Chael Sonnen And Wanderlei Silva Heated Staredown From UFC 175 Presser


As the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil nears it’s conclusion, the hype between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva is at an all-time high. The two veterans have had confrontations, smack talk, and scraps on the set of TUF; it’s fair to say that this beef has been cooked long enough. The controversy surrounding the fight between Sonnen and Wand’s team on TUF Brazil 3 swirled, but the fight date seemed to be moving further away.

The bout was originally slated for UFC 173, then moved to The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale, and now will go down at 175. The July fourth event should provide a host of great fights, especially considering the second title defense of middleweight boss Chris Weidman against Lyoto Machida. Something tells me that Silva/Sonnen may steal fight of the night.

At a recent presser for UFC 175, the tomfoolery continued, this time ‘The Axe Murderer’ took some of Sonnen’s jives to heart and UFC Prez Dana White had to step in. Check out the video from MMAFighting’s youtube channel, and stay tuned to LowKick!

  • Back in the day when people came into the UFC with one predominant style they used to say that "Styles make fights." Fighters are more well rounded now and I think that is a little less of an issue. Personalities certainly make fights exciting. These two guys are going to rip each other's heads off and I can't wait to see it.

    Poll: Will they shake hands afterwards or not? I'd vote: not.

    • I dont see Wandi shaking hands after losing and spending the fight on his back getting hit in the face.

      • i dont see chael shaking hands after tapping to strikes

    • Chael will probably reach out after he fucks Wand up… but he'll probably shake air! We might even see Wand run out of the octagon and leave from embarrassment.

  • This fight says BORING all over it. Do you remember the last wrestler Wandy faced. Yup…go check it was Tito Ortiz..unless you count an aging Sakuraba. Don't count Hendo because he chose to stand and bang with him. Either way…Sonnens wrestling is light years ahead of ANYONE who he has faced. Sonnen will bring pressure and Wandy will bring pressure…which makes for the perfect scenario for a guy to get takedown. And just like when he fought Anderson…Sonnen will NOT be able to do enough damage to finish him. SO it will be a boring match where Sonnen just pounds him out on the ground for 3 rounds. The hype will be waaaaay better than the actual match. The best we can expect is a repeat of Rampage v Lawal.

    There just is NO WAY this fight is NOT a stinker imo

    • That is a good point although Wand has been trying to be more technical in his striking in the last year but Chael would be wise to take him down. I'll predict a submission by Sonnen.

    • Chael's got a good submission game, he'll put Wanderlei to sleep.

  • Ivy

    Chael tells Wanderlei a joke at :14

    The whole point of the joke was missed as Wandy mistook Chael for being serious.

  • gm1

    I feel sorry for Wandi….
    He is going to get manhandled….

  • fucking help Dana White, you just can't leave Dana in the middle of both men, Its like everyone was waiting for something to happen hahaha