Chael Sonnen Approved for TRT for Shogun Fight, Maintains He’s Never Cheated


Chael Sonnen will square off against Pride FC legend Shogun Rua, at UFC fight night 26. Sonnen is coming off a UFC LHW title fight loss against Jon Jones, at UFC 159, and has trash talked his way in to a fight with Shogun Rua.

It seems that Sonnen is once again making headlines, but this time in connection to his TRT use. Sonnen has been granted a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy ahead of his upcoming scrap against Rua.

After testing positive for elevated testosterone levels after the first Anderson Silva loss, Sonnen served a suspension but has always denied any cheating. This snippet from sums up the way The American Gangster feels on the subject:

” They had a meeting. But, I never broke a rule anywhere. In California, they said that your T to E ratio [testosterone to epitestosterone] was high. Well it was! I was on testosterone. That gap is your ratio. All that tells you is what they already knew, that I was on testosterone. They didn’t understand their own test. They go, “No, your levels are way too high, you’re 17 to 1.” It’s like, guys, I could be 1700 to 1, I’m still within the legal limit. You don’t understand your own test. So they give me six months [suspension] instead of a year. The referee that night is now in prison and that executive director is back home in Washington state and has been fired. But these are the guys that I’m working with. This is what you get when you deal with government. “

As much as Sonnen is kind of entertaining , I can’t help but think that a loss against Rua should mark the end of a UFC (fighting) career for Sonnen. Three losses on the bounce would certainly spell the end for most fighters, although the ‘butts on seat’ factor is in full play here.

His shenanigans may seem like that of a raving lunatic, but rest assured that Sonnen knows exactly what he is doing. At the least, people will tune in to see this loud mouth guy get his butt kicked. At his best, Sonnen can hand out a nasty ass whooping, as well as talk down hecklers.

I think that the best place for Sonnen is in the commentary booth, he is great at announcing and commentating so he should use that to make a paycheque. It is only my opinion, but his performance against Jones was nothing short of pathetic. Especially given the relentless tirade of trash talk that preceded the scrap.

Now factor in that Sonnen is using TRT, not that I agree or disagree with it, but it is essentially a fountain of youth for athletes who are pretty much too tired- and you see my point. As I said, I’m kind of a fence sitter on the TRT issue, but when you are on a two fight losing skid, have lost every title shot, are an awesome announcer, and your last fight was reminiscent of a six year old sub-urban girl fighting the local 234lb. pimp, then maybe it’s just time to hang the gloves up?

  • Trash talked his way to another fight. If history repeats itself he will lose.

  • Chael Sonnen has jabbed himself in the a-s-s more than Elton John

  • Cut the dude a break will ya?! My testosterone level is out of control as well – and I am taking nothing at all – exept the daily 5 to 6 beers a night. What ? Am I an addict now? Hell no! I am German and I gotta support our economy! And that is that.

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  • Chael minus TRT vs Shogun would be awful!