Chael Sonnen not going anywhere, wants Wanderlei Silva next at 205lbs


Well if you were wondering what’s next for Chael Sonnen, here is your answer. After losing his last two title fights to the #1 and #2 best fighters on the planet, it didn’t seem like there was much left for Sonnen to do, especially given the fact that he’s previously claimed on multiple occasions “if there wasn’t a clear path to a title then there really is no point for me to continue in this sport”.

Apparently Sonnen isn’t ready to walk away from the sport just quite yet. Making an appearance on UFC Tonight on Fuel TV, Sonnen had the following to say regarding his future in the UFC:

“I will definitely continue, and at 205 pounds unless they come up with a catchweight. They have a couple of guys who do that, I know Rich Franklin has fought at catchweight a bunch, but it’s very rare that you do that. But, I’m not going to be in contendership anytime soon, and neither will Rich Franklin and a pool of other guys, so there is a little room where we can meet. And now that I’ve dropped Rich’s name this wasn’t my way of challenging him — I was speaking about the catchweight situation. I’m going to stick around…. I have a lot of goals I want to achieve still and retirement won’t help me get that done.”

Furthermore, Sonnen went on to get a little more specific with his plans for the future. Always seeming to have some sort of plan, he brought up and made reference to the past tension between himself and Wanderlei Silva when they had a conversation in a car regarding the comments Chael had made about Brazilians in which Wanderlei told him:

“In Brazil we have a saying: You have respect, you don’t lose your teeth. Give respect!”

What looked like Sonnen being understanding and almost remorseful by conceding without a response, was apparently not the case at all according to Sonnen:

“Wanderlei pulled a real dirt bag move on me one time. We’re in a van together, he mutters something at me, but I can’t understand what he’s saying for the life of me. Truly, I couldn’t understand him. He then puts this video on the Internet, with subtitles, because he knows I can’t understand him — I don’t even know if that’s really what he said or not — and it looks as though I’m conceding to him.”

Knowing Chael he’s more than likely just angling his next big hype train in the proper direction and getting the wheels moving for the next phase of his career. After losing to Jones this past weekend, Jones has been nothing but gracious in defeat admitting that he was completey surprised by the power and size of the reigning light-heavyweight champion:

“As far as the match goes, I got beat up, that’s just how it went. And we kind of knew that going in, Jon was a really good fighter, in fact, Jon is a better fighter. But, is he tougher? When the going gets rough can he hang in there and keep going, but the fight got stopped in the first round, so I never got to get him to a point where he’d be uncomfortable and I could have some advantage on him.

“This was like getting into a bear cage. This guy was a monster of a man. We weighed the same amount the day before, but I don’t know how that was possible. I put my arms around him and I was literally thinking in the middle of a fist fight, ‘Oh my God, you’re a big guy.”

Chael even touched on the semi-controversial stoppage which a few fans and fellow fighters were rather vocal about:

“Look, it’s twofold. Anytime a referee gets in there and he helps you, stopping a fight because he thinks you are hurt, you never want to — especially come out on a show like this — and disparage his judgement,” Sonnen explained. “At the same time, we’re in the middle of an ass-whipping contest — let us get after it! When I have my hands up because the guy is punching me, that’s called defense. That’s what protecting yourself is — you put your hands up when you’re being hit in the head. There is a tiny but of confusion, or frustration, on my part when it comes to defending myself when punches are coming down. But, again, I never want to question a referee.”

At the end of the day, Sonnen went right back to what he does best, he set his sights on the next target, lined up the scope and pulled the trigger:

“I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei Silva straighten this thing out once and for all,” Sonnen said. “If you’re a fighter, [what Silva did in the van] doesn’t fly, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a van or not. You must respond, and I’m ready to respond to him.”

For those of you who are fans of Chael Sonnen, consider this good news. The man has found a way to remotivate himself and continue his career hopefully providing us with more entertaining fights and classic unforgettable soundbites.

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    • another trash talk for the man who is very good at it, but ther's nothing we can do this is just the way how he start a fight and ended up loosing again to the axe murderer, and someday he gonna end up like jason collins who admitted to the public that he is a fagggoooot.

      • Wow, you are dumb.

      • stop the homophobic slurs immediately Baby Ads if you want to keep commenting on LK

        • Where did Baby AIDS go?

      • In J Collins defense he is a garbage over the hill free agent center that nobody barely knew, so on his way out he told the world that he enjoys getting his tonsils tickled by other men. Its more of a smart move than a brave one.

        Chael will tame all that wild bar fight style horseshit Wandi will try to bring.

  • I would actually be hyped to see this fight go down.

  • After big failure he still himself. Thats a real competitor.

    • I would agree with you but at the same time I don't / didn't see Cheal doing much in the Octagon. I mean what was his game plan fighting against Silva the second time? A spinning back fist? Was he out of his mind? Secondly, against Jones, what was his plan? From what I saw, there was no plan and no strategy at all.

      Brings us back to the same old saying- 'talk is Cheap'!

      • FE4

        Maybe his plan or strategy was to take the fight to Jones. Who else in your opinion has ran to the center of the octagon to embrace the champion with a clinch and some punches? Don't worry I'll wait…………..anyway, did it work? no, but you can't know until you try. Lyoto taught us that you could only run for so long, Rashad taught us not to try and grab his hands, Rampage taught us that you can't rope a dope him, Vitor taught us that its going to take nothing short of a hail mary to submit him and so on. Which bring us to the age old saying that " it's better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

      • Competitors don't do plan, coaches do. But what I heard about mma fighters there are a lot of guys who after loss can't go back to the gym for 2 months, because of shame, and so on, on coaches must call them personally talk with them like with a kid, its really hard to get up after loss.

  • Im happy to see him fighting again just for the trash talk. His fighting style isnt very entertaining but the months leading up to it sure are. Chael won me over these last couple years and he was very classy on TUF and when hes broadcasting and most importantly when he loses.

  • I guess he can fight the other MW's that 1. Don't want to fight Silva again and 2. Can't make the weight anymore due to age and steroid abuse.

  • I'd love to see Wanderlei Silva put him to sleep. Nothing against Cheal, I just detest big mouths and hollow men!

    • Hollow men? A UFC fighter?/Silver medalist Wrestler?

      Come on dude….

  • FE4

    Chael talks a lot, but I like his attitude about fighting. Maybe he did get finished in the first round, but at least he tried to take the fight to Jon. I honestly think Chael is a good fighter, he just happens to be at that weight where two of the greatest fighters thus far have made their homes. I'm glad he was humble in his defeat and gave Jon the credit he deserves. I hope there are good things to come for Chael. He's not all bad when it comes to being "the bad guy".

  • actually, i like that match up.

    • I'm not a fan of this match up at all. Wand has had a legendary career, and obviously doesn't have that much left in him. If he chooses to fight again, I'd much rather see fight someone that will stand with him like stann did than watch him get held down for a 3 round decision.

  • Chael has lost his last two fights …shouldn't he be getting cut from the ufc now ?

    • UFC only cuts fighters that lose 2 if they aren't a big draw for them. If you are exciting either in the cage or at the press conferences you get much more room to breathe. ex: Dan Hardy lol

      • thats what I mean …shouldn't Chael be getting cut now lol

  • No I do not want to see this fight go down. This guy needs to start earning his way to a title fight; if he can´t do that, then he doesn´t deserve to fight at the top. How many times do you want to see the Champion beat down on Chael until he taps or curls into the fetal position and the ref steps in? It´s not even entertaining. I want to see Champs fighting #1 contenders who have earned their way, through fighting and defeating the rest, to a title fight.

  • I really like Chael both as fighter and a ufc character. But Chael will you shut up talking when u know your words are on a 360 spin around the planet only to strike you behind you ear.
    '' If there is no real road to the title then im wasting my time''
    Wanderlia and you will make a good fight no doubt but when you always talk about being a man, which is heaviley defined by being able to keep your word, you should stand by it. Other wise you just sound like a blabbing rock'em sock'em looking for as much money as soon as possible.

    I want you to keep fighting man but just tone down the rocky talk.

  • The moment he lost to Jones i had a feeling Wand would be next…..would love to see this one…..Wand is one crazy dude, dont know how he would react to Chaels games….make it happen!!! And guys….nothing wrong with a fun fight once and while.

  • Really? I was expecting Chael to stop the TRT and start hyping up his fight with GSP. "I will prove that I am the number one wrestler in Mma and become the first man to hold belts in three weight classes."

  • When it's all said and done, Chael will probably end up challenging Georges Safe-Pierre for the UFC WW title.

  • show me the money