Cat Zingano Blasts Amanda Nunes For ‘Disrespecting’ Ronda Rousey

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea for USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a mountain of varied criticisms heaped on former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in the aftermath of her 48-second loss to Amanda Nunes in the main event of UFC 207, but little shade has been throwing “The Lioness'” way for her similarly brutal response to Rousey’s downfall.

That could be because not a single ounce of the UFC’s pre-fight promotional efforts were focused on Nunes, something that could have made the champ feel slighted and caused her to respond by silencing Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan in the Octagon, posting a brutal meme of Rousey online, stating “Rowdy” would retire, and finally offering the belief that she was never that good in the first place.

But the last woman to defeat Nunes – and one of the last to lose to Rousey – isn’t having any of it. Rightfully believing Rousey a pioneer of women’s MMA, No. 6-ranked UFC women’s bantamweight Cat Zingano, who finished Nunes in a come-from-behind performance at 2014’s UFC 178, spoke up online today to declare she’s coming for “The Lioness” once again due to her disrespect of Rousey:

Zingano has been out of action since a disappointing decision loss to Julianna Pena at last July’s UFC 200, her return bout following nearly a year-and-a-half off after losing to Rousey in only 14 seconds at UFC 184.

The longtime contender has seen several long breaks in a UFC career that began with fervent momentum when she stopped Miesha Tate to earn a title shot in her first Octagon bout at April 2013’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale.

A lengthy bout of knee injuries and some extremely debilitating personal circumstances took much of Zingano’s once-lauded potential, but she’s still the last to defeat the 135-pound women’s champion who now appears to be the latest unstoppable force in MMA.

Zingano knows she has a lot of work to do to fight her way back to a title shot, but if she can, she apparently has a bone to pick with Nunes. Is the “Alpha Cat” a true danger to “The Lioness” at this point?

  • Juan Diablo

    I love Zingano, but she needs to have a tall glass of STFU. Ronda is reaping what she sowed right now.

    • Jeff Harris

      really !! wtf is she on about anyway … She should have smoked Honda when she had her chance instead of diving into an instant submission hold … If anything it has been Honda being disrespeckful ..

  • doublehalf21

    Ungrateful?? Of what exactly? Ronda Rousey should have been grateful for getting a title shot after almost getting her head kicked off then taking a year off. And we all saw how that year off helped her career.

    • No you’ve got it wrong…….it is the UFC that should be grateful because she just made the company a ton of money.

      Or Nunes could of fought julianna pena…..LOL…….Nunes got a percentage of the PPV money so think how lucky she was to be fighting Ronda instead of Julianna!

  • Without Rousey Amanda might aswell not exist, no one would know who the hell she is.

    Once Rousey says she’s retired…..the division dies.

    Let the Brazilian Lesbian headline a PPV and watch how dismal the numbers will be.

    • Delores Costa

      Her knockouts are pretty impressive. She is not white. So she should no her place? Right? If Ronda did what Amanda did, we would be having a parade for her., a national holiday, and would never hear the end of it. Valentina Schevchenko is just grinding. Why is it that Russian’s just grind with less bitch. Valentina and Khabib. Over entitlement equals mediocrity.

      • Murderous1

        Shut up race has nothing to do with it why wouldn’t a carcasian be able to do anything any human can do ask a doctor if anything is different under the skin

        • Bill Wolf

          “…ask a doctor if anything is different under the skin…”

          Everything is different under the skin, and doctors know this.

          But today let’s just respect the champ: Amanda Nunes.

  • Really this is all hype to sell a future fight between the 2 of them………won’t work though the numbers will still be low.

  • Bill Wolf

    Amanda Nunes earned the right to say everything she said. If anything, she was commendably gracious, considering that she was talking about an opponent who offered her no real resistance.

    Disrespect and ingratitude don’t come into it.

  • aFriendlyAgenda


    Sounds vaguely familiar but I have a 14 second attention span

  • ShawnKarr

    Somebody’s starting their campaign for the title shot…under the guise of defending a fellow fighter!
    Confirmed by the fact that she started with ‘i’m not petitioning for a rematch…”

  • Wabbit

    Rousey had the opportunity, on her terms and in her own time, to challenge the champion for the belt.

    It took Nunes only 48 seconds to verify what the Holly Holm fight had already revealed.