Chael Sonnen’s Challenge to Wanderlei: I Will Donate 10% of My Purse to Schools in Brazil


Last night, multi-division UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen took to Twitter to continue his quest for a bout with longtime rival Wanderlei Silva. The rift between the two has been much publicized, discussed, and rumored, and is more likely to take place now than ever. Here’s the challenge Sonnen issued to the Brazilian ‘Axe Murderer’:

Strong words from the always-witty Sonnen, who was rumored to retire at age 36 after one-sided losses to both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones in his last two bouts. Silva finds himself with momentum after knocking out Brian Stann at UFC on Fuel TV 8 in Japan. Sonnen and Silva have repeatedly had words for one another, none more prevalent than their infamous video session while riding in a van.

For Sonnen, a bout with Silva could be a one-sided affair that gets him back into the winning column. There’s just no way that ‘The American Gangster’ would play to Wand’s strengths by standing and trading. Most would pick him to be a heavy favorite over Silva due to his wrestling pedigree.

For Silva, a bout with Sonnen is just what he needs to regain any semblance of relevancy, as the aging slugger has made the move up to light heavyweight just like Sonnen. It would be an incredibly tough bout for him, but at the same time, a win would be miraculous for the longtime Pride Champion.

It’s safe to say this is one fight that the fans want to see.  True bad blood sells fights, and I think this is a legitimate beef between the two. When will it finally happen? It’s rumored for UFC on Fox Sports 1 in Brazil, which would be quite the spectacle.


  • I was once mildly entertained by this clown. Chael, you are getting your *** kicked. Badly. You sound painfully stupid. Your wanna-be Ali thing is embrassing. STOP.

    • Thing is. Wandy talked some smack to Chael. "have respect…keep your teeth" which just about amounted to a physical threat. Chael's got a right to call the dude out to finish what he started.

      • Er…that was on UFC "reality" soap-opera TV, Right? Besides, Wand simply told Chael that he understood Chael was hyping the fight, but take it easy on Brazil cause down there they dont play that sh*t. There was no personal threat.

  • he should makee it 50% of his purse because of the itsults he did to brasil and and the people in brasil and also me because im a gracie family.

  • FE4

    I've always seen Brazilians as prideful people. I think if Silva found Sonnen disrespectful he should take the fight on principle alone.