Chael Sonnen says we have an idiocracy known as FILA regulating wrestling


UFC Light Heavyweight Chael Sonnen appeared on “UFC Tonight” last night to address the touchy situation of wrestling being torn from the 2020 Olympic Games.

He sheds some light on the subject that many people outside the sport may not know at all, in that wrestling is supported in the US by the Olympic Committee. With a stern warning, Sonnen states that the well will dry up quickly when 2016 rolls around.

Sonnen also blasts FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, stating that they couldn’t “run a local doughnut shop.”

The American Gangster is visibly angered, and for good reason. But according to Sonnen, the fate of wrestling may have been decided long before the IOC’s depressing announcement yesterday.

  • as long as theres highschool football players there will be highschool wrestling.

    every american highschool has a wrestling division and most colleges do too so it will be a while before wrestling goes away in america

    • video has been removed

    • but you need money to run the wrestling divisions and when it's gone from Olympics, all the International and a lot of the collegiate funding will be also be gone.

      This could be the death of collegiate wrestling.

      The NFL isn't going anywhere soon and besides that college American football has a huge following – college football is much bigger than wrestling worldwide.

      • i dont think they will cut wrestling from highschools anytime soon.

      • You're telling me the only thing supporting wrestling in highschool and colleges in the USA is the American Olympic Committee? That must be one big bank account.

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  • Chael knows what he's talking about when it comes to international wrestling, don't be fooled just because he is name calling.

    Hopefully something is done about this soon but a lot of people, like Chael, seem to believe not much can be done at this point

  • Dana said the reason wrestling is being withdrawn from the olympics is due to the dirty scum bag Culinary Union.

  • This blows….

  • Chael seems to have become a media icon for mma. I dig it

  • Even to me, someone who doesn't watch, follow or care, about The Olympics, this makes no sense.

    • If you dont watch follow or care about it why the fuck would it make sense to you? You fucking retard. It's funny that you have no interest in athletes competing in all sorts of sport world wide but you care about Dan Hardy's education and his plans for his future after MMA? You lose you idiot. I have always been one to support euthanasia.

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      • @ Shit-Stick…Anti-American Xenophobe

        Again, we seem to be at the issue of what was the color of the bus that drove you to school every morning.

        To lay this out for you logically…one does not have to watch, care or follow a thing, to understand a thing. Which is to say, that if one can understand a thing, then one can analyze the relevant facts and then render a decision as to whether or not it makes sense. Can you grasp that concept?

        We go through this process as a society all the time or perhaps you haven't noticed. We do it with jurys' all the time. We take 12 people who have not watched, followed or cared about a particular subject, give them the relevant facts and ask them to render a decision. They render that decision based on the "sense" they made of that facts.

        To give you a more analog version of this, most people do not watch, follow or care about how their car functions mechanically, yet, they still, somehow, make enough sense of it to drive it. In other words, they have no idea how it works, yet they can operate, what is, a complicated piece of machinery.

        To give you a celestial example, most human beings do not watch, follow or care much about the physics of the sun, yet they are more than aware of enough of the facts, to make sense of the conditions known as night & day.

        As to me caring abut Dan Hardy – I posted an opinion on his education and future plans. I believe I praised him and wished him well. No where in there did I ever state that I cared as to what the man did or didn't do, does or doesn't do with his life. Again, you seem to either miss the point, misconstrue, fail to understand, comprehend or simply get it. Read the words which have been written and not the words you wish were written. If you need help or clarification…a word or term explained, then ask. Remember there's no such thing as a stupid question. I'm not sure if you've ever heard that before, but it's true.

        I lose – I was unaware that I was in a contest. Here's a question, do you think….you're….in a contest? Because you are not. There's no belt to be one here, son.

        You support euthanasia – good for you. I'm not sure what your point is or why you would feel the need to declare it on an MMA website, but none-the-less, good for you. Here are two links to two websites that deal exclusively in the subject.

        Perhaps your time would be better spent on either of those, than LowKick….just sayin'.

        And if the reason you raised the issue of euthanasia is because you, yourself, are thinking about exercising the option, then please let us know before you commit to it. We'd all like the chance to say goodbye.

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        I told you you couldn't do it and look, it only took two days to be proven right.

  • You Americans are so self centred and ignorant it hurts sometimes just to read your comments. Wrestling being big in the USA has nothing to do with it being an olympic game. Ever think that the rest of the world may not always revolve around American culture?

    • Kiss my American ass Shitstick, every one of your replies hurts all of us to read.

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        • @ knn03

          Why would this impact wrestling in the USA. If you like wrestling you will continue to train. I don't really see a problem. I do long distance cycling, If cycling was removed from the olympics how would this impact my life? Why would this make me stop training and doing the sport I love? Do you all need funding for your tights?

          Chael Sonnen said it himself, wrestling goes back to ancient times when there was no sticks bats and balls. It;s still going to exist. If the olympic committee financially supports athletes to train for the olympics big deal, The athletes will have to get regular jobs like the rest of us. I don't see how this will make the sport die in your country. Why should I have sympathy for anyone who loses money to train for a sport. There is many bigger issues in your country and world.

          How will this impact MMA? I saw on tv a while back a documentary about wrestling in the state of Ohio, they were portraying it like a religion and a way of life from kids to adults.
          This is just going to disappear now because wrestling is no long an olympic event? Fuck right off if you think that. Just more pointless shit you spoiled americans have to bitch about

          • Wrestling is not simple martial art, like Karate or Kung Fu. Wrestling its all about competition. Nobody goes to wrestling just for fun or for them selves. Everyones who goes to wrestling goes because of constant competition. And olympics is the most prestigiest tournament.
            So the less money wrestling will get the less competitions will be and that will hurt. Competitors numbers will decrease, it will hurt a lot in my eyes.

    • @rip

      I've seen comments on the impact it will have on wrestling in America. And seeing how many great American fighters with a wrestling base most can see how it will impact MMA in the future. I hope my comment hurt you too, asshole. USA!

    • @ Shit-Stick…Anti-American Xenophobe

      Before you start hurling cracks such as the one you posted here, shouldn't you declare for us the geographic shit hole from which you, yourself, hail. What great nation of humanitarianism and enlightenment do you emanate from, Shit-Stick? Tell us all the great things that your people have done for the world. All the wrongs you and your kind have corrected.

      And tell us Shit-Stick, are you a shining example of non-self-centeredness and education? For I must declare, from what I can tell of you by your posts, I don't see it. If you are what passes for selflessness and enlightenment in your nation, then your nation has some pretty lax standards.

      For example – Shit-Stick have you noticed that you are always referencing the fact that reading is "hard" or that it "hurts" or that you "attempt" it? If reading is such a difficulty for you, then can you really claim that Americans are ignorant or stupid, at least relative to you.

      And you do realize then when we speak of ignorance, we speak of it in terms of knowledge of a "particular" subject and not as an overall indicator of intellect. For example, A PHD in advanced mathematics who had no knowledge of home building, would appear to be ignorant if asked to build a home. However, the PHD minus any home building knowledge or experience, would still be defined as a very bright person. Comparatively speaking, You, on-the-other-hand, with your passing knowledge of MMA and Olympic wrestling, would be defined as ignorant and with no countervailing skill set or acumen for us to evaluate, we would then have to further define you as a moron.

      However, to your point about Americans being ignorant, ignorance, as I noted earlier, references a particular subject and is a poor descriptor for defining overall intelligence. Thus, regarding the subject of wrestling, American's in general or as a culture, would be far from ignorant on the subject. As a nation, they'd actually be an authority, both to the prosecution of it, as well as its history. Subsequently, when an authority on wrestling and Chael Sonnen is an authority on wrestling, opines as to the ridiculousness of getting rid of wrestling as an Olympic sport and he cites the historical roots of the sport, which are Greek, not American, then I stand baffled as to what part of it you don't understand or get.

      And how do you take from his comments or this history of either the sport or The Olympics, that this is about American culture? If anything, this is about Greek culture and the culture of sport, in general. Perhaps your problems with reading and comprehension extend to your listening skills, as well.

      To round it out, I don't know if your intent on this website is to become the most hated man on LowKick, but you're certainly working your way towards it and I actually believe, that the type of crack you posted here, should get your membership revoked, but then, that's just me.

      You have issues Shit-Stick and my guess would be, that if you feel this / that way about Americans, then surely, you must also have similar bigoted and racist views about other nationalities, races, religions and groups. Perhaps you even hate Mothers-against-drunk-driving, for they did start out as an American entity / idea, after all.


    • I am Irish, and like it or not America is full of some of the most incredible accomplishments to ever happen. Wrestling is all over the world and is far more legitimate for olympics than a horse show etc. I can tell you that if it weren't for America we very well likely could have been all white with blue eyes and blonde hair. Go to America and see what the people are like, they are as nice and respectable as any other people. You may not even realize that right now the rest of the world does kinda revolve around America, hense the reason our leaders over here bend over backwards for anything America wants to do. Don't let your hatred of their foriegn policies cloud your judgement of the regular people who live there.

      • @ Falcon

        Exactly – don't blame the people for the policies. Americans have about as much control over their foreign policies, as does a quadriplegia has control over their muscles. Which happens to be the same circumstance I see in every western "democracy" which could / might be named.

      • Are you seriously bringing up world war 2? LOL. So where is the arguement American's arent ignorant and self centred? What? No arguement? What a surprise. I have no hatred towards America I am simply telling these kids what they are, IGNORANT AND SELF CENTRED AMERICAN DOUCHEBAGS!

        • Americans aren't ignorant and self centered in general. They are no more so than the same amount per capita as Brits, or Irish, or Canadian etc. What arguement do you want? I already told you what I have seen. I have been there for months at a time and had nothing but the very best in hospitality and kindness. They are very proud of their accomplishments as are the English of theirs and Irish theirs and Canadians theirs. I went to England for the first time about 5 years ago and expected the worst and to my surprise before I even got to England on my flight I was sitting next to a guy from Bristol and we got talking and he was the nicest guy who even went as far as to apologize for the history of England against Ireland. I then met person after person who treated me like a king and I was embarrassed I had had a beef with these lovely people who were not at all like their governments and former powers. A lot can change just by being open and seeing things yourself face to face. If you go looking for the bad you will find it.

          • @ Falcon

            "…these lovely people who were not at all like their governments and former powers."

            Exactly – it's not the people. It's the corrupt politicians, their policies, the sleazy whore media and the anti-human / anti-peace bankers who control them all.

          • agreed

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          • I just watched Silence of Lambs a short while ago on sky. Great movie.

          • Are you basing insults on assumptions and the word probably again? LOL. Xenophobe wow the irony of an American saying this to me. I am from Canada one of the most multi culturual countries in the world. My girlfriend is from Haiti. See how foolish you look when you try to assume things you degenerate ingrate. I am sure you think I look foolish too but I never say anything that is based on assumptions or hypotheticals. I say true and honest facts and beliefs something you clearly know nothing about.

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          • I lived in Canada for 19 years and the only thing different from Canadains vs Americans is that Canadians think they are different. I went with a dozen guys from Edmonton to go work in Wyoming to do environmental work on the oilfields. We were treated very well and the Americans hosting us came out to the jobsite everyday and brought us refreshments and cooked us BBQ dinners out of their own pockets. They thought we were the nicest people and while they paid us compliments all of us from Canada stayed quite and talked sh*t about them behind their backs about how great they think they are and pointing out one of them with bad teeth etc. I was embarrassed to be with the Canadians who were so disrespectful and spoiled. There are many Canadians that hate Americans and love all other countries. But most Canadians that go to America on a regular basis love it there. I know many Canadians that moved to America. I have been blessed in Canada, America, England and Ireland.

          • @ Falcon

            You had me on the first post and lost me on the second. By this account all Canadians are either ass-h##@s or American wannabees. Neither is the case.

            If you failed to see the differences between the two nations, for better or for worse, then you couldn't have looked very hard. If I were to take this logic and go to Ireland, Whales and Scotland and tell them there was no difference between themselves and England, I would be laughed at. There is significant difference between America and Canada. I am sorry if you didn't see it. Perhaps it was because you were in Alberta and working in the oil industry. Alberta after-all if the most American of Canadian provinces and is jam packed with Americans working in the oil sands.

            I know one thing for sure, that last thing I would call the Canadian people as a whole is disrespectful and spoiled.

            I would also call you out on your assertion that many Canadians hate Americas and love all other countries. In the one instance you speak of American's (the people) and in the other instance you speak of all other countries. Then the statement is followed up with a statement of many Canadians love for America (the country, in this instance) and that many have moved there, so the question becomes if they hate it so much why have many moved to the States? It makes no sense. Also, I don't know if you know this or not, but the percentage of Canadians moving to the States to pursue the "American Dream", has pretty much disappeared. Why? Because there are no jobs and no opportunity.

            And if you really step back and look at it, you'll find more-and-more Americans moving to and working in, places like Alberta, which is the opposite of your contention. Why? Again, because there are no jobs in the States and plenty of opportunity in Canada for exploiting all of it's natural resources. Heck man, if you've ever seen a show called "Gold Rush Alaska, you'd know of what I speak. For a huge chunk of that show is filmed in the Yukon and revolves around a group of Americans' who can't find work in the States, who have moved up to the Yukon to dig for gold. Or as they put it…"to live the American dream"….in Canada.

            With all due respect Falcon, you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to talking about Canada or even it's relationship with here bigger, less wealthy neighbor.

            Concluding…one other major difference (in recent history) is that Canada didn't buy into the argument for war with Iraq. They didn't see it as a threat, which apparently it wasn't, as no WMD was ever found.

            And if anyone hates anything about any country, you'll generally find that it's the policies and the politicians which are hated, not the people.

          • I didn't say they were all disrespectful and spoiled. I was referring to the guys I worked with, Who are my friends still today and i confronted them on the issue too. I said at the end I have been blessed by Canadians too. I was just showing an example to Ripstick that his country is not above America. Yes my experience is from Alberta and BC so it is limited to those regions. I find Americans picked on more than other nations by other nations because of the spotlight they have in media etc. I just want people to realize they are as nice as anyone else. I understand the economic differences and political differences but my wife is Canadian and nobody in Ireland or UK has seen her as a Canadian yet after 7 years here. She takes no offence in people calling her American. If you go just south of the border from Canada to America you can never tell wether you are talking to an American or a Canadian. Yes you can tell by accents once you go further south. It is much easier to tell there is a difference in accents from Ireland, Scottland and England. Nobody i have been friends with in canada knows the difference between an accent from Alberta to one from Washington. Except that you have to pass through a border patrol you can't tell the difference between the guys from BC and the guys from America unless they say something obvious about their country. I have cousins that moved years ago and other friends too. I am not talking recent economy moves. even then though there are still opportunities there that are snapped up from time to time. Heck i even know a Canadian that came here to Ireland to run an American bank. How did that work out? Obviously it's not all strait forward reasoning of the economies. Anyway I am not trying to diss the canadians as my wife is one. Just want people to be real about their perceptions. Most of my friends are Canadian.

  • the results of a bureaucracy. a new, well-run international federation should be rebuilt. the olympics now have more room for badminton coverage

  • hey fight in the ring, shitstick is the real faggot… is that correct entity?