Chael Sonnen’s coach Scott McQuarry demands rematch with Anderson Silva, files appeal with NSAC


While Chael Sonnen had appeared quite graceful and respectful after losing handily to UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 148, news comes today that his team may have plans that are quite the opposite. Sonnen’s head trainer Scott McQuarry spoke out today, explaining that he has filed a claim with the NSAC stemming from what he believes was an illegal knee by Silva to the downed Sonnen. Already one of the most hotly debated topics in MMA, the knee was ruled to have struck Sonnen in the chest rather than the head, making it a legal strike. McQuarry thinks this is not the case, and spoke to today about his grievances:

“Chael’s not the kind of guy who likes to complain after a fight. I felt I needed to take this action to protect him. At the point of impact, Anderson had his hand locked in the cage and his feet left the ground. We believe his intentions were clear. We started the process of filing a complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission. We believe the knee that Anderson Silva threw was illegal with the clear intent to strike the face. And it did in fact connect with the face. Chael bit his tongue and needed eight stitches.”

Sonnen’s eight stitches has not been discussed much as a by-product of Silva’s knee, which no doubt was a huge turning point in the massively anticipated rematch. Filing a complaint with the NSAC is a long process that would most likely end with the results being the same. So, McQuarry will move his focus of the appeal and plead with UFC President Dana White. He continued on:

“What I’m going to do is change my tactic. We’re going to ask for a rematch. We deserve a rematch. If the only way Anderson Silva can win is by cheating, we need to keep a closer eye on Silva before and during a fight. And we need a rematch now. Legal knee or illegal knee, there’s enough doubt with all the fouls to warrant a rematch.”

The fouls McQuarry speaks of were Yves Lavigne’s warning Silva about grabbing Sonnen’s shorts, and another for Vaseline prior to the bout starting. Do these discrepancies warrant enough of a controversy to find Silva and Sonnen facing one another for a third time? With Anderson Silva winning both of the previous fights, do MMA fans deserve to weather a long, drawn-out appeal process only to endure more and more hype from a fighter who has lost to Silva twice and is considering retirement? Some may believe the fouls were legit enough a reason to have a third and final fight. Many think that the rivalry was finished decisively, once, and for all, by Silva on Saturday. After being finished in the second round, does Chael Sonnen truly deserve another rematch with the great Anderson Silva?

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  • There’s no doubt Anderson wiped off the vaseline and was continuously grabbing Chael’s shorts but I don’t think the knee was illegal. Chael lost…………..Rematch?? why not I’ll buy it.

  • I thought the fight could have gone on a little longer… the first fight Chael was pounding Silva for 5 rounds and the fight wasnt stopped.
    This time around Chael was still defending himself when the ref jumped in.

  • The knee was CLEARLY leagal. What they should take a look at if anything is how long time Anderson did grab Chaels shorts. That was clearly against the rules.

  • That goofy ass spin punch is what lost the fight Daddy O

  • Scott McQuarry should just get a new set of eyes, and a better brain. Your man lost fair and square for a second time, get over yourself. A second rematch? LMFAO….excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses. I wonder if Anton feels the same way, too.

  • Since when is curling up into a ball with your hands covering your face defending yourself??? refs have stopped fights in the same situation and nobody says anything people just want to complain now cause its Chael..this guy and everybody crying calling foul need to just shutup and move on!

  • Why so bitter, Scott McQuarry. Didn’t Chael pay you enough for your services? If so, your beef should be with Chael, not A.S

  • Incredible, this saga just does not want to die.

    First off, the knee was technically illegal. Fuel TV slowed it down to show the thigh making contact with Chael’s face as the knee landed to the chest (making it a foul). However, Anderson had already stopped two TD’s and looked to be gaining momentum. Even with a 5 minute recovery period which Chael probably wouldn’t have even used all of (which is the correct ruling in cases of an illegal strike), it’s doubtful he would have gained back control of the fight IMO.

    Chael already said Anderson is a true champion and the rightful winner (claiming he didn’t care if the knee was illegal or not, while also brushing off the shorts grabbing and vaseline).

    Anderson is 2-0 against Chael, and it will stay that way. No rematch will be made nor should it. This rivalry is over.

  • With Bruce Buffers voice in your head…. “HERE WE GO!” LOL

    It looked legit to me… the thigh does strike his face some but the knee clearly hits him in the chest area. Where the strike was intended. Then again… WTF do I know! ROFL

    How long will this be debated? Didn’t Sonnen take a good shot before he made his mistake of trying the spinning back-fist/elbow thing?

    For the record.. .I wanted Chael to win… but.. didn’t think he was going to this time around.


  • first round anderson got taken down because he came out swinging wildly right away. second round he changed the strategy, and completly stuffed every take down attempt of chaels…and then a Legal knee to the body of an opponent that was not down on all 4s, which stunned him yes, he got up and got knocked back down with a right hand, then curled into a ball, and did not intelligently defend himself.

    that was as clear and decisive of a victory , there can be.

  • Enough already!

  • here we go again! no trilogies are needed! plenty of people at 185 lbs for Anderson to fight,Chael got beat,move on the next one,that’s that!!!!!

  • I am with ou on this Evan , enough is enough .

  • deserves a rematch!!!! you fu*king kidding me!!!!!
    sonnen was juiced and got choked the fuc* out like a little bit*h and then got tko:ed after his stupid fu*king spinning back punch…
    dont throw shit you dont know nothing about idiot!!! pathetic!!!
    what more do you want to see, sonnen get killed???? and he would have if the ref woulnt have stopped it…

    “”We deserve a rematch. If the only way Anderson Silva can win is by cheating, we need to keep a closer eye on Silva before and during a fight””

    sonnen cheated the first time you stupid as* idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sonnen and his looser team is a big bunch of fu*king crybabys!!!!

    if dana even thinks about a rematch sonnen has to be the master blowjobber of all times….

  • what about brock v carwin? what was the result of that fight?

  • If possible, look for the close up replay breakdown by the Fuel TV crew of Jay Glazer, Kenny Florian, and Brian Stann. It clearly shows the the hitting/pushing (however anyone would want to describe it) the face back as the knee lands.

  • and by the way, the stitches on his tongue was probably karma striking back from all the trashtalk his been doing…
    MAYbe he learns something and keeps his idiot mouth shut in the future….

  • I don’t know if I can stand the bickering on Lowkick. The crazy allegations and claims (on both sides). I’m almost ready to let it die…..oh, okay, I’m in.

  • Everyone knows Chael has always got something to say, if there was any doubt that it was illegal I’m sure he would have spoken out by now.

  • Like i said there have been many stoppages in the same situation and nobody complains..and if you remember when that fight happned everybody was saying that fight could have easily been stopped but the ref let it go on.just let it go he lost stop whining!

  • He should get a rematch. Silva’s shorts holding and the questionable knee are enough to warrant it. Can’t let the ufc become boxing. I think silva is amazing but that shit was dirty. Sonnen isn’t bitching, his team is because they saw it.

  • Is thigh to the face to a downed opponent illegal?

  • chael also said he was grabing silva’s shorts 2!??

  • Sonnen vs Anderson 3 only on PPV

  • chael was finished twice by silva by submission and a tko … how can you call for a rematch when youve lost to him twice it would be like rich franklin asking for a third match with silva and making excuses for the 2 tko losses.
    anderson threw a knee it was still legal even if a fraction of his thigh hit chaels face in slow mo because he intended to hit with the knee , an accidental thigh to the face wouldnt even hurt are you kidding me? the short pulling was obvious though but the worst that could happen from that is a point deduction which wouldnt make a difference to the outcome in the slightest

  • ok

  • FYI

    Its funny how Silva taunts a fighter to get up after he falls to the canvas whether a slip or bad timing of a takedown…Oh SIlva will stand there like the king and as if hes there for the fans and say get up an fight,,,Chael slipped and this coward Silva decided to charge him with an illegal leg…illegal or not what happed to that confident king like fighter that stands there demanding the other fighter to get up,,,Silva is a COWARD!!!

  • Silva´s a coward?? How? He kicked this fool´s ass…plain and simple. Watch the gif of the knee…it hit´s sonnen square on the chest. 100% legal knee. If the knee would´ve hit sonnen in the face…he would´ve had his nose in the back of his head.

    Silva was not going to taunt sonnen in this fight. He wasn´t playing around. This is probably the most serious I´ve seen Anderson take a fight.

  • Thats Goldie’s line, not Buffer!!

    Did u listen to the voice?


  • Oh Snap! “It’s Time!” Watching since 1992…. you would think I’d have a clue who says what. ROFL

  • BA- Yep.

    To me it was almost inconsequestial though. Personally, I just hate the fact that Yves didn’t interfere and give a short recovery period. Because I think Anderson would have finished him at some point later anyway, and if that were to happen the only “controversy” that would exist would be the vasiline (which had no impact on the fight whatsoever) and shorts grabbing (which Chael admittedly did too).

  • FML! Going to revoke my posting card for the day…. started watching in 1995…

  • Even with all of toxic’s bombast he raises a good point: What does Dana think…not about the knee, we already know the answer to that. What does Dana think about the gate and PPV on the third fight? That may be the deciding factor.

  • FYI

    Silvas intent was an illegal hit,,,He argued with the talking heads that his poor ribs were broken and thats the only reason he was on his back the last meeting they had inside the octagon,,,well two years late he cant say his ribs were still hurting after Chael had him on his back again for the first ROUND of this fight,,,hes a coward and knew this was real ,,,and hes the type of ffighter that would rather be disqualified than accept a lost…

    I meant that knee theres not much margin of error why risk it unless your desperate, which he was, He grabbed the cage and threw his knee ., ILLEGAL I just thinks it funny how he calls himself the champ when he had to attack a fighter from an innocent slip where every other fight he stands there like the king telling them to get up,,,hes no champion,,.

  • Vaseline was wiped off mostly (it did not make a difference anyway), shorts grab just reduced distance between them (if anything it helped Chael and Silva didn’t inflict damage when holding on), knee was !00% legal (equally as legal as a standing jab)

  • D

    UFC 148 was the largest gate in UFC history by more than $1.6 million. That’s just ticket sales. It was also the best selling pay per view in UFC history. Silva can take no credit for that because not one of the cards Anderson Silva has headlined has been even half as successful in terms of generating revenue.

    Part of that is simply due to the fact that Chael did so well in the first fight, but a much larger part was due to Chael’s trashtalking. The only “karma” that struck back was literally millions of dollars into the UFC as a direct result of Chael’s trashtalk.

    When someone does something as easy as spending a total of a few hours talking in front of a camera, and it generates his company millions of dollars, it has to be considered genius.

    Anderson Silva, who gets a cut of the pay per view money, knows this better than anybody, which is why he said there were no hard feelings after the fight, and invited Chael to a barbeque. Chael just gave Silva by far the largest pay day of his career…he probably figured a little barbeque was the least he could do.

    Maybe you learned something and will keep your idiot mouth shut in the future.

  • Lol. So chael imitates anderson and loses…is his coach trying to imitate suarez?

    “The only way the undisputed champ…who’s won 15 times in the UFC so far,can win is to cheat” -Steroid junkies coach

    Just die quietly….don’t be like ken shamrock

  • I’m thinking that Dana White and Lorenzo must have their calculators out right now at least considering a 3rd and final bout.

    there is a story in place and enough Sonnen fans and Silva fans to push it

  • Not when it is clearly unintentional. It is a much fuzzier area than an eye poke or an intentional illegal strike to a downed opponent. I have never met and hope I never do meet a ref who would call foul on that.

  • While I do not want Chael to get an instant rematch (he doesn’t deserve it) I would like to see a third fight eventually. It could be good. The first two were.

  • Anderson didnt land any punches on Sonnen’s face mus be the knee.Is not his first ilegal kick any way

  • The problem is that most silva, will not want a rematch because sonnen is the only real challenge silva has in the ufc. Listen to their post, it sounds like they are crying like excited women when they write them. With most silva fans, there is no reality that will allow them to accept silva cheating. He used some dirty, ILLEGAL stuff and as at least a punishment should have to face sonnen again. I think he will win again but that’s only fair. I mean really fellow silva fans, I know you all saw the shit. Dirty, dirty nonsense. Silva is better than that and now he needs to prove it

  • hey mousasi you stupid moron!!

    you playing smart!!

    dont you think I know money and sucking di*k is everything to dana with friends but the FACT is that all the stupid shit sonnen said about silvas family and the brazilian population which he had no reason whatever to attack was paid with his tongue…
    If you trashtalk a fighter thats ok, but keep it there…
    thats all Im saying…
    and by the way, you probably like to take it in the mouth to mouthsasi….
    🙂 🙂

  • That’s simply not true. There is nothing fuzzy about part of the leg hitting the face of a downed fighter. It is illegal, pure and simple.

  • I was cheering for Chael, but a rematch? No thanks. I think it happens to often as it is, and there isn’t really much reason here.

    If, even after the slow motion dissection, the knee to the face was inconclusive, then you have to respect the Ref’s call.

    The spinning back fist was Chael’s big mistake, and not popping back up to his feet was right behind it. Silva’s entire posture to “destroy mode” the moment that happened.

    Let someone else have a crack at the Spider.

  • The knee was not illegal. It was extremely well Placed

    Watch it again.

  • “Chael’s not the kind of guy who likes to complain after a fight” hahahahahaha……..

  • how was chael defending himself he was curled up?

  • brock was still trying to kick carwin off he was just curled up

  • People, there’s no need to argue this. Just check the close up/slow motion replay from Fuel TV. Stann, Florian, and Glazer (in a round about way) all agreed. The knee was illegal, because the thigh makes contact with Chael’s face. I’m not saying its what lost the fight for Chael, I’m not even saying Silva should have been penalized.

    I’m just simply pointing out the reality of the situation. If the thigh makes contact with the face during fighters motion of throwing a knee strike while his opponent is down the action is illegal.

  • Wait, you weren’t watching your were only listening cuz your dad was watching it and you were supposed to be asleep

  • @ Toxic – we don’t need that kind of dialogue on this site. Please behave.

  • D

    You could have called Sonnen’s trash-talk classless or misdirected, as you are suggesting now, and I would have had no argument with you. However, you decided to characterize it as idiotic, which is…idiotic.

    His goal was to make a lot of money, and he accomplished that goal through his trash-talk, for him, Silva, and the UFC. That’s just smart business, whether you liked what he said or not.

    You’re calling Sonnen an idiot for his insults, and yet here you insulting a complete stranger on the internet, and saying things that are easily as classless as anything Sonnen ever said – probably because you can’t think of an intelligent response. The difference is, Sonnen’s insults earned millions of dollars, while yours will earn several “Weaks”.

  • Honestly, who cares if he grabbed the shorts when it didn’t affect the outcome in the slightest? Fighters break rules all the damn time, it’s only for persistent repeated offenses and times when they gain a clear advantage in the fight that they are penalized. Otherwise they are just told to stop.

    This is a really slippery slope. If someone dominates an opponent, but there was a cage grab/shorts grab/eye poke/nut shot/illegal knee early in the fight should that fight be declared a no contest or given an immediate rematc, despite the fact that everyone, including the fighters themselves deemed it fit to continue? I don’t want every fight being stopped and cancelled at every little foul, or rendered invalid because someone accidentally went high with an inside leg kick in the first 10 seconds. If the ref, the doctor, and the fighter don’t complain, neither should you.

  • DG1

    Only one thing say… HA!

  • that’s dumb to say because I guarantee you Anderson has pulled in way more ppv’s than sonnen has by a long shot! so to say it’s all sonnen it is retarted because guess how many ppv sonnen has headlined for ufc? oh yea just two the ones against anderson! and how about anderson? how about everyone one of his fights except for the leben fight so it was a two man job don’t act like sonnen was the hero. That being said yes silva made bank of this fight so you make a good point at the end

  • How low will Chael go? This is a man that ran his mouth off WWE style for 2 years. This is a man that said ” If he beats me i will leave the UFC for ever.” He couldn’t backup the words that came out of his mouth. Not many fighters get 2 tittle shots in their carrier and he has failed both times.

    This sounds like the talk of a man that has realized that he has made himself look like a fool. He has no basis to ask for a rematch nor does he deserve one. If he felt that he had been cheated, he would have said something else instead of the better man won. These are the actions and words of a desperate man who know he doesn’t have another title run in him. If he want’s another shot at Silva he must fight his way to the title and face the other contenders before he gets a shot.

    **** Chael and his team, they should have told him that he didn’t have the skills to throw a spinning back fist that lost him the fight!!

  • Brock won, btu he’s different from chael because he was a champion who wasn’t gassed. Cry more.

  • I actually do not think you know, let alone know half of what you speak of… If you are going to use any sort of intelligence based insult, then please toxic, at least spend the time to literately type out your response/post. dumb ass

  • D


    Anderson has headlined many pay per views for the UFC. Before this one, the most buys any of the cards he headlined had pulled in was 750,000.

    Silva vs Sonnen II pulled in 2,400,000. That’s more than three times as many as any of Silva’s previous cards. I’ll give Silva credit for the 600,000 to 700,000 pay per view buys he normally pulls, but this fight was different because:

    1) Sonnen gave Silva a competitive fight the first time.
    2) Sonnen talked a lot of crap.

    Silva did nothing differently as far as marketing this fight, so Sonnen gets credit for the other approximately 1.7 million buys (which would have been a UFC record BY ITSELF)

    If you really think that statement is “dumb” and “retarted” (retarded), then please offer your explanation why 3 times as many people bothered to buy Silva’s card this time than ever before…and keep in mind that UFC viewership has been dropping recently.

  • D

    Silva is known for his accuracy. Chael’s head was a big, stationary target at that moment. If Silva wanted to hit him in the face with that knee, there is no question in my mind that he would have.

    Look, I wanted Chael to win the fight too…but let’s not be delusional. He made a mistake, and Silva capitalized. He didn’t “grab” the cage. The momentum of the knee carried him forward, his hand hit the cage, and his fingers went through the fence. It’s not the same thing. The thigh might have pushed his face back a little, but the impact and the damage was to his body. It was technically illegal, but it was not the reason Chael lost.

    If have to blame someone for the outcome of the fight, blame Chael for not taking advantage of dominant position in Round 1, and making a huge mistake in Round 2. Don’t blame Silva for taking advantage of that mistake.

  • Chael´s a pure wrestler…he has no other weapons. He cannot defeat Silva with just wrestling….and we have 2 fights that prove that. Chael has absolutely no punching power…if any decent striker would get the mount position for almost 2 minutes…that fight would´ve been stopped via TKO or KO. Chael has absolutely no footwork, no head movement and no coordination on his feet…hence him falling down when he tried a semi dynamic move (spinning back fist). Chael´s clumsy on his feet…look at the Bisping fight too…Chael´s standup is awful and is evident in that fight as well and apparently he doesn´t like to get hit in the face ala Brock Lesnar…so he opts to curl up, go into fetal position and close his eyes praying for the ref to step in soon.

  • D

    It’s interesting how people manage to see what they want to see.

    Actually, that gif clearly shows that Silva’s thigh hit’s Sonnen in the head BEFORE his knee hits him in the chest. However, Chael curled forward and moved his head into the strike. I’m not sure how that impacts the legality of the strike.

    The bottom line is, the knee to the body did the damage, not the thigh to the face. Even if it was technically illegal, the “technically illegal” part didn’t do the damage, so I don’t think it merits as much discussion as it’s getting.

  • P.S. Didn´t anyone feel that Silva was being sarcastic in the post fight interview?? I have a feeling he was…because of everything Chael said about Brazilians being poor and uneducated, so Silva asked the Brazilians to give a round of applause to show they DO have manners…and then he said he would invite chael over to his house for a bbq after what he said about Silva´s home and how he likes his steak medium rare…I really think Silva was being sarcastic with his invitation.

  • Wow the Ref needs to jump in and Stop from being pounded to death by weak votes.
    But the truth is the difference between Sonnen’s strikes ( and I mean this respectfully) which had no effect – Silva was still holding him in position – Do not in anyway shape or form compare to Silva Dropping Sonnen then proceeding to beat Sonnen – he had no clue where he was – as you have no clue where you are. Now before I forget I have to go back and weak you..

  • I´m just asking if anyone else picked up on that or not…why the hell would you vote “weak” on a question? lol

  • the KNEE didn’t hit the face, it hit the CHEST, that’s all that matters, it’s not ilegal. Watch Rashad knee Tito in a very similar way, , it’s obvious that if you knee somebody at that position, the upper part of your leg is gonna make somekind of contact with the opponent’s head, nothing significant though.

  • easy tiger,take your meds!!!

  • Fedor got screwed too!!!!!!!!

  • I clicked funny…. good 1 🙂

  • You are right that sonnen’s first fight was a huge reason for the buys, but it was because he did it to anderson silva, not because it was sonnen. If you know all these stats tell me how much was sonnen’s ppv buys before fighting silva. Also, you are telling me his rant on the phone conference which he has never spoken like that before, and that shoulder hit he gave him at the weigh in was not different at all and helped sell the fight? Yes, you are right the crap talking did add some intrigue but not as much as you may think. Thank you for the correction next time I will make sure to re-read my comments i make on here for spelling and grammatical errors.

  • it stopped sonnen from getting a couple of takedowns so it kind of did affect the outcome. love the spider but that was a bullshit, dirty fight

  • thank you for being the voice of reason in a room full of dana white’s **** holders.

    “If daddy dana says it’s cool then it is”

    it was a big factor in him losing. thank you, again

  • some douche who has to defend any attack on silva

  • man you sound like an expert. how many fights have you had?

  • D

    The rant on the phone conference and the shoulder may have helped a little…but come on dude, that was all the talking Silva did. It was literally a one minute speech. It was also a speech he never would have made without Sonnen provoking him repeatedly. Sonnen has been marketing this fight for the better part of two years.

    Sonnen’s other fights in the UFC weren’t main events or title fights, and he didn’t truly make a name for himself until his first fight with Silva. Silva, on the other hand is the most dominant champion in UFC history, and has had multiple opportunities.

    You do have a point – nobody would buy a ppv to watch Sonnen fight himself, he needs an opponent. But take him off the card, and the UFC would be very lucky to generate half the buys they did.

    There have been 10 other Anderson Silva title defenses. Silva has briefly ranted about other opponents (he said similar things about Belfort “he no respect nothing,” wore a mask to the weigh-in and pushed his masked face into Vitor’s face) Not one of those other title defenses generated even 1/3 of the ppv buys this one did. There have been plenty of title fight rematches after a competitive first fight Again, not one of them came close to matching this one. The only difference is that Chael Sonnen did an unprecedented amount of talking before the fight

    I think it’s fair to say that Sonnen put at least 100 times as much time and effort into marketing this fight as Silva, and therefore, he deserves the bulk of the credit for the card’s success. And on the contrary, I think you are far underestimating the amount of “intrigue the crap talking added.” People watch the WWE largely for the “crap talking…” – let’s be honest, it’s certainly not for the competition, so that’s all there really is – and it’s one of the USA’s most popular forms of entertainment.

  • Only two things say….HA HA !

  • if you openly insult a whole contry for beeing stupid, and you say a lot of stupid shit about all the brazilian fighters and silvas family you go waaay to far…

    if you earn millions of dollars from insulting millions of people you are a stupid as* idiot….

    and if you stupid morons think thats ok I dont give a flying f*ck…..

    I would like to see the reactions if somebody said that shit about americans…

  • God points which begs the question why Silva is regarded as the best given he has only lasted so long given a weak MW division. If GSP was slightly bigger he would detroy Silva.

  • Dont get me wrong, Silva acted un sportsman like doing what he did but Sonnen doesnt deserve a rematch. The knee was legal and he lost fair and square. Loosing twice means he doesnt get a rematch. Sonnen should use these losses and grow as a fighter (or take the WWE offer haha)

  • You would have to ignore the illegal shots to the back of Silvas head as well in that fight as much as the knee that was delivered with unintentional contact of the thigh to the face. Chael also said he was holding Andersons shorts. Chaels illegal punches were before the knee so what then?

  • IChoke:

    I think the only way this whole Chael silva saga will be forgotten is if anderson gets beaten or moves to another weight class.

    He already said he is not going to move up so it leaves us with Munoz, Bisping and maybe two other guys.

    Maybe if Chael can gather up two more impressive wins he may get his chance again.

    Anderson has probably alot more confidence now to take on chael but after two wins why would you want it…It could only be money motivated. Can Chael flog the horse again for a bigger PPV?

  • 100% he was putting Chael in his place…He wanted to stand next to a dejected Chael for all Brazilians to see.

    He was asking Brazilians to Applaud Chael for a lackluster performance and the bbq was just salt to the injury. It was the last laugh. This was for Brazilians entertainment.

    Chael invited this payback….Anderson doesn;t owe Chael any respect.

    Anderson however is an arrogant guy….Look at the way he treated his own countrymen like Maia. He is ****y as hell. Look how good he is as a fighter…..Every guy who meets him tells him he is bigger than god in Brazil. Anderson believes he is bigger than the statue of jesus.

  • Its weakin pathetic

  • hahaha thats absolutely ridiculous. the tape shows clearly that the knee hit the chest. what intentions silva may have had doesn’t matter. I kinda doubt he would have missed the head if he would have wanted to hit it since he is known to be the most precise striker in the game.
    at least now sonnen is gonna have to stfu for a while hahaha!

  • That one minute speech was made as an advertisement for ufc so it must had been good. All I am saying is that if CHael sonnen would have said all these things about bisping and the exact same thing happened in the fight with bisping or any other fighter except maybe jon jones it wouldn’t have gotten as much promotion from the UFC and the buys would be no where close to what they were. I would predict a fourth or fifth of what they made for this fight assuming 2.4 million was the actual buy rate. Most of the hype was because this sense of invincibility of Anderson silva was broken.

  • I agree with Evan.

    It was illegal. The knee hit Chael’s chest, but the thigh clearly hit his face. I’m not saying Chael would have won had that knee been called a foul, but that’s completely irrelevant.

    As a Chael fan, if he had to lose… I wish all these incidences hadn’t happened on his way to this loss… the greasing, the shorts, the knee…. for the peace of mind of both Chael AND Anderson, I wish none of that stuff happened. I think after the absolutely egregious holding of the shorts, Yves should have leaned in Chael’s favor to stop the clock after that knee. Again, whether all these incidences had any impact on the outcome is completely irrelevant to me. A foul is a foul.

    For everyone comparing it to Rashad’s knee to Tito… it’s completely different, in my opinion. Tito was on his knees, with his feet under him, sitting upright, and Rashad’s leg in no way shape or form touches any part of Tito’s face. Chael was on his butt and Silva’s thigh hits his face.

    Anyway, what’s done is done… it’s in the books now.

  • we should get a royal rumble match going on with all andersons past opponents. And let anderson walk in with his entrance late and all fighters stops fighting and watch him walk into the cage in FEAR!! like Kane or Undertaker walking into the ring HHAHA

  • anyone notice how Nike designed Silvas shorts for the fight ?

    Looked like they had grip on them, to help him with his hips when he was on the bottom. I dont think thats illegal yet, but it sure looked like a advantage to me.

    Looked obvious he was scared of the wrestling and looked for any unfair advantage he could find to help win. He has never wore shorts like that in the UFC

  • It will just be interesting to see how it goes. For this fight Anderson clearly had much better TDD. Maybe that was the lack of injury on Silva’s part or the lack of testosterone on Chael’s. On the other hand, maybe it was adaptation. It would be interesting to see if there is more adaptation in the future. I would rather see Anderson fight Munoz, Bisping and Lombard first. I’ve also always wanted to see Silva V Cung Le. I am pretty sure Silva wins via KO in the first but it would be a hell of a flashy round. After all that though, if Sonnen is still around, I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

  • Anderson landed two hard punches to Sonnens face. One of them was obscured because of a bad camera angle but it stunned him.

  • Actually I am a huge Silva fan and I will admit that he was grabbing shorts a lot. He also greased with an insubstantial amount of vas that would have ended up on his chest anyway when Chael rubbed it on him while on top. The knee was legal if you are referring to that.

  • Dude, Chael sucks as a human being but he has no problem with being hit in the face. After the knee to the chest and the punch that put him down he was too hurt to fight back. You take that and see what your defence becomes. Chael Sonnen is no Brock Lesner. Damn you for making me defend Chael.

  • The MW division is not weak. That is ludicrous. One of the guys Silva beat at MW is now the #1 contender in the LHW division and wrecked some serious heads to get there. Vitor Belfort is a legend and has fought very well as high as HW. Yushin Okami is, again, an amazing fighter as are many, many MWs. GSP has the reach of a MW and could easily pack on 10 more pounds and be cutting what a lot of people at MW cut to make wt. He hasn’t and won’t fight AS because he knows that size will make no difference. Andy would KO GSP by the third round

  • Huh?

  • Grip on the hips would be a hindrance. It would grip the canvas and make movement difficult. I did not notice what you are referring to but I doubt it was that. The only place on a pair of shorts that putting grip would help is the inside of the thigh.

  • The MW division is most certainly weak. It is, along with HW, the weakest out of the original 5 classes. Vitor moved down to MW aftter being defeated multiple times at LHW. Jake Shields and Nick Diaz, two career WWs, are a combined 5-0 at MW (Jake specifically asked Dana to stay at MW and fight Anderson upon arriving in the UFC instead of moving back down to WW). Chris Weidman (a former 196 lb wrestler in college who competed against LHWs Ryan Bader and Jon Jones) decided to drop down to 185; Mark Munoz did the same thing (also after a KO by Matt Hamill). Rich Franklin would have competed at 185 his entire UFC career if ir wasn’t for Anderson Silva. Koscheck has openly campaigned for multiple fights at 185 over the past 2 years. Keith Jardine moved down there to try and reinvigorate his career. The list goes on.

    You can name the few fighters that left 185 for either 170 or 205 on one hand. Maia, Marquardt, Akiyama (how’d that go?), Diego Sanchez (if that one even counts), and Henderson.

    “GSP has the reach of a MW and could easily pack on 10 more pounds and be cutting what a lot of people at MW cut to make wt. “

    That’s an incredible reach by you (no pun intended). He hasn’t moved up because after claiming he would move up eventually for so long he’s figured out he’s basically an average sized WW. Reach be dammed (Kendall Grove, Paul Williams, Jon Jones, Anthony Njokuani all have reaches that far exceed their weight class; it doesn’t mean they could easily move up). Saying he could easily pack on 10 more lbs is more than questionable.

  • Forgot one, Aaron Simpson.

  • Sonnen continues his G&P attack on Silva in dominating fashion in round 1 of their second fight…….just like the first fight… far, so good……


    Attempts a SPINNING BACKFIST, against the greatest stand up fighter of all time, completely going against the grain of the true formula that would and could beat the champion. Really Sonnen? Seriously??

    His foolishness probably cost him a title, and most likely his career. I think the Sonnen hype train has come to a full and conclusive stop. Can’t imagine anyone buying what he has to say going forward……

    I see him retiring, and then boring us with commentary.

  • Sorry retard. Sonnen lost twice to the champion… Rich Franklin deserves another shot more than Sonnen. Just accept it idiots. Sonnen is over, he couldn’t live up to his own hype. Get over it losers.

  • bZt

    They are really milking this rivalry for all it’s worth.