Cerrone on Jones: You should’ve done it


As time goes by, it seems that the cancellation of UFC 151 is becoming less of a temporary wound and more of a permanent scar. What could be considered as the most prominent, publicized and talked about piece of MMA news in 2012, is still creating drama and has now managed to rear its ugly head back into the conversation.

In a question and answer session for the fans prior to the UFC 155 weigh-ins, Donald Cerrone had the following to say about his teammate:

“Yes, I’d have fought…They could call me tomorrow and ask me to fight. I think you need to fight. That’s our job. I don’t think you should curl up and find a way out. So yes, that’s my answer.”

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“He’s my teammate, and we have this discussion all the time…I said, ‘You should’ve done it.’ And he goes, ‘Well, you don’t make a million (dollars) to fight.’ And I said, ‘Well, you’re right, but I f—ing fight every time with all my heart.'”

Interesting words coming from a teammate of the Champion himself, although I can’t say that I disagree. This topic has been disputed and debated about for months, with opinions ranging from all over the spectrum, proving that it truly is a subjective argument. However the consensus has seemed to lead towards a slight majority vote in favor of Cerrone’s point of view. The part I find the most shocking is Jones’ response “Well, you don’t make a million to fight”, it truly showcases Jones’ immaturity and very apparently over-sized ego. While that response is completely accurate and in some cases valid, it simply isn’t a response of a man with honour, integrity and respect for his fellow teamates.

I for one agree that a fighter should be intelligent regarding the way his or her career is run and that they should have the right to decline a fight under extreme circumstances. But given the fact that you are considered one of the best fighters in the world, that you are in the prime shape of your life, that you are obviously bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled than your opponent, and that you’ve just completed a full training camp and are prepared to fight 5 rounds when your opponent is not, that simply isn’t a smart decision to me. It would be the equivalent of having Aces in a game of poker when there’s $1 Million in the pot, and then folding.

With that said, Cerrone’s opinion is supported by many others in the MMA community fans and fighters alike, and he has a point. Real fighters fight and if you lose you lose. Losing is a part of fighting and if you think you truly are the best you should be prepared to fight anyone at any point in time. And in most cases, a loss has done more to help the fighter than anything else, creating the potential for improvement as well as grudge and rematches.

But that’s enough of what I think. What do you think of Cerrone’s comments?

  • And this why people are different.

    Jones was entitled to make that decision. He made the right decision IMO and is definately not responsible for the cancellation of an entire show. Dana threw him under the bus, making him the scapegoat for the UFC's own shortfalls. The show should have gone on regardless – big names don't always mean great fights. We might have missed the best fight card of the year for all we know.

    Cowboy's argument reflects his own attitude towards fighting. He would've fought in a heartbeat and no one in their right minds could dispute that. But to say that JJ should've taken that fight is only his opinion.

    In the end these are grown men making their own decisions in their own best interest. MMA isn't a team sport. And hmm…JJ is holding a title right now while Cowboy just got demolished by Diaz, who was himself demolished by the LW champ.

    • I agree that the cancellation and declining to fight Sonnen are two entirely different topics. The only thing Jones can be blamed for is a lack of courage and confidence.

      Why? Because all the cards were stacked in his favor. Aside from the element of surprise Sonnen had absolutely no advantage. Jones was fully trained and in peak shape. He had little reason to decline.

      And if your argument is that he could lose everything, then I call complete and utter BS to that. He'd lose nothing but a shiny piece of metal around his waist that he could get back as fast as he lost it. Nike wouldn't abandon him, he wouldn't get paid less, he'd still draw on ppv.

      If anything Jon Jones needs to lose for his own psychological health. Sometimes you need to get your ass handed to you, to stay humble and put things into perspective. I bet you everything I own that with a loss, he'd come back much better. With that much pressure off his shoulders you'd see a difference in his demeanor guaranteed.

      • 1. Courage and confidence are something I never question in a professional fighter. Jones has both of those in spades, as does every other professional fighter that steps into the octagon. What a ridiculous thing to say.

        2. Sonnen does not have the element of surprise going into ANY fight. Punch, double leg, ground n pound. Not the most difficult strategy to comprehend.

        3.Jones had / has everything to lose though, and Sonnen everything to gain. Guys aren't fighting for that 'shiny piece of metal' anyways, they fight for the $$$$ that come along with it. Hence the comment he made to Cerrone. He would have lost potentially millions of dollars. We don't know what Nike will do (JDS will be a case study) but I imagine they wouldn't have been too happy, and might shy away from MMA alltogether because of the uncertainty. A potential fight with Anderson Silva would be the first thing to go – along with an incredible payday, and a chance at defeating the p4p king.

        4. I agree 100% that he could use a good thrashing to humble him a little bit. It won't come from Chael, but I'm on the Glover bandwagon.

        • Well at least we can agree on something lol. I respect your other opinions though, you make some valid points. I think the truth lies in the middle somewhere with each.

  • Who cares? Stop beating dead horses and move on. Jones and Sonnen are going to fight anyway AND we get to see them coach against each other on TUF before Jones whoops Sonnen's A$S in the cage.

    • To be honest, I'm not even sure why this is even a topic at this point. Like you said, Jones and Sonnen are going to fight regardless, so what is the big deal? What's done is done and it's time to move on completely.

      As for Ceronne, he is not the champ in his weight class, but Jones is. Jones has a lot more to lose than him.

    • @CR

      My thoughts and I think probably everyone's. I have no idea why this would be raised as an issue or a question to a fighter, now. Particularly one who hails from the same camp. This is just trying to stir crap up, for the sake of stirring. And didn't we all just put 2012 to bed? This is just a nothing post and a nothing argument. I thought the man had reclaimed his good-standing via a win over Belfort and taking the TUF + a fight with Sonnen.

      Stop tilting at windmills, Don Quixote. Move on.

    • EXACTLY!
      This is becoming a permanent scar because of articles like this.

      Cerrone was asked the question and he said he would've taken the fight, he never went out to find the press to make this statement.

      It was an quick, honest, fleeting answer and from it there have been two articles on this side making headlines out of it.

      Just drop it already.

  • "The part I find the most shocking is Jones' response "Well, you don't make a million to fight", it truly showcases Jones' immaturity and very apparently over-sized ego. While that response is completely accurate and in some cases valid, it simply isn't a response of a man with honour, integrity and respect for his fellow teamates."

    Bullshit. It's the response to a person who has become incredibly vocal over the past few months towards his "team". Just this year Cerrone has talked about Melvin Guillard's lack of heart in sparring, Carlos Condit's "running" against Nick Diaz, Greg Jackson having less time for him, and now Jon Jones "curling up, and not fighting". How should Jones react? Should he laugh it off, and say "man you're right" (or something equivalent). Or should he point out the fact that Cerrone doesn't have millions on the table to lose. One loss could completely derail his drawing power. Sure, he could come back stronger from it and get a title shot in a fight after a comeback but that wouldn't do anything help the drop off he'd have over a 2-3 fight span.

    GSP lost, and was a big draw 3 fights later. He wasn't even the second highest paid fighter on a card he headlined with Matt Hughes 2 fights later.

    Jones no doubt sees this, and he doesn't even want to be a GSP level draw. He wants to enter Floyd Mayweather/Manny Paqcuiao territory.

    • @ Evan.

      Here. Here. Well, said.

    • @Evan +1

      • Double shot!! of KFC!… albeit truncated

        -stop bitching bitches just be glad that grown men are willing to take a punch to their face for your entertainment, its not like they care what you think and rightfully so who are we but the faceless crowds of the circus [insert roman reference here] 🙂

    • Cerrone should never talk out against team mates on decisions they make. No wonder Jones put him in his place by telling him he doesn't make millions to fight.

      I bet jones is asking winklejohn if he can spar a few rounds with cerrone.

  • @ Bryan Fontez

    …"it truly showcases Jones' immaturity and very apparently over-sized ego. While that response is completely accurate and in some cases valid, it simply isn't a response of a man with honor, integrity and respect for his fellow teammates".

    Are you Freaking serious, man?

    Regardless of the calculus Jones ran through his head, none-of-which you are privy to, save the hearsay, anecdotal evidence of Donald Cerone (a fighter I respect), you jump to this plethora of conclusions?

    He has no honor? No integrity? That he doesn't respect his teammates?

    Mr. Fontez, he turned down a fight with an un-scheduled opponent. That is all he did. He did not cancel UFC 151. Dana White did. Jones was unaware of the fact that his turning down the fight would result in the cancellation of the card.

    There are a great many reasons as to why this young Champion turned down that fight and millions of dollars could well, have been one of them. I am quite sure there were many more. I know that fear was not one of them. Subsequently, myself and many around the MMA world, understood and stood by his decision and thought none-the-less of him for it.

    What many concluded was that the card itself, beyond Jones being on the card, regardless of who his opponent would be, was weak. That the card could not stand by itself, without Jones name being attached to it. That is more the fault of Dana White and Joe Silva, putting together an event, which relied to heavily on a single bout and marquis name to sell the rest of, what was, a weak card.

    For posters to make such ridiculous claims is one thing, however, for a sanctioned LowKick commentator to make these type of accusations is boarder-line libelous. If you were put to the legal test, I really wonder how you would prove your claim.

    This is a dead horse. Stop beating it.

    • PS – If you ever had a chance to interview John Jones tomorrow, would you even raise this issue? If so, would you tell the man that you thought he was without honor, integrity or had respect for his teammates, as a result of it? Would you even tell him he had an over-sized ego or that he was immature?

      My guess is that you would not and then what would that tell us about who does and does not, have honor and integrity?


      • Typing a multi-paragraph rant and then telling others to stop beating a dead horse is the epitome and text book example of being a hypocrite.

        Also… You're confusing claims and conclusions with simple opinions. I think the kid is very talented but I also think he's an extremely cocky and ignorant individual deep down inside.

        Lastly, if I were interviewing Jon Jones, you'd have to be stupid to think that I'd name call him. But you can bet your ass that I'd ask him what he thinks of others opinions on his decision, which has been answered enough times.

        With that said, my opinion is my own. This story was reported by every MMA news site, therefore it is considered valid news regardless of whether it's "beating a dead horse" or not.

        • @ BF

          My post was shorter than yours. I also don't see the relevance of pointing out it's length and calling it hypocrisy, when it was noting but an item, by item, refutation of your statement. Also, I am not the only wordy poster on this site, so what is your point? Particularly when this website benefits from more propagation, not less.

          As to the name calling. So, you agree that you wouldn't repeat the same remarks and in the same way, to the man's face. You would, instead, find a much more circuitous route to accomplish that task. You would ask your questions from the standpoint of "others opinions", but not your own. As in…Champ, I've heard some people say….or…Champ, there are those out there that….blah, blah, blah.

          Again, I say to you, that you would not put your opinions, stated as such, as your opinions, to The Champion in the manner in which you did, here. You would do as you stated and couch them as the opinions and thoughts of others and not your own.

          As to whether or not this story was reported by any of MMA website or news outlet, means nothing. Garbage is garbage. However, you didn't simply re-print Cerone's remarks, you editorialized them, with your own bogus and un-supported opinion of The Champ's character. Again, I say to you, if you were required to prove your assertions in a court of law, what empirical evidence would you provide? None, apparently.

          In your lengthy editorial you said the man was without honor, integrity or respect for his teammates. Again, I ask you to prove it.

          Based on your criteria, I think I could just as easily declare you without honor, integrity or respect.

          What say you to that Mr. Fontez?

          • lol I say that you have way too much time on your hands and obviously little else to do with your day. I get paid to do this, while you're simply wasting your time trying to sound smart and win a debate.

            With that said, I have a rock band and a website to run, as well as more articles to write, so you win. Congrats.

          • @ B.S Fontez

            And I would say that your powers of perception are as dubious as credibility. Particularly if you're trying to pass yourself off as some time of a journalist. Which you are not.

            Who cares if you get paid for the crap you slap together, perhaps that's even your problem. On the other hand, I do what I do because I love it.

            Wasting Time – so, posting on LowKick is a waste of time? So, by extension, you're saying that what you do for a living is a waste of time. For do you not "run" this web site, upon which I waste my time?

            Debate – no debate. I've asked you a simple question and done so, several times. What proof do you have that Jones has neither honor, intergrity or respect for his teammates?

            Your replies are nothing but BS. I run this…I get paid…I'm a rock star…you sound like a little man, trying to prove to the world that you're something that you are not.

            And if you are so busy Mr. Fontez, then why do you continue to bother replying? Shouldn't be jetting off to some foreign city gigging tonight, in front of tens of thousands? Shouldn't you be sipping champagne with super-models, somewhere?
            What are you doing wasting your valuable, precious, globe trotting, web site empire running, rock-start, model F##King time, on me?

            You are weak and you have a weak mind. You have no honor. You have no integrity. You deserve no respect. You are a joke. You're a slogan on a t-shirt.

            "I have a rock band and a website"…LOL!!!

            …probably a Justin Beiber cover band.

          • Zip


          • double ouch!! does he play drums 'cause he reasons like a drummer lol

          • @BF dude it's pretty low trying to insult him for taking the time to read and reply to your article, whether you agree with his thoughts or not.

            Congrats on having a rock band and website to run, he could easily be doing that and more… I know I am and I still have plenty of time to spend on this great site.

            Don't hate on the fans for spending time on Lowkick…. that's just plain stupid.

          • "lol I say that you have way too much time on your hands and obviously little else to do with your day"
            So your saying that reading your article and discussing it isn't worth our time? You actually get paid to degrade this site? Amazing.
            Great site, terrible / outdated article, even worse "butt hurt" debater.

          • Would anyone like a xanax tablet right now ?

            Things are getting heated here !

            but in all seriousness, Bryan and the guys do an awesome job delivering mma news, they don;t write any articles to offend anybody. And its because of these guys that we can follow and enjoy whats happening in the mma world.

  • I miss the Pride tournaments where fighters with REAL balls would fight ANYONE at a moment's notice. Sakuraba, Igor, Wandi, Nog… talk about warrior spirit! A perfect example of fighters who valued the process over the outcome. Now we have UFC prima donnas who want everything to be a boring bankable victory… My God, Nog fought Bob Sapp at 375lbs- and subbed him! Now we have fighters quibbling over ten pounds in a catch weight. Sure, they'll keep their records spotless but that's not really the point, is it? To think that Saku fought Royce on Royce's terms- giving him UNLIMITED time- and beat him after 1.5 hours! I miss those days. This is martial arts, not investment banking, LOL.

    • Now I am just making educated guesses so please correct me where I'm wrong but how many times did Nog, Wand and Saku take short notice fights? As far as I know not a lot and probably none on the notice Jones was given.

      If your making your case, don't use someone fighting Bob Sapp in it… that makes it look like a joke.

      Those guys you mentioned where great but how many bums did they fight for every quality opponent?
      Besides that, 9/10 fighters still are ready to jump at a moments notice but these are guys who are dying for that check, not worried about losing title contention or in the process of laying down GOAT worthy legacies (Jones and GSP).

      I think everyone misses the days of legends but the fact is the sport is so much better now, so much bigger and such a larger stage that having a spotless record is more important than being an exciting fighter.

      Joe Lauzon takes fights on short notice and is easily one of the funnest to watch in the entire sport but will be remembered as much as GSP?….

  • Talk is cheap when you aren't the champion.

  • …….. blah, blah, fucking blah

  • I ain't even going to listen to this and I just lots a lot of respect for Donald, to blame a fighter for the cancellation of an entire card is by default just stupid, what if he had gotten injured instead of just turned it down? Same fucking outcome.

  • I am glad Cowboy spoke his opinion even tho it was against his teammate. I will aways say Jones should have fought all real champions would have in my opinion but in actuality this is a dead topic already woulda, coulda, shoulda who is even wasting their time thinking about it still!

  • This is really creating something out of nothing. Creating drama where there is none is a female trait. Cerrone saying this is not news nor is it worth mentioning. When I saw Cerrone's name the first thing I thought of if his focus better be on Pettis end of story.

  • Has anyone considered that it was a PED issue? And by that, I don't mean Gary Glitter told him not to fight.