Call Security: Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva Announced as TUF Brazil 3 Coaches


The UFC fight that has the most backstory and bad blood is finally going to happen. Chael Sonnen has been booked opposite Wanderlei Silva as coaches of the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Dana White revealed the news on “Fox Sports Live” last night:

Hype has been building since Sonnen repeatedly trashed many of the top Brazilian fighters, leading to an awkward conversation between Sonnen and “The Axe Murderer” in a van ride. After much trash was talked, Silva confronted Sonnen at the Mr. Olympia expo in Las Vegas, leading to a video release of the scuffle.

The fight was never signed, because Silva was reportedly unhealthy, and then he wanted a cut of the pay-per-view revenue. It looks like the red tape has finally been bypassed and the two mortal enemies will go to war. Silva has been dealing with some health issues that need to get cleared up before he can give “The American Gangster” a run for his money.

Sonnen is slated to face off with former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans on the co-main event of UFC 167 next month, and a win over “Suga” could have him knocking on the door of yet another title shot. HE recently impressed with a dominant first round submission over Shogun Rua at UFC Fight Night 26.

But fighting Wand is just something Sonnen has to get over with. Kudos to the UFC for finally getting the fight booked, as their back-and-forth was beginning to become all style and no substance.

The season leading up to the show is guaranteed to feature quite the tense lead-in. It’s hard to think that these two foes can keep their hands off one another long enough to film the show, but we’ll see. What are your thoughts on the show? Does Silva stand a chance at defeating “Uncle Chael?”


  • Well… to paint with a broad brush here… Chael is an act… WWE style…. and we (in the US) get it. The question is… will the Brazilians make the connection or do they think everything he says is literal? Not saying Brazilians are ignorant… there is just a cultural gap IMO. Even though it's an act… I think there is real danger with this decision.

    I don't see Silva winning this one and I wouldn't not want to be Chael leaving the area.

    • He might have garnered some respect by simply putting Rua away in 1 round also.

    • Wouldnt not? Double negative? Grade 3 grammar class?

      • Please accept my sincere apology, I did not meet or exceed your grammatical expectations. My comments should have been structured or conveyed appropriately with proper English. It deeply saddens me; I did not live up to your standards. I can only imagine you have never made a mistake. It's truly something I strive for, but I will forever be in your shadow of excellence. Seriously…. *S*T*F*U*!

        • yea, Hatch, some people just have to complain about everything.

    • Being acting or not, I don't think anyone likes it when they speak evil of their country and of the people there, so honestly I want Sonnen to be the first person to die in the Octagon at UFC!

      • Civilization, evolve, self promotion, look these words up moron.

      • You simply validate my comments.

      • Dana White has just ordered an extra ten security for Andre.

    • Wanderlei: "I saw fear in his eyes"….

      Let the trash talking commence!

    • So let's get it straight, you are saying Brazilians are ignoramuses?

  • Chael haters: Chael is afraid of Wanderlei…. Wait what?

  • Chael is the f**ing man…..balls of steel….Brasilians will give him respect I think for the courage to step up!!!! This is awesome!

    • Hell yeah Buddy, Balls of Steel…Flesh of Teflon…Heart of 36 Tigers…26 Silver Back Gorillas…14 Hedge Hogs…& an Owl!!!

      Urine Sample of 54 Mark McGuire's…53 Jose Canseco's…52Barry Bonds!!!

      And he's doing it for THE LOVE OF THE SPORT & not the $$$$ & fame.


        you made my day, still laughing my fucking *** off

        god bless you!!

    • @Brasil…I knew Chael Sonnen would win your love and affection some day

    • Brasil, the voice of sanity, thankyou!

      • @Entity..Brasil has had an awakening , an epiphany…..! Now Brasil needs his own security in Brasil for supporting Chael

        • lol, he knows Chael is an act, he's been here a long time. To be fair, I can be a pain in the **** sometimes too 8))

  • Btw I hope thy launch WWE here so we can close that cultural gap to the US.

    • I hope so as well… meaning… Chael is an act… although he does bring the fight for the most part. But… from my perspective… with all the hate coming out of Brazil for this guy… I have a feeling (could be 100% wrong) many Brazilians think he isn't acting and would want to harm him.

      • Wow, how many Brazilians have you spoken to? So US gets it that its all an act and Brazilians don't? I'm Asian, so do we belong in the inner circle or do we not get it too? wow, just wow

        • I can't recall where I read it… but… from my understanding… Chael has received death threats over his comments about Brazilians. I’ve lived all over the globe… and from my experiences, (Not always) but often more times than not, there is a disconnection with how other cultures (including ours) interpret language and meaning. Especially with sarcasm and slang. Insults can be taken to another level. I’m sure plenty of Brazilians think his antics are nothing more than that… but… I have a feeling, there are others who take what Chael says literally. Yes… as I mentioned in the original post… I was painting with a broad brush. This isn't a racial conversation… I was simply stating with our cultural differences… there is a large possibility not everyone gets Chael’s act. Perfect example… read André Amorim's comments above.

  • He's not too bad as a Tuf Coach, doesn't get all crazy. I think him training the Brazilian fighters will change a lot of the animosity. Plus a crazy attacker there will hurt Brazil's image from the UFC.

  • Yeah bigtime. Hope it doesn't happen.

    • I only see it happening Mike if the security gets a bit relaxed after the early weeks and some knob explodes…But too much is on the line for these up and comers. If Sonnen starts walking the streets of Brasil alone he may have a problem but he will be going from the international airport to a secure 5 star hotel and then to TUF gym with probably two personal body guards. He will also have the backup of his team I imagine. They will soon see he is a good guy there to help them win.
      I believe this will completely change Chaels' reputation and likability with the brazilians. There is not going to be any making fun of brazil. Chael will be strictly business with the odd confrontation with wanderlei for the ratings.

      • If you guys havent heard Uriah Faber's story in Thailand, look it up…was totally nuts!


    WAR WAND!!

    • I'm sorry, but you guys are fkin primitive.

    • you guys are fvcking dumb asses

  • this is stupid. its called tuf brazil for a reason. No1 is gonna wanna be on chaels team first cause all of brazil hates him and second he cant speak spanish, how the hell is he gonna coach. i would have loved to see this for the american version

  • Ivy

    Chael, like America, would SMASH Wanderlei, like Brazil, in a fight. That being fact, how can I apply to be Chael's security force?

    • I'll be Chaels security also but the first good bribe i get to "look the other way' Chaels azz is grass.

      • Ivy

        And I'll be there to shove my foot up your azz right afterwards.

  • Security won't be enough…To many Brazilians will try to hurt Chael…Way to many crazy people everywhere..Not only in Brazil… EVERYWHERE…Terrible decision by Dana.

    Chael Va Hacia La Boca Del Lobo….

  • TUF USA Vs Brazil

  • It will be pretty funny to see Chael choosing Brazilian fighters to be on his team that want to get on team wanderlei and want nothing to do with him.

    • I dont know man, I might want to learn from a guy who subbed Shogun in 1 round. Even Brazilians know that wrestling has been many of their fighter's Kryptonite.

      • @entity….Be funny if Wanderlie pulls a BJ Penn during the picks and says "if you know you want nothing to do with Chael Sonnen raise your hand.

    • I didnt weak you either Enjoy, it was some mad 5 year old ha

  • Brazilian Police do not mess around! They will straight up shoot your azz.

  • He did win me over…he is very entertaining and a good fighter….He is trying to make some money….also if I were a fighter at this TUF I would pray to be on his team….rare opportunity to learn some MMA wrestling from one of the very best…..We have the best BJJ guys and also some of the very best strikers….we need some strong wrestling do well in the current MMA rules.