Chael Sonnen on “What it takes to be a real man”


From his inspirational speech on The Ultimate Fighter about failure, and this segment on how to be a real man, it appears as Chael Sonnen is now a more likable character. In the world of professional wrestling they would call it “a face turn”. One way or another, Chael P. Sonnen will step inside the Octagon in April, facing Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight title. Until then, we’ll enjoy the good side of the man from West Linn, Oregon.

  • any one find it funny he was found guilty of fraud and was one of the person responsible for the mortgage collapse that cause the american recession of 2008 and he says hes never had a bad job experience. classic chael

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      No, what caused the mortgage collapse was congress passing legislation allowing people to purchase homes without the means to pay for them.

      • no it was greedy mortgage lenders using loopholes to supply loans to people who couldn't afford one.

        either way he is a cheat and a snitch. anyone who is a "fan" needs medication.

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          These "greedy mortgage lenders" were forced to give these loans.

          • im sure they were "forced" to lie about peoples income by all those bonuses and incentives they were receiving

          • Hmmm, I think I understand onemoreround more:
            Onemoreround is a mentally challenged person who has a secret sexual attraction to Chael Sonnen. Not knowing how to handle his sexual thoughts about another man, began to vent anger towards him in hopes that his sexual fantasies go away.

            Dont worry guys I took Psychology in both High School and College. He has a classic case of internalized homophobia. I hope now that I outed you, you begin to accept your new found homosexuality and can come to terms with it.

            Hang in there onemoreround, we are all rooting for you now

          • @daddylongstrokes

            arnt you the same guy bltching about trt and steroids, but you defend chael?

          • A recent film about 9/11/2001 has been made. 100 professionals ranging from structural engineers, to demolition experts, scientists, physicists and people who actually built the buildings say, there is NO way those buildings fell from jet fuel that can at Max. only burn at 750 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes 2700 degrees to melt the steel beams that were melted in the Trade centers. They found positive proof that Thermite was responsible for the beam failures, which burns at 4700 degrees! The film is at under documentaries. It lead to the "terrorist with hunt" and has racked up 10 trillion in debt in 12 years. Now the liberal govt is trying to spend the USA into total collapse and its projected to collapse in late 2013 or early 2014, riots will ensue everywhere, then after all is chaotic, Military and feds will move in and enslave the entire country. Its called the NWO (New World Order) Obama Brack Hussein was hand picked by the NWO to carry out the end of Democracy in the USA.
            His current supporters are totally clueless and would follow him off a cliff if necessary. Good luck folks, it's coming.

            I wont speak of this again.

          • By the way Liberal/ socialist driven media is NBC, CBS,ABC,CNN all the majot networks and they lie to Americans 24/7 pushing the agenda. Mark my words, you will all see soon enough, wait until you see the F E M A camps/ prisons that were built.

          • @ Entity

            You're my brother from another mother. You must have borrowed the same fact book from her, that I did. 🙂

            By the way…I see a Diaz avatar is back up. You must be psyching yourself up for the 16th. 🙂

            I hope it's a war.

          • I strongly suspect The League of Shadows is behind this plot.

          • I hope you guys have enjoyed your time at, partner website of Businesscorner.

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            Let me remind you, we are talking about what 'caused' the collapse, not shady bonuses and practices that we are all disturbed by. Also, please explain "loopholes to supply loans" and how that works.

          • "CNBC presents the definitive report on the defining story of our time. CNBC correspondent David Faber investigates the origins of the global economic crisis, with first person accounts from home buyers, mortgage brokers, investment bankers and investors"

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            @ OMR

            You're using CNBC as a reference. Your problem from the get go. Research the Frank/Dodds bill that is largely responsible for the collapse. I'm really trying here.

          • @zip

            im sensing you like conspiracy theories.

          • EMPHASIS on THEORY. and NOT FACTS

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            So the bill is theory, the number of loans resulting from the bill is theory, and the number of people defaulting on those loans is theory, yet "loopholes to supply loans" is fact. I give.

          • @zip the was effective in january of 2010.

            the economy collapsed october 2008

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            Keep researching…

          • @ OMR

            If you like your emphasis on theory over facts, then I suggest you download the PDF file of 911 Commissions report and give it a read.

          • i actually LOL when i seen his source was CNBC haahaha!!!

          • Actually OMR

            The definitive piece is the movie….Inside Job

            The piece you refer to draws from that movie often and heavily, in terms of research done.

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          If Chael is guilty of anything, let him pay the price after the process plays out.

      • @ Zip & OMR

        What happened to the economy, as a result of the mortgage derivatives scam, was nothing less than a financial 911.

        It was an orchestrated attack upon the economy of The United States, by Wall Street bankers and Insurance companies. The door was held open for them and all obstacles removed from their path, by The Congress and the Bush administration.

        The attack has the fingerprints of both parties (Republican & Democrat) on the corpse and the cover story has been pitched to us by all the media, not just the left-or-the-right.

        I believe the director of the Academy Award Winning Documentary "Inside Job" (2010) put it best when, during his acceptance speech @ the awards he stated the following, regarding the derivatives scam …3 years after the fact, not one person has been arrested and charged".

        This attack and it was an attack, was home-grown and orchestrated by all the same people who shipped all of our jobs to China & India and told us that it was good for the nation and the economy. The problem is, they are very wealthy and connected people, they control the Congress, the White House and The Law Courts. They also control all the "independent" media who are tasked (within our society) to hold these people accountable and inform us, The People, as to all the facts. A job which they have failed to do, miserably, for decades, now.

        The financial collapse was a conspiracy to defraud The Tax Payers of America, out of trillions of dollars. That's why, when the bill came due, all those former Goldman / Sachs employees over @ The Treasury department pushed so hard for the government to bail out the industry, which "knowingly" created the problem.

        To bring it to an even finer point, then ask yourselves this one fundamental question…what "exactly" is The Federal Reserve? The answer to that question is, of course, is that it's a 3rd party, "private-for-profit" corporation, which is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves and for "some reason" it has been given the right to put ink-on-paper, call it "money" and then loan it back to the nation @ a compound interest rate. The money they create is "fiat" money, meaning that it is backed by nothing. The only reason it's worth anything is, because Americans' pay their taxes. Of course the personal income tax question is another scam, because there is no law which was ever ratified by either The Congress or a majority of States Legislatures, as required by The Constitution. Concordantly, there was never any Constitutional ratification (as required) for either The Federal Reserve or The Internal Revenue Service. It's all one big scam, predicated on a series of lies, all-of-which goes unchallenged by the media. And of course, the same people that cause all of this crap own the media, too. And why? to ensure that these types of questions and subjects never get raised.

        Or to paraphrase Philip Zelikow, Executive Director of the 911 Commission…you can tell the people anything, so long as you meet two conditions:

        1. The story told must go un-challenged by anyone "currently" in power.

        2. The story must go un-challenged by the main-stream-media.

        If you meet those two conditions, you can tell The People any story you wish and they will believe it.

        For the record, Dr. Zelikow has a PHD in Mythology and the creation and sustainment of myths.

        Concluding – if you still believe in Republican & Democrats, one-or-the-other and still read / watch FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The WSJ, The NYT etc…then you don't get it and you're part of the problem and not part of the solution.

        Interesting factoid – did you know that since 2000 The US govt. has built 300 new internment camps across the nation. Six in each state. Most don't know that, because it was done very quietly and without any coverage by the MSM. If anyone doubts this, just Google Halliburton / KBR internment camps or an article called "Rule by fear or by law", San Francisco Chronicle, 2008).

        Concluding – why do you think the government wants our guns so much?

        • @ truth

          thanks but im not much for conspiracy THEORIES

          • its not a "theory" MMA Truth is stating facts, maybe you need to go do some research onemoreround

          • Are you sure OMR?

            Because if you believe the official "story" of 911, then you're a conspiracy theorist.

            For the official "story" of 911 is, itself, a conspiracy theory. 19, led by 2, assisted by dozens across The United States, Europe, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, put the all of America's military, intelligence and police services to sleep for over 2 hours on, not only that day, but the days, weeks, months and year, leading up to the event.

            That's a hell of a story and that's a hell of a conspiracy, OMR and if you believe it, then you are a conspiracy theorist.

            For me, I just have simple questions such as….where's the jet debris that's supposed to be in that field in Shanskville, P.A.?
            Because when I look at the photos or film, as shot on that day, I see no evidence of a jet having crashed. Maybe that's why, since 911 the corporate owned media has failed to ever show any film or photos of Shanskville and why we have to rely on a Hollywood movie, as we do in the case of Bin Laden's death, to prove that it "actually happened".

            Sorry, man. God is the only one that no longer require proof, with me. Everyone else, get your ID out.

            I'm going to go, now. I've going to get my metal detector and pop on over to Iraq and look for those darned WMD. 🙂

          • It turns out I can weak you twice if I do it without signing in first lol

          • @OMR

        • Zip

          I hadn't heard about 300 new internment camps, that's scary. Have you heard about the huge data collection facility under construction in Utah? Anyhow, a lot to absorb there, much I have heard about. OMR would just call that conspiracy theory, but I see he already has.

          At any rate, I'm out. Gotta work tomorrow – medical field, long hours, yuck.

          • @ Zip

            It's not under construction. It's built. It's been functioning for several years, now. I believe it became operational in 2004. Every bit of electronic, data generation, including this post, is being recorded. Every credit card transaction, every phone call, every text, every web search…everything.

            The New York Times, of all publications, had a video piece about it, buried somewhere on their website, but you'd have to know about it / be looking for it, to find it.

            If you're interested, Google…New York Times "The Program".

            It's pretty scary stuff, man. To think that this is what the government is up to and "who" exactly, do they see as a threat. The piece features the guy (genius, literally) who wrote the software, the algorithms and put it all together.

        • MMA Truth +1,000,000

        • Powerful.

    • Dude, I just looked at this entire comment section and it seems like yours are color coded red.
      These guys don't want to play with you, I think it may be time to take your ball and go home with sexypapi.

  • Chael pulls the wool over everyone's eyes by pretty much doing zero trash talk to Jones on this season of TUF, at least so far. He has actually been a pretty cool and very professional coach….. as Dana stands there pissed and speechless….

    • the old bait and switch

      • Onemoreround: The only way Chael can avoid a Jon Jones' beating is to not show up on fight day, period.

        As for the TUF version of Chael, well, I have to say that he has been a decent guy on the show thus far and I kind of like that side of him.

        This from a guy who totally dislike him.

        • cheal sure knows how to stay relevant

        • There's definitely two different Chaels, trash talking comedian Chael who puts on a show to promote a fight even if that means crossing a few lines and one that seems like a genuinely good guy. There's that great video of him taking some kid around backstage at one of the UFCs and if you listen to one of his serious interviews he is probably one of the most honest fighters out there.

  • Las question Chael-what's your plan after getting steam rolled by Jones? hmmmmm….can I sleep on it on that one? ;D

    • the username 'sexypapi' alone makes me want to weak you.

      over and over again.

    • It is a horrible name dude, this isn't dating site…after hearing that I'm sure him and his leopard G-string will never return.

  • I start to like Chael then i remember he is a Republican.

  • I thought the spinning backfist attempt may have been one of Chael's most embarrassing moments, or even the undisclosed TRT usage….

    Apparently not….its reading in class

    But Chael is right , you should always show women respect, just ask arianny celeste.

    • @ENJOY

      i was thinking the something.

  • Do real men have gonad issues?

  • yawwn!!!! to all the comments

  • Treat women inappropriately? "I'd slap her in the ass and tell her I want my steak done medium-rare"… nice one Chael P.