Bruce Buffer recalls elevator fight with Frank Trigg in recent interview


As if the life and times of the man we know as the official voice of the octagon Mr. Bruce Buffer wasn’t enough, he dropped a rather interesting bombshell in an interview with Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian on this weeks episode of UFC Tonight on FUEL TV.

According to Mr. Buffer both him and Frank Trigg got into a heated altercation while riding an elevator back in June of 2006. The UFC held two shows at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino across a span of four days. Mike Goldberg and Trigg were preparing for a night on the town with the free time that they had between events.

They boarded an elevator which already happened to contain Dana White and then it get’s interesting:

“As soon as we’re walking in, Frank’s asking Dana to put him back in the octagon, which is fine. But I’m a watch freak, and Dana had on this great wristband on his watch, and I stepped in front of Frank to look at the watch, and suddenly I get a ridge-hand (strike) in my throat.”

“I looked at Frank, and I was like, ‘You hit me. Why the F did you hit me? And he said the wrong thing to me. He said, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ And I just reacted since my old street kicked in. I punched him twice in the stomach basically with the same power with the old rules of sparring, 60 percent equals 60 percent.”

Buffer claims it eventually turned into a 100 percent effort, which is included in his book. He also cut his knuckle and was leaking blood by the end of it. In  the book he states:

“I looked at Dana. He was smiling; he seemed to have enjoyed this little altercation. So had Frank. And to tell you the truth, so had I.”

According to Buffer, the two had made up that night and continued with the rest of their evening. Check out the interview below for the whole story.