‘Bruce Leeroy’ Suspended by UFC After Failing Drug Test


Alex Caceras, better known as ‘Bruce Leeroy’ to most, was suspended by the UFC for testing positive for marijuana metabolites after his split decision win over Kyung Ho Kang at March 3rd’s UFC on Fuel TV 8. His suspension is only 6 months and is retroactive to the date of the event which puts it at a little over 5 months now. He must complete drug rehabilitation classes and pass a drug test prior to his return to The UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter alumni did not try to downplay or make excuses for the failed drug test as he says, “I accept full responsibility for my actions and the consequences from those actions. I apologize to all that I have disappointed, including the UFC, my family, coaches, training partners and fans. I accept the sanctions from the UFC and I look forward to completing the necessary steps to getting back in the octagon following the suspension and assuring that this never happens again”

He was on a 3 fight winning streak, but because of this, his bout with Kang was changed to a no contest ruling.


  • I'm sorry, they're sitting around having debates about allowing and not allowing fighters to use PEDs' and what are the allowable limits and then you read crap like this, where a fighter loses a fight, because he has some THC residue in his body. F-OFF. Freaking hypocrites.

    Yeah, you can drink your *** off, take an allowable amount of TRT or find some new scam or drug to beat the test(s) all together, but God help a fighter if he copped a buzz. It is crap like this that will kill the sport. Fighters like Caceras, Diaz and Riddle are all bad men for smoking Herb, but a guy like Lesnar was allowed to come into The UFC and no one ever asked him the question….did you take a large amount of PEDs' to get this big and strong? Yeah, let's just stick our heads in the sand, regarding years of previous PED use and nail the pot smokers in The UFC. Again, F-OFF.

    To The UFC brass…way to go guys. Yet, another fight result nullified.

    And the truly sadist part of this carnival act, Caceras "must" go to and complete rehab! LOL!! Does anyone in their right mind really think AC needs rehab? It's a joke! A complete freaking joke!

    If I were Alex, I'd do the rehab, but I'd show up for the drug test….drunk out of my mind. What could they say? To be honest, I wonder what prevents a fighter from popping back a few shots of liquor before a fight, should he choose to do so? As long as the guy is not overtly drunk and has only taken a couple of shots to steady his nerves and get him pumped, which is what a two (or three shots would do), what could they say? Would they even know and would it even show up in a post-fight test? And even if alcohol did show up in the post-fight test, would they be able to do anything about it? Particularly, if he's consumed a lot of water during and after the fight and given that the fighter would burn the alcohol off, during the fight.

    On this subject, I don't smell the sweet odor of Herb, but rather the sour stench of hypocrisy. Absolute crap, IMO. BS @ its finest.

    • I agree with this whole post. Except the alcohol talk is a little over the edge, But makes somewhat sense. Oh and I smell that odor allll the time. Mainly in a wax form. But I LOVE it!!

    • @Truth…..Joe rogan has recently come out and said that pot is performance enhancing in the sense that it calms you. But Rogan is smoking weed and going straight into jujitsu training where guys are not dropping bombs on his head.

      I support marijuana use especially when you see that guys are allowed to drink like crazy in the TUF house and create mayhem.

      • @ Enjoy

        Personally, I think Pot is a PED, but not in the traditional sense. If someone smokes and then immediately begins to pursue an interest, hobby or passion, then yes, it can make you see things or realizes things, that you might not otherwise have picked up on. To someone whose really interested in a subject, Pot can, contrary to all the Hollywood myths and cliches, increase your focus and understanding. In terms of fighting, it could certainly help a fighter improve his or her, technique.

        I just find it odd that they debate the physical enhancers, yet come down staunchly and negatively, on a cognitive enhancer. Truly, it makes not logical sense. Please, don't smoke pot, practice and get smarter / better. Yeah, that makes sense.

        • @truth…I can't imagine any guys at an arena puffing away before an event….But then again….you couldn't put it past matt riddle and Nick Diaz if it was permitted.

          • @ Enjoy

            I doubt that a fighter would, but either way, the operative word there, is "permitted" and if they wished to who cares. However, I'm not suggesting that it be permitted. Personally, I think it would be tacky. Fighters should, however, be allowed to smoke up the day of, if they wished. I'm sure fighters, can / could drink the night before a fight. It would be stupid, but, heck.

  • It is BS but he's the man who signed the contract to march in line to this BS and if you break a contract, things aren't going to go good.

    Until this is all sorted out, abide by the rules and you will hopefully keep your job.

    Also wasn't the best post-win possibility for Alex seeing as he won controversially via many fans eyes.

    • @keith….despite my support for marijuana use, your right, you can't feel sorry for someonme who blatantly ignores the rules and then gets hit with a suspension…

      But….how many guys are we going to see who will not learn from the last guy who got suspended. IQ seems to be running low

  • MMA truth has it spot on. MMA regulation and for that matter, judging is a joke. Makes zero sense how TRT is allowed yet substances which have little if any benefit for fighting and if anything may impair your ability rather than enhance it, are banned. Fighters should be allowed to turn up stoned if they so wish for a fight. Probably a bad idea but Tank Abbot can get in there totally out of shape and unable to go for more than a few minutes which is worse than a bit of pot IMO.