Chad Mendes Arrives In Las Vegas; Possibly To Fight Conor McGregor?

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Yesterday (Tues., June 23, 2015) the mixed martial arts (MMA) world was set abuzz by the unfortunate news that longtime UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had sadly injured his rib in training, putting his anticipated UFC 189 main event with Conor McGregor in serious jeopardy.

News arrived that Aldo still wanted to fight bitter enemy ‘Notorious,’ but X-rays proved that he indeed had a broken rib.

There were not surprisingly a large number of fighters more than willing to step in and take ‘Junior’s’ place on the most anticipated card of the year, but in reality the only two logical replacements for the champ are No. 1-ranked Chad Mendes and No. 2 Frankie Edgar.

The former of those two names could be signing on for the huge sooner than later, as Mendes tweeted today that he just touched down in Vegas, choosing to not elaborate any further:

While it’s hardly a surprise to see Mendes ready and available as a world-class replacement for his old foe Aldo, it may also not be all that conceivable that the UFC would risk McGregor’s long-awaited title shot by having him face a beast like Mendes.

But there’s also the school of thought that says the UFC has simply invested too much in the UFC 189 promotion to simply remove McGregor from the card as arguably the most popular fighter in MMA.

Will ‘Money’ step into the biggest dollar bout of his life thanks to Aldo’s injury? Time will tell. In any case, keep your eyes fixated on LowKick MMA for all of the developments on the unfolding scenario.

Photo Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

  • james

    This would be a great fight and test if Connor can handle a wrestler. Of course if he looses he wont get to fight Jose right away or maybe ever if he retires

  • kevin

    Edgar should get this fight…maybe he will just wait until he gets a title shot

  • Space

    Helwani just said on Twitter “@arielhelwani: Lost in that statement is IF Aldo can’t compete between now and July 11, Mendes will fight McGregor for the interim belt.”

    • james

      For 3 month injury? What a joke. The guy is rarely injured and beat a who’s who list of bad asses.

      • Space

        Rarely injured my ass, he’s pulled out of several fights.

        • james

          4 out of 26 fights is a lot? He is at the end of his career and ESPN just reported he is clear to fight.

          • Space

            Obviously the last one can be scrapped, (rumored) Aldo’s had 7 UFC fights, pulled out of 4…….

          • james

            Ok that may be true but is it the same with the wec? Champions take a lot more abuse against a lot better fighters than your average guy. His style obviously is also pretty hard. It could just be the dammage catching up. Most fighters with as many fights as he has especially champs get injured. Weidman, valesques, pettis, all come to mind.

          • Space

            I reckon its his training methods, sparring partners and gym.