Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones: He’s Never Been In There With A Gangster Before


Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones are set to face off on April 27th for the UFC light-heavyweight title, and Sonnen has already put plenty of trash talk in the champion’s direction. The outspoken ‘American Gangster’ has made the return to the 205lb. division after an unsuccessful attempt to take the middleweight crown from Anderson Silva in July of last year.

Jon Jones has been tearing through the division since joining the UFC in 2008 and he will look to continue his dominance next month against Sonnen. Many feel as though Sonnen doesn’t deserve the title shot, but if he can pull a win out of the bag against Jones he will surely silence the haters.

Check out this UFC 159 pre fight interview and stay tuned to Lowkick for more pre fight hype!

  • is this fight maybe the biggest missmatch in a UFC title fight ever???

    • I think uncle chael can win it, he doesnt get enough credit IMO

      • gm1

        I bet the Spider was shivering in his shoes when before stepping inside the cage with a ganster from Oregon.
        I begining to think that gangters from Oregon are nothing but Boyscout who outgrew their uniform.

        I dont think you uncle chael deserves any more credit after his last performance against Anderson

        • The saying "you're as good as your last fight" seems unfair when your last fight was against Anderson Silva.

      • Yeah, I think you're right. Jon Jones has never been in the ring with an "elite" wrestler before. I wonder how he's going to defend Sonnen's aggression and power double. Probably with his length alone. Not sure though, but I'm willing to watch the PPV.

    • No, that would be Randy Couture Vs James Toney. This is however the second biggest mismatch. The only way Jones loses this fight is if he slips walking up to the cage and gives himself a curby on the stairs, is allowed to fight anyway and has a tummy ache. That slim possibility aside, Jones wins via inevitability.

      • Got to love the unpredictable concept of the underdog! You just never know…

      • couture vs toney was a giant mismatch but it wasnt a title fight. i see this fight being pretty one sided but id love it if chael got the win somehow

      • @choke he said in a title fight

        • @Keith; Ah yes. I missed that part. In that case it very well may be the biggest mismatch ever. I struggle to think of a title fight with a bigger wtf factor.

      • D

        Pretty sure James Toney was never in a UFC title fight…

      • Yeah Randy vs James was horriffic but not a title fight as far as can remember I would say Dan Hardy vs GSP was a bigger mismatch than Jones vs Sonnen by far.

    • Belfort-Jones was a bigger mismatch.

      • I disagree. Belfort has the power to potentially KO Jones and the BJJ to sub him. He came pretty close on that second item. Sonnen can't compete with Jones standing. Sonnen doesn't have the BJJ to offer Jones any resistance from the bottom. Sonnen doesn't have good enough wrestling to compete with Jones. I can't think of any area in which Sonnen has anything to offer Jones except trash talk.

        • gm1

          I used to be a Sonnen fan for a long ime but after his disappointing easy loss to Anderson, he lost all respect from me. It is total poilitics on how he got a title shot with Jones now. total BS

        • SOnnen could possibly outwrestle Jones for a while, its not likely but its definitely possible. Comparatively, Sonnen has beaten better competition over the past few years.

    • D

      Just playing devil's advocate here…people said that about Serra vs. St. Pierre.

  • Shael is hilarious

  • Golf Tickets!

  • Chael's kill me every time when he refers to himself as a gangsta lol gotta love that mans choice of words

  • Refuting Sonnen's BS:

    Point 1: Jones didn’t decide to give him a fight, Sonnen took it, BS. Sonnen was given a fight that he didn’t earn. If he didn’t earn it and it was given to him, then he couldn’t possibly have “taken” it (the fight).

    Point 2: Jones is the alleged Champion. However, at the end of the video, he states that “whoever holds the belt, that’s the Champ. That’s it. He’s the greatest fighter alive.” If the latter statement is true, then the former statement cannot be true. Subsequently, it’s BS.

    Point3: “He has the mandate of the masses. The masses required, called and begged for this fight.” Yeah, I somehow must have missed that fan response. I seem to recall, the masses (as) being un-happy with the choice of a 5 & 3 fighter, with only one stoppage to his credit, who was coming off of a title (shot) loss and moving up a division, being given a title shot and against an un-defeated Champion. To see it or remember it otherwise is, BS.

    Point 4: “Anyone, anywhere, any time and those are the only rules I live by.” With the exception of TRT waivers, that the NSAC may or may not, know about. Simply put, it’s more BS.

    Point 5: Sonnen as gangster, please. Perhaps he’s a criminal with a record, but not a gangster. It’s just more BS.

    Point 6: Jones has “only faced little boys who are afraid of him.” Actually, his last five fights were against former Champions. To the best of my knowledge, no one else could claim such a feat. To refer to the likes of Rua, Jackson, Machida, Evans and Belfort as little boys is laughable. It’s just more BS.

    Point 7: “I’m the best MMA Wrestler in the world…” With a take-down success rate of (just) under 60%, clearly he is not the best MMA Wrestler in the world. It’s just more BS.

    Point 8: “There was a reason he (Jones) said no, the first time.” Yeah, absolutely, because you didn’t deserve the fight and he still doesn’t. It’s just more BS.

    Point 9: He destroyed Anderson…but unfortunately, he didn’t beat Anderson, even though he was given two kicks at the can. It’s just more BS.

    Putting it all together, this is the same rhetoric we’ve heard from Sonnen, before and I’m not sure how much of the audience still buys into it or cares, because it’s all (just) so much BS.

    • gm1

      HOW TRUE>>>HOW TRUE>>>>

    • Nice…

    • BTW, each one of your points above deserve a "sharp".

    • @Truth Those are some cool points but maybe you over-analyzed it…This is grade A 100% pure hype ladies and gentlemen, disco ****. It is not meant to be real. Chael is the master at hyping fights, remember that UFC is not only for the smart fans.

      • @ Dare

        To say it's over-analyzed, is really to say, we (the audience / fan base) listened to Sonnen's words, considered them and found them to be, lacking.

        Trust me / us, the audience has learned that Chael is the most amazing carnival barker of all time. There is no doubt. The problem is, however, that most fans have caught on to his P.T Barnum act and the (whole)…you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time, schtick…has grown tiresome and the audience has grown weary. Truly, you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time.

        In terms of the fans taking Sonnen seriously or for real, I think most are probably well beyond that consideration. His act has become far too old had and transparent, regardless of a / any fans MMA IQ.

        I appreciate your point regarding hype, but, for me and for most, the hype has to have a / some sense of credibility. In short, it has to be rooted in something other than simple dogma and hiperboli.

        From what I can tell / surmise, Chael seems to think that he can turn the bad guy / smack talker on & off, as if it were some kind of light switch and that the fans, educated or other wise, will not / won't notice. Regrettably for Chael, that's not the case. For, the average fan has been down this road with him, before and sadly, the road is a cul-de-sac, where it might be a nice drive down the road, but inevitably, one must turn around and go back, from where once came.

  • Another great words from the people champion itself amen.

  • Now that the fight is getting closer, the PPV monstor Chael sonnen is back at it again….

  • silva and jones back to back, you're somewhat gangster. As far as biggest title fight mismatch ever, im thinking arlovski vs. buentello but cote,leite, and hardy were bad too

  • "I destroyed Anderson" lol! good one Chael,good one! you might wanna talk to the guys at Fuel tv to see if they hire you permanently,odds are that are getting creamed by Jonny boy you'll call it a day,unless you can talk your way into a Heavyweight title,gangster talk and all not gonna brah!!! ;D

  • I NEVER liked chael….not one bit. Since on TUF as a coach i really saw another side to him. Really professional with the fighters and everybody ells. He reminds me of Gordon Ramsay. A brutally honest guy that say it as it is, and many people aren't used to it. And he is quickly becoming one of my fav.

  • The only interesting thing about this fight is can Shael take Bones down that will tell us a lot about bones wrestling which we all know is good but Shael was not lying when he said he is the 'best MMA wrestler' that is probably true. If he can take Jones down however can he hold him down this is the other side of the equation. "Shael" "Shael" "no hurt me no hurt me come for BBQ"

  • Its hardly news worthy, gangster from Oregan, why waste precious space on Lowkick with garbage like this?