Cat Zingano talks coaching TUF, defeating Miesha Tate


Newly signed UFC Women’s Bantamweight challenger Cat Zingano appears on “Inside MMA” to address her upcoming bout with Miesha Tate at the TUF Finale on April 13th. The fight will have some additional stakes, as the winner will become the next TUF coach opposite Ronda Rousey.

Zingano describes how she found out about the stipulation, then moves on to talk about the fight. Zingano focuses on Tate, not looking past her and ready to leave it all on the line. Her ultimate goal is obtaining the belt. Rousey and Tate also appear to sing the praises of Zingano’s well-rounded game. 

Cat Zingano is a ferocious undefeated challenger who could shake up the new and relatively shallow UFC Women’s division. Tate has a ton of skils and experience, so the TUF Finale bout should be a good one, with a title shot and a TUF coaching stint on the line. Women are aleady making some huge waves in the UFC, and it could lead to a ton of growth for the UFC

Will ZIngano be our next title challenger? And if so, is she the one to finally give Ronda Rousey a run for her money?

  • No, my girl Meisha got this. Damn – why do these women have to look so manly?

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