Cain Velasquez: JDS should have to win a fight before he gets a title rematch, I did


UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez appears in a Fuel TV interview to address the currently jumbled situation at Heavyweight. Since former proposed title challenger Alistair Overeem lost to Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156 last weekend, there is not a clear-cut number one contender for the 265 lb. belt.

Cain believes that former champion Junior dos Santos needs to get another win under his belt before he gets a rematch. Velasquez did just that, besting Bigfoot Silva handily at UFC 146 before regaining his belt from dos Santos at UFC 155. 

Although Ariel Helwani continually prods Cain to answer who he would prefer to fight next, Velasquez calmly replies he will fight who the UFC puts in front of him, and is looking for a summer return to the Octagon. He also reiterated that he would not fight friend and teammate Daniel Cormier

  • After seeing Reem last week, no question in my mind that JDS would KO him. Probably in Rd. 1. However, sure, lets have the fight to prove it, JDS is at the top of the heap with Cain, not sure if he can beat him again, could go either way depending on if JDS gets his shot off first . I dont think there is another HW at the level of those 2, except maybe Cormier…and that has yet to be seen what he can do in the UFC. I predict , next 3 years, belt swapping between Cain and JDS, lol.

    • DG1

      My bet is that Overeem doesn't want the JDS fight anymore. Bigfoot is a good striker, but he's nothing compared to Junior. Junior would annihilate Overeem, especially because he's so hungry to get another title shot himself. And, two back-to-back KO losses for Overeem after coming off PEDs would basically turn his whole career into a punchline. If his management has any brains at all, they will keep him well away from JDS. However, I don't know if it's possible. It is the fight that makes the most sense… for everyone except Overeem.

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    • for some reason everyone is forgetting about fabricio werdum, hes improved so much over the last few years and poses a real threat to any heavyweight right now. he beat big foot before he submitted fedor and outclassed roy nelson . if he beats nogueira he'll be on a 3 fight win streak in ufc and ill put him right up in the top of the heap for a title shot. cain would have to be extremely careful going to the ground with him,his muay thai looks immense recently plus hes a big strong guy around 6 ft 4

    • Bigfoot vs JDS for title contender. A more marketable fight would be Overeem vs JDS, but I'm afraid the Reem has lost much appeal and credibility after being hammed by Bigfoot.

  • Agree 100% – especially considering it wasn't even close the second time around. And actually, an immediate rematch for Cain after the first fight would have been more justified considering it was such a flash KO/TKO – whereas Cain's win was much more of a statement

    • But what was more of a statement? Both title fights were determined in the first round by a big shot. Cain got finished, JDS kept fighting and was looking better towards the end.
      I would definitely pay to watch JDS-Cain III. It would probably be a much closer fight, with each fighter having a better grasp of the other's strengths. JDS was too focused on Cain's wrestling ability and overlooked his striking, which was obviously a big mistake.

  • JDS versus Bigfoot.. Exact same fight as Cain.

    • DG1

      There you go. Excellent.

  • I agree with The Champ…. I say JDS vs Alistair Overeem…Winner gets the privilege of having their face destroyed by Cain for 5 rounds.. Ass whooping by The Champ Terminator Velasquez.. …..After you'll still receive a Hot Burrito, and a cold Corona for free, compliments Of Brown Pride..

    I rather see Cain fight Mark Hunt, Stefan Struve or Frank Mir….

    • DG1

      As my post above, I doubt Overeem would want the JDS fight now. Getting KO'd twice in a row after coming off PEDs would turn his career into a joke. He needs a win bad, and when you need a win, JDS is not the fight you want.

    • no way, if you make overeem vs dos santos, it should be a title eliminator for Junior not overeem. overeem just came off a suspension for peds and got brutally ko'd. he shouldn't be anywhere near a title fight

      • Overeem only lost to "himself"… and that was necessary to humble him… yet he's still capable of destroying any HW in the UFC and i HIGHLY doubt JDS will stand a chance against him. That Bigfoot fight was a fluke just like the first JDS / Cain fight… Its a fight Cain shouldve never lost just like this was a fight Overeem shouldve never lost. Overeem is wearing the same shoes Cain was walking in last year after that loss! Getting caught with a KO punch in the HW division doesnt mean shit! it does not define a career and most def. not Overeem's. Just wait and see what happens….

        • overeem is known for getting ko'd check out all the times he got ko'd at light heavy before he started juicing. those wins were not flukes. they lost to the better fighter. overeem isn't as good as people make him out to be. sure he holds multiple titles, funny thing is he wins belts then runs off so he doesn't have to defend them

        • Unless someone hits him on the jaw lol. Mr. NoChin

        • that fight was no fluke. overroids cardio was horrible and he looked past bigfoot. overeem got knocked out in round three, while cain got knocked out in two minutes of round one, so overeems loss was not a fluke, and theres no comparison. overeem wont last long in the ufc unless he signs up for trt fast. seriously his cardio isnt good and neither is his chin

        • DG1

          Overeem is NOT "wearing the same shoes Cain was walking in last year". Overeem didn't get caught with a flush punch to the temple in the first minute of the fight. Overeem was on top of Bigfoot for most of the second round and couldn't put him away. What did Bigfoot look like after Velasquez had been on top of him for half a round? Alistair couldn't get the job done.

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        • @thexperience actually getting KO'd has defined a lot of Overeem's career

  • Wouldnt mind seeing JDS vs Big Foot for #1 contender

  • Hahaaha showing some fear there….nice…same for his fans that dont want an emediate rematch.

    • Its called fairness, something you've probably never heard of.

      You really think Cain is scared of JDS after the beating he gave him? JDS only hope against Cain is that he gets lucky and gets another KO punch. Now I don't hate JDS at all, but idiots like you make me dislike certain fighters.

  • I agree with The Champ. He should have to have a fight before facing off against Cain, again. The obvious choice, ironically, give the fight being canceled due to Overeem's testing positive for PEDs', would be JDS / Overeem.

    Works for me.

    • That should be true for any fighter but the UFC doesn't always see it that way….they usually see green. 8)

      • @ Entity

        E…do you not see the potential for large green in a JDS / AO match-up?

        That fight, no matter what, needs to happen and the sooner it does, the more relevance it will carry in The Division.

  • well, imo, JDS SHOULD get an instant rematch as JDS defended his belt what, 4/5 times before losing it back to cain wheras can only defended and lost it the once TO JDS.
    i think JDS has more leverage in an argument for the rematch…YES, cain's knockout looked more devestating and again, IMO, JDS didn't look himself compared to his last wedge of fights.

    in theory, i'd like to see JDS vs OVEREEM for the title fight BUT, i honesdtly think JDS deserves his rematch.

    • drunk or just trolling?

      1 – JDS defended his belt ONCE, not 4 or 5 times.
      2 – Cain didn't defend his belt, he won it and then lost it straight away to JDS.
      3 – Cain didn't KO Junior.

      You say some other weird things but I won't correct you on how you write, just completely wrong fact.

      I find it confusing how people think JDS could deserve the match, I can sort of deal with making the rematch because there isn't a lot of other choices but how in hell does getting a 5 round beating mean you deserve a rematch??

  • stefan struve deserve a title shot if he beat hunt … 4 wins 4 finishes in a row …

    • I think he's getting there but remember the level of opponents he has been fighting – out of his 12 fight UFC career he has only beaten 3 opponents who have more wins than losses in the UFC and Stipe Miocic is the only guy he has beaten who was close to top 10.

      Mark Hunt would be the biggest win in his career but it wasn't long ago he was on the wrong end of a KO of the year nomination via a Travis Browne superman punch.

      If he beats Hunt then I wouldn't gripe a #1 contender fight with Werdum (if Werdum beats Nog).

  • JDS needs 2 wins IMO… he didnt just lose… he was dominated basically the whole fight.

  • I understand that DC is his friend.. but when someone says " i wont fight him bc we are friends" to me thats the same as saying… i really dont want to know if im the best or not… a real figher and the fans want the best fighting the best.

    • what in hell would you know about being a real fighter? Cain is one of the best around.

      • umm.. do you know me IRL? no… so umm.. yea. lol.. cain is one the best, hes a badass.. but who would win cain or DC… the fans will never get to know bc they are "friends" and thats ashame. i want to know whos the best.

  • I'm going to be blunt here. Everyone who is talking about Overeem as if he is over rated or can't hang is stupid. You clearly weren't watching the fight. Overeem was out classing Big Foot right up until he got caught. He did not get caught due to being an inferior striker to BF but because he underestimated him and kept his hands down. That was his GSP V Matt Serra moment. I guarantee he comes back from this to make a title run. He will crush JDS because he will take him seriously. If Cain is still champ when he gets his shot then I cannot say whether or not he becomes champ because I cannot call that fight. Cain is a bad match up for Overeem stylistically but he still may get the guillotine or KO him. As for JDS, I agree with the champ. Further, I would say that after getting outclassed in their last fight, JDS is back at the end of the line. Hopefully his next fight will be against Overeem but not for the #1 slot. They both should have to fight their way back up. The next #1 contender fight should be Antonio Silva V Fabricio Werdum.

    • "Overeem was out classing Big Foot right up until he got caught."

      Overeem was outclassing Big Foot up until the end of the second when he began to run out of steam. He started to get hit flush right at the end.

      This wasn't a case of Overeem merely getting caught. This was a case of a problems Overeem has had over his entire career coming together (as they have on multiple times before this). He gasses, and his chin is not the strongest (although its not the worst).

      It also could very well have something to do with him not being on PED's year round.

  • I agree with Cain.

    Perfect fight to make right now is Reem-JDS because of the style match up, history of dislike, and them being near each other in the rankings. If JDS wins, he gets a title shot. If Overeem wins (which he probably won't as JDS is a horrible match up stylistically in MMA for Overeem), then depedning on the HW picture he maybe gets one more match.

    Give Cain Bigfoot. Let him destroy him again. You keep Cain busy, and get to hype him off of a devastating title defense.

    Werdum is already locked in to fight Big Nog, so he's good for the moment.