Chael Sonnen Looking For Randy Couture To Replace Him At Metamoris 4


Metamoris 4’s main event looks like it’s in big trouble.

Former UFC light-heavyweight and middleweight title challenger Chael P. Sonnen was all set to fight Andre Galvao in the main event of Metamoris 4 this weekend (Aug. 9, 2014) but that fight was put in doubt earlier this week when it was revealed the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) had threatened Sonnen with a huge fine should he compete at the submission-only tournament.

Metamoris is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament which features gi and no gi-matches. Many notable MMA stars have competed in the promotion, including Brendan Schaub and Shinya Aoki.

Metamoris 4 is scheduled to take place on Saturday at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. Sonnen was booked in the main event against Galvao shorty after retiring from MMA for failing drug tests. But, news arose earlier this week that the “American Gangster” would be fined $250,000 per failed drug test if he did still compete at the event.

The threat of losing that much money seems to have shaken the former MMA star as he has reportedly asked his good friend, former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture to take his place in the match.

Unfortunately for Sonnen, Couture was unable to accept the match due to his current obligations this weekend which include a press junket and premiere for “Expendables 3”, as well as “The Natural’s” “Gym Rescue” premiere.

Couture’s manager Sam Spira told it could have happened if the 51-year old had of had more time:

“If there had been more time, and no pending obligations, it might have happened,” Spira said.

That’s bad news for Sonnen and Metamoris with the event drawing ever closer.

If Sonnen is able to compete this weekend the full Metamoris 4 line-up will look as followed:

André Galvão vs. Chael Sonnen

Saulo Ribeiro vs. Rodrigo Medeiros

Dean Lister vs. Josh Barnett

Keenan Cornelius vs. Vinny Magalhães

Garry Lee Tonon vs. Kit Dale

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  • 250000 per failed drug test?? Bill Gates couldn't fund Sonnen's match.

  • Buster Evans. had've* had (had have had). Not had of. 🙂 (Ex: Would've, not would of).