someone to get bullshitted again. Out of the KZ/Lamas fight and Edgar/Swanson fight, all of them except Frankie perhaps, unbelievably deserve a title shot.

    The title is up for grabs in August so, especially if Swanson wins, one of these fight winners is going to get put to side again and made to fight another super hard fight when they have already deserve the title shot as much as anyone else.

    • My mistake kept saying Edgar instead of Siver.

      Tinking about this, gun to my head, the fairest thing to do is make winner of KZ/Lamas fight for the title and put Swanson/Siver vs. Edgar/Oliviera for following title shot

  • 145 is stacked, so many potential matchups. I think edgar and siver will get tko wins, not sure how well zombie shakes the ring rust. i hope edgar eventually fights aldo again and redeems that L

    • He won his rematch against Hendo despite what the judges said and against Aldo he stands a good chance of avenging that loss since it was close and he always does better 2nd time around. But Edgar shouldn't listen to this sort of dialogue as he needs to concentrate on his next opponents only and think about a title shot if and when another chance arises.