Bryan Caraway Says Ronda Rousey Is Stuck Up, Snotty And Bitter


Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate have had beef with Ronda Rousey since long before their current TUF rivalry. Ever since Tate’s long-time boyfriend referenced Rowdy in an interview, the exchanges have become more and more volatile.

In the run up to Tate’s future deciding battle with Cat Zingano there was an incident, one which Caraway vehemently denies, but has seen the Bantamweight Caraway blasted by Rousey and the media. I’m talking, of course, about Caraway’s alleged back stage elbow to the head of Cat Zingano.

‘Kid Lightning’ received some bad press, although he claims it happened differently, and the Rousey vs. Tate/Caraway tiff escalated. Fast forward to present day and Tate/Rousey are opposing coaches on the latest season of TUF. The women’s Bantamweight champion has been more than vocal regarding her dislike of Tate, almost theatrically. Caraway is no fan of the way Tate is being treated by Rowdy, and spoke to regarding the situation:

“Everybody’s eventually going to see that,” Caraway said about Rousey.   “I think it’s going to be hard for The Ultimate Fighter to edit out how she is. I do believe they have been editing in her favor because she is the UFC world champion. I just want people to see her for who she really is—she’s kind of a stuck up, snotty person and just very bitter all the time, very angry. She seems very, very angry pants all the time. I just hope that gets out.”

I have to admit that I was surprised by the amount of sheer dramatic bullshit in the latest season of TUF, most of which is courtesy of Ronda. Following the loss of her number one pick Chris Beal; Rousey went on an emotional tirade, blasting Tate’s team for picking an injured fighter to compete.

Caraway claims that the teams intentions were good:

“We won the fight and Chris Beal was her No. 1 pick, We didn’t just pick him because of his hurt hand, that was a little teeny factor they put on the show, but there was a lot more going into that fight. We liked that matchup.”

“I feel like Ronda, and I don’t have any hatred towards her, but I feel like she just like she’s just kind of a snobby person. She can be nice, everybody can be nice, everybody has different sides to them, but I think she was worried about how she is coming off because she knows how she is. She knows what kind of person deep down inside that she is. That’s what she’s worried about.”

Regardless of how these guys and girls are portraying eachother/themselves, I hope this season’s coach face off is an exciting fight. People tend to get a bit lost in the drama and forget that this is, at base, a fight game.

That being said, I will never get tired of seeing Rampage or Brock Lesnar put WWE style beat downs on paper doors, and the saying ‘let me bang bro’ pretty much changed my life.

  • Coming from a guy who elbowed Cat Zigano, to the back of the head!
    Sure Brian, can't wait to see caraway and tate get there *** handed to them!!
    Stuck up, Snotty and Bitter, yes that's when people elbow someone from the back!

    • Zip

      Exactly. You hit a girl Brian, that makes you a p*ssy. Shut up.

    • Okay then we'll say she has a mean streak for them for the alleged elbow. I would side that it happened anyway. But Ronda is also the one acting like nobody deserves to be in the cage with her number 1 pick and that she needs no plan etc, etc. So even if you take away her dislike of Tate and caraway she still is a do uche and is not getting my votes any time soon.

  • Nice way to keep me interested in a brian caraway article….tates *** is the first thing I see haha

  • yea Jmedno seriously, she's taking my heart lol

  • Who cares what this loser has to say?

  • Seems like Tate and Rousey and Caraway are all good for each I for now am not a fan of any and I am more hoping that Tate beats Rousey now. I could care less for Caraway but think it's rediculous that Rousey thinks she can beat him in a fight.

  • I'm having a hard time remembering Brian as anything other than 'Mr. Tate', but he nailed it when he described Rhonda as bitter. For someone living her dream, she seems awfully angry.

    Ronda may be the champ, but that doesn't translate into coaching. Sometimes gifted fighters struggle because things come easier for them. i.e. Jones vs Sonnen.

    In fact, Rousey's coaching style reminds me of Bones, who was more of a cheerleader than a technical coach.

    • I mostly agree with you, but not the last sentence.

      Sure Jones wasn't the most experienced coach, nor the best at it, but both Jones and Sonnen did an amazing job at making last TUF season about the fighters and not the coaches. Already Ronda has completely shoved that out the window and is doing everything she could to make this season all about HER and not the fighters.

      • TUF hasn't been about the fighters for a long time. It's all about hyping the coaches fight. The fighters in the house are just pawns on to witch they build the drama. Sonnen vs Jones lacked that even if Dana was hoping for lots more drama. So this season it's all about the drama. I bet the best call that Dana has had in a while is the one when he heard Zingano had busted her knee. It couldn't have worked out better for him if he'd planned it.

      • I was trying to point out the similarity in their coaching style, not the difference. The both seem to focus more on building confidence but Jones looks like a zen master compared to Ronda.