Carlos Condit: There’s plenty of time left to switch my focus to Johny Hendricks


UFC Welterweight contender Carlos Condit was full in preparation for his rematch with Rory MacDonald at UFC 158 when he found out the bad news that MacDonald had suffered a neck injury and was forced to withdraw. Never one to let things get to him too much, the stoic Condit simply realized he had been given another great opportunity to prove his skills as surging knockout artist Johny Hendricks stepped in to replace “Ares.”

Condit knows that Hendricks is a dangerous fighter, and that the two of them clashing is cause for fireworks. He spoke out to MMA H.E.A.T. earlier today to voice his views on the bout:

“While I was disappointed to hear that Rory MacDonald is injured, I am glad that the UFC was able to find a strong replacement for the fight in Johny Hendricks. He is one of the toughest Welterweights in the world, and has quickly risen up the ladder in our division.

We are similar in that we like to stay active and aggressive in our fights, so this should be a great fight for the fans to watch. …I have been training for Rory MacDonald, but there is plenty of time left to switch my focus to Hendricks.

With eight weeks left, I will need every moment to be fully prepared for this battle. He’s called me out in the past, and now is his chance to try to back that talk up. I’ll be ready for him.”

It may be true that with Condit has some time to prepare for Johny Hendricks. It’s arguable to decide just who posed the bigger threat, as both Henricks and MacDonald are excellent and well-rounded fighters. But Hendricks has been absolutely mowing down top-ranked opponents with his vicious left hand, save for his close split decision win over Josh Koscheck last year.

Condit has an excellent chance to prove he is worthy of another title shot at 170. Who do you like in this bout? 

  • Its crazy how folks on here dont give the homie Johny a chance against Condit who froze up against a rusty Safety P but thinks A.S. will lose to that youngsta Chris W who haven't really proven shit, or even funnier is that DC will beat Bones. What will you virgins dream up next? I know I know the ancient H-Bomb will land & end Machida's career.

    Please dont take the VIRGIN thing serious, calm down.

    • Froze up against the one of the top 3 fighters in the world?

      First of all, just because you lose to one of the best doesn't mean you froze up, it just means they were better than you and you couldn't do anything about it. No shame in that.
      Secondly, Condit is only the second man to ever rock the king GSP… GSP has fought the best for years and only Condit and Matt Serra were able to drop him.

      And then you go on to something completely unrelated and that makes no sense and try to use that to hate on us?

      Gtfo troll

      • yeah carlos focus more or youll sleep lyk d others, i know you have power carlos, but that nothing compared to the bearded one. i know you have hl of your own but you'll sleep if you get hit.

        • Hendricks should release children stories and lullabies.
          You can promo baby ads – blah,blah sleep,….blah,blah,sleep.

          • yeah carlos is very hard to put sleep but i think i should read him a story of putting the hands of the bearded one to his face a later he'll get to sleep lyk as you as well putting my hands to your face Rock'em Sock'em.

          • oh my! how scary!

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  • The more I think about this bout, the more interested I am in seeing it.

    • Just ask yourself who would win between Koscheck and Condit, and you'll have your answer to who will win.

      • @ Entity

        E – I don't know that it's that simple a calculus.

        If I may, I shall turn the question around on you and ask…if they had ten-fights-in-a-row….would it be 10 & 0 or some "lesser" combination?

        Or to put it in a more cliched way…"on any given day."

        Even as a GSP fan I don't know that Rush would beat Koscheck 10 fights out of ten fights. The degrees of variance and the allocation for mistakes is not that great.

        Here's the rub, however, for you as a Diaz fan…GSP would beat Nick Diaz 10 fights, out of 10 fights. 🙂 Exceptions prove the rule and all of that…

        Sorry man, I couldn't resist. Go Team come the 16th.

        But to your question…I don't know E…who would you pick in that match-up. Personally, I'd pick Condit. I've come to love Koscheck, but he's his own worst enemy. He takes everything personally. Condit, on the other hand, is the smart guy, where everything is just business.

        Here's the metaphor for the fight. If Condit beats Hendricks, how stupid will Big Rig look for having taken the fight and the loss? It's everything I've been saying for weeks. This is a dumb move and Condit is a big risk. A much bigger risk that Elenberger. He's a whole other challenge. My guess is, that Johnny loses and his title shot evaporates. And he will only have himself to blame.

        Proving the difference between the two and why Condit will win. Condit is smarter. He sat it out and got his chance. Big Rig didn't and IMO won't get his chance due to the loss. A loss Condit never risked.

        We'll see whose right in a few weeks. It's the beautiful thing about the fight game.

        • Condit will beat Hendricks easily. 8))

      • i think koscheck via decision. im pretty sure of it.

  • I've learned my lesson betting against Hendricks.

  • Has Dana said whether Carlos Condit will get a title fight again with either GSp/Diaz winner should he go through Hendricks ?

    • I'm pretty sure he hasn't bud, I hope Condit doesn't though. He could do with at least 2 more fights from the GSP fight to get better seeing as he looks better every time he competes.
      Maybe if Condit wins here he could fight MacDonald after and then get a title shot if he wins, which would be a great story line with the GSP rematch and coming off beating GSP's close training partner

      • @ Enjoy and Keith

        However the math works out, I think they'll need to get whatever accomplished this year, because I think GSP has plans of leaving 170 by the end of the year. It's just a vibe I get from how he answers certain questions. I believe he's thinking of other opportunities, maybe at 185. The man does like a challenge, after all.

        • @MMATruth…I'm not in a hurry to see GSP move up because there are still great potential matchups like Maia, Hendricks, kampmann, Ellenberger….
          The guy I would like to see move on up is Anderson to Light Heavyweight and clean out that division after he faces weidman.

    • not sure about it but i think he'll go to sleep. carlos though

  • Carlos Condit MMA skills, are way to much on another level for Hendricks to handle… That left power punch will never land against Carlos… Just like Dan Henderson will never land that H- Bomb against Machida this Saturday…. To easy bets for me… Also War Diaz…..

  • I'm a little disappointed because having Condit and Hendricks in two separate fights insured two super exciting throw downs, never ind the title fight. I still love this fight but it would be fun to get hyped up for Big Rig fighting and after that remember I'm still getting two more insane match ups.

    On the fight itself, I was going to pick both these guys to win their former match ups but placed against each other I have to go with Condit.
    Kampmann has a comparable offense to Condit except he is a slow starter and gets hit a lot, while Condit is pretty much the polar opposite.
    Over the last couple of years Condit has greatly improved his footwork and ability to hit his opponent with damaging shot and get out the way but even if he does get clipped he is a granite chin to back him up.

    I feel this will be a decision for Condit or maybe a late TKO but at the same time I won't be shocked to see Condit sliding across the canvas unconscious via the hands of Hendricks, he has top 5 P4P punching power in the sport and a guy like that you can never count out.

  • Run Carlos run you motherfucker … !!!