Carlos Condit Wants Johny Hendricks Next


Carlos Condit returned to winning ways, after a two fight losing skid, when he stopped Martin Kampmann in the fourth round of their UFN 27 scrap. NBK utilized his superior striking to bloody Kampmann’s face and secure a ruthless fourth round TKO.

With the win Condit added a 27th finish to his 29 wins, and is once again in the mix at 170lbs. So what’s next for Condit? Well according to the video below, courtesy of, he would like to rematch Johny Hendricks.

Condit certainly looked dominant against Martin Kampmann, but is it time for him to challenge for the title again? The rankings would certainly suggest so, Condit was ranked as the number two Welterweight in the lead up to last night’s scrap and there is surely no question that he should get the winner of St-Pierre vs. Hendricks.

  • Yeah i would like to see him get that title shot… any other fight does not make sense at this point.

    • He looked so dominant against MK, he is a scary dude

      • Yes he is! He has killer instinct!! That's why he has 27 finishes on his record, which is CRAZY…. i don't think people even realize how crazy it is to have 27 finishes on your record as an MMA figher.. it's nuts!

        • out of 29 wins, a 97% finish rate is phenomenal

          • Yep, I jumped out of my seat last night when Condit put Kampmann out of his misery. His nickname is the NBK for a reason.

            If he could take the belt from Georges Safe-Pierre, I'd be a happy man 🙂

  • He looked great, last night. I think the fight that would have made most sense, would have been Condit / MacDonald. However, as Rory is fighting Lawler, that's not going to happen.

    I think CC needs another win before getting another title shot and if Hendricks does beat GSP, CC and everyone else is going to be waiting around, the same way everyone in 185 is waiting on the Weidman / Silva re-match.

    I agree with Condit about his fight with Hendricks. I think had that been a bout with rounds 4 & 5 in it, that Condit would have won.

  • Condit won a fight that he was robbed the first time around and yea, would like to see condit beat BIG RIG again, the first fight was a joke and another robbery. Condit needs a 5 round fight to finish big rig

  • I say Matt Brown next

  • Great win for NBK last night, he got smothered in the 1st and came back strong. Overwhelmed Kampmann with his striking, punches in bunches. Great performance from Condit.

  • Feed Matt Brown to him and let's see what the IMMORTAL one is really made of.