Chael Sonnen issues final warning to Jon Jones on UFC Tonight


I realize that for many of you the Chael shtick is beginning to become somewhat old, but in all honesty, I can’t seem to get enough of it and I know that I’m not alone in saying that. With that said this final PSA of sorts may very well be ranked among the most epic rants of Chael’s career.

In the following UFC Tonight appearance, Chael goes all Godfather on Jones and like all epic rants ends it with a link back to the hilarious Tommy Toe Hold Show, by simply saying KA-Boom!

Check it out:

  • This is Chael's last stand. He won't be on the big stage or main event after Saturday night.

  • one gangster will die on saturday

  • If he can close the distance the fight will be a lot closer than most people think.
    People seem to forget that this guy dominated the GOAT for 6 rounds.
    No other guy in the Ufc has ever come close to doing the same thing.
    Cannot wait…

    • Anyone who weaks your comment, isn't a fan of factual information that is based on reality.

      When people disagree with facts, it makes me hate humanity just a little bit more lol.

      • The other facts is Chael cheated and Anderson was injured in their first fight and Silva wasn't told to throw down until R2 of their second fight.

        • I guess you were in his corner and heard them tell him so?

          • It was on the camera when they were in his corner. They specifically told him to test the waters in R1 and then in R2 they told him that now they know from R1 that Chael has nothing on him and told him the fight now begins. It was all live on the cameras during the 1 minute break.

      • Thank you…

      • Thank you..

      • i weaked it two times!

    • close fight, yeah dream on…

  • If the gangster Chael P. Sonnen has any musical sense whatsoever he will use the following track as his walk-out music

  • this fight is a joke

  • The only fact I recon is that Chael was roided up like a MW Overeen and the Goat had a broken rib… the so called ********** for 6 rounds is bogus…..anyway…Chael is very cool and entertaining…..if he puts Jones on his back for the first time It will be worth the entire PPV money.

  • Chael Clown Sonnen !!!
    (use to hate him, but every his interview make me laugh) Go Chael )))))
    i know Jones is going to kill him ..

  • The ''thank you remark was meant for Bryan who agrees with me , and we both base our assumptions on ******** facts and observation
    Jon Jones is awesome, no doubt about that, but in this fight we will find out what can Jon do when he is fighting off his back
    Chael is a **** beast of an mma fighter