Cain Velasquez: The first loss to dos Santos still haunts me


In a candid interview courtesy of, former UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez opens up on many topics including his relationship with Josh Koscheck and Javier Mendez at AKA. He explains his attitudes about life and fighting, and admits that his first loss to Junior dos Santos last November still bothers and motivates him heading into the rematch on December 29th. Velasquez is focused on avenging his only loss in MMA. Velasquez seems to have a calm and positive attitude as he attempts to regain his belt, noting that he does not care if Alistair Overeem thinks he deserves the next shot at dos Santos.

  • Cain is the man…War JDS!!!!!

  • hope he does better this time which i think he will. i just hate all the crap he has gotten online by the noobs who only have seen the fight on fox.

  • He was too confident in his striking heading into the first fight with jds, as long as he knows when to use his sick wrestling and not stand against animals like jds, he’s gonna be tough to beat. I’m rooting for cain in this one.

  • Tat

    The only way one can prepare to take a punch from jds is to have sum1 slap them with concrete slabs on a daily basis

  • I really want to see how JDS will deal with Cain’s wrestling this time around. I have a feeling Cain is going to fight him the same way he did Cheick Kongo at UFC 99 with a mixture of well placed take downs and effective ground and pound.

  • Daniel Cormier to the LHW? **** YEAH!

  • tons of respect to Cain to not to be sceard of UFC to say that Fedor was the best hw of all time good guy good fighter respect Cain hope you win next fight

  • War Cain….

  • call me dumb but what is the whole war this or that guy. war jds, war diaz, war silva. Are you wanting that guy to lose or win?

  • I like both fighters and hope to see another stand up war.

  • He was injured he couldnt even attempt a takedown.

  • Damn. I was wondering the same thing. War Answer!!!

  • With a name like brasil it’s easy to work out.

  • Unfortunately too many fighters come out with that song… so in answer quite a lot 🙁

  • Hope not too much like the Kongo fight, getting rocked like 3 times by Kono doesn’t sound good to go against KDS

  • True superfight!
    Hopefully they can both show how great they are in this fight and then I don’t mind who wins but maybe would be better to see Cain win so we can see a third down the line

  • i thought he was gonna get KOed the 1st fight and i think he will get KOed again in this fight!

  • he tried for 1 take and didnt get it!

  • he will deal with it like he did last time stuff it!!

  • I still think JDS got a lucky shot on Cain’s ear taking away his balance. I am not saying JDS wasn’t going to win that fight anyway. But Cain got hit on the ear the majority of UFC fights dont end with ear shot TKO’s. I’m calling Cain by ground and pound TKO stoppage on this one.