Cain Velasquez: I don’t think it’s fair for Fallon Fox to fight women


While many fighters are well known for their brazen style of trash talk, UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez is not one of them. In fact, he usually chooses to let his fists do the talking in the Octagon rather than speak up before the fight.

However, it appears that there are topics that he does find cause to speak his mind on. Earlier this week, he took a strong stance on the advent of increased drug testing in the UFC, noting that he and teammate Daniel Cormier are two fighters who obviously stay away from steroids.

Now, he’s spoken up at a media function via MMA Fighting to display his views on controversial transgender Fallon Fox, who has found herself without an opponent:

“I don’t think she should be able to fight women.”

“Having the same bone structure and everything else as a man, I think definitely does give her an advantage.”

“Maybe have a separate division, I guess. I don’t know. But I don’t think that’s fair.”

UFC Octagon announcer Joe Rogan has recently came out with similar comments to those of Velasquez, noting that Fox retains the bone structure and density of a man even after undergoing hormone therapy for years.

The whole issue of Fallon Fox and transgender fighters is a touchy subject that’s not been addressed much in MMA. Velasquez, although usually quiet, has seen need to speak up about his views on Fox fighting other women. Many view the situation as unfair for Fox’s opponents.

Do you think it’s fair for Fox to step into the cage with women who were naturally born that way?

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  • "Maybe have a separate division,"

    Really? How many transgender fighters are out there, man?

    Too funny.

  • If a female fighter voluntarily chooses to fight Fallon Fox, then there should be no problem as the fight is consensual and both fighters come in at the same weight. However, if an organization signs Fallon Fox and she wants a title fight then the title holder at the time should not be forced to fight her because Fallon Fox is a man. Just because Fallon Fox had an accident at the butchers does not remove the fact she is a man. As joe rogan stated, her bone density, joints and everything else is bigger and stronger.

    • @ Enjoy

      Bone density and joints aside, I'd think that she'd have another advantage, too and that would be mental attitude. FF spent the majority of life as a man and thinking as a man. Part of that thinking is aggression and dare I even say, a warrior mentality, as honed over eons of men butchering one another on battlefields all over the world. It's just in our blood to fight. Crap, many even enjoy it.

      Women, on the other hand, are new to this or at least for the most part. Where most men have been fighting since they were children, most women, probably didn't get that in them until they actually joined a Dojo. Where men usually join clubs to become better fighters, women generally join clubs to learn "how to" fight.

      I just think men and women have (innately) different mind sets and to me, that's one advantage that this transgender fighter, would enjoy…Enjoy. 🙂

      On another note, your point about a female fighter "electing" to take a fight with Fox and that they should be allowed to do so, is a very good point. If a woman would want to fighter Fox, why should they be prevented?

      • @truth…..There is a famous Muay thai fighter from Thailand (Parinya Charoenphol – Nong Toom) that started taking female hormones while competing with men. They made a movie about 'her' titled Beautiful Boxer. The big difference with nong Toom is that he/she only competed with men and never tried to fight women.

  • Never heard of this girl… guy…?
    But if youre born a man you shouldnt be able to get paid to beat up woman.

  • Honestly I had to re-read that… I though Cain was on Jimmy Fallon on Fox talking about Transgender fighters…

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