Chael Sonnen Goes Off On Lil Nog, Says ‘Chicken Belly’ Never Intended To Fight Shogun


Once again the trash talking king of MMA has been popping off at the mouth, this time Chael Sonnen continues his tirade against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Following Nogueira’s withdrawal from his UFC 161 bout against Shogun Rua, Sonnen volunteered to fight Shogun on short notice. Visa issues forced the removal of the bout from the card, and the two have now been scheduled to meet at UFC on FS1: Boston.

This doesn’t mean that Sonnen is not still harbouring ill will towards Nogueira. Check out what Sonnen had to say via the Daily Telegraph:

“Little Chicken Belly Nog pulled the same scumbag move that he does every time, lets the UFC put out posters, commercials, doing everything to promote him, knowing full well he’s not going to do the fight.”

It doesn’t really take much to get on the American Gansgster’s radar, and it seems that Nogueira is taking the brunt of Sonnen’s badmouthing right now:

“Once again he calls in sick, three weeks early. In no industry on earth can you do that. Nobody can call their boss and say ‘Hey, boss, 20 days from now, I’m not going to feel good’. So he calls in sick three weeks early… it was a ruse from the beginning, and basically, I just wanted to help out.”

With Sonnen now rooted at Light-Heavyweight, a potential future match against Nogueira is certainly possible. Once again Sonnen is working his way in to high profile scraps by using his mouth before his fists.

It seems as though the Chael Sonnen show doesn’t go off air, ever. It merely takes an extended lunch break from time to time. I personally think that it’s high time that Sonnen let his fists do the talking first, and his mouth after. Sonnen is without a win since January of 2012, riding a two fight losing streak and I don’t fancy his chances against Shogun in Boston.

Anyone else think there’s a chance of Sonnen taking 205 by storm?



  • Yea, his krap is getting old since his first Anderson fight was the only impressive show we saw.

  • At this point in time I honesty just want to see chael back up his hilarious comedic speeches that hes always dishing out time and time again with some valid proof something like umm maybe wins

  • either of this is gonna end up asss whipping by shogun rua.

  • But he right, Lil Nog had pulled a lot of fights. You guys must respect, him because he always willing to step in for fight in short notice, that is very noble from my perspective. Because I am huge Shogun fan, and I want to see him more and more fighting, and I always pumped by excitment and fighters like Lil Nog pulls out all the fun. And Chael is my favorite fighter too, I never though that I will see this match up.

    • The fact that he steps up to fight the best over and over again is "noble"… but everything he does he claims "to be helping the UFC" but in turn he's just helping himself… He's getting top level fights I'm sure great pay for stepping up and challenging them. He also gets that UFC love where even if he loses this fight and his next fight he'll be around because of the "favors" he's doing the UFC… so isn't he just doing it more for himself? He realized a while ago he's going to get hit and take damage no matter who he fights, so instead of fighting the top 10-5 guys and getting his usual pay, he'll make a bunch of noise jump at any open top 3-1 fighters get paid more and get beat up either way. I do think he can cause Shogun some kind of problems if he tries to smother him all fight on the ground or on the cage. I hope Shogun kicks his head into the nosebleed section though. I'm sick of this guy calling everyone a coward and a fake because they miss a fight or lose a fight or don't take a fight. I bet if he was on the streets with these guys with no rules he wouldn't have so much to say. He's protected by the fact it's a sport and the worst that can happen is he gets his asswhooped… Either way he gets paid and another highprofile fight by yappin that trap

  • Shut up already – In that case Henderson is guilty of same thing. Sonnen stopped being funny a LONG LONG TIME ago and his days as a relevant fighter are up. People have lost interest in him after getting dominated by jones and selling us " wolf tickets"