“Brown Pride” Reigns Supreme: Velasquez caps off big year for Mexico


Mexico may have had their best sporting year ever. 

The big year started when Mexico shocked the world and won Olympic gold in soccer by beating the powerhouse known as Brazil. That could have been good enough as Mexicans across the globe celebrated and Mexico City was in bedlam as waving flags and jubilant countrymen spilled into the streets. It wouldn’t be the last time that Brazil would walk in a favorite and walk out empty handed.

Juan Manuel Marquez shocked the world earlier this month with his stunning 6th round knockout of Manny Pacquiao. Yet another powerhouse taken down by a Mexican. Another proud celebration as Mexican pride was at a euphoric high. Honestly, nobody was sure that it could get any better. But it did and you can thank Cain Velasquez for ending 2012 with an emphatic boom. The Mexican who has “Brown Pride” tattooed across his chest handed a sound thumping to Junior Dos Santos to reclaim the heavyweight title at UFC 155. It was yet another upset of a Brazilian powerhouse as Velasquez redeemed himself after being knocked out in the first round last year. So not only was the victory sweet for Mexico, it was even sweeter for Velasquez. 

For Velasquez, the writing was on the wall for him to get back his prized possession. Not only had Mexico won in the Olympics and Marquez upended Pacquiao, but Velasquez’ other favorites were winning as well.

“The first time I won the title the San Francisco Giants won the World Series,” Velasquez said at the post fight presser with his title perched in front of him. “The Giants won it again this year. Arizona State won their bowl game and Juan Manuel Marquez won. All of the people and teams I was going for won so I knew it was my time.”

The feeling was in the air when Mexico’s Erik Perez entered the cage earlier in the night wearing a Luchador mask as he routed Byron Bloodworth with a first round TKO. Mexican pride was pulsating through the air. By the time the main event hit, a crowd who split their support between dos Santos and Velasquez created a rowdy atmosphere that rivals any previous UFC main event. But after Velasquez connected with a vicious right hand that dropped the Brazilian in the first round, the pendulum swung in Velasquez’ direction and remained there for the rest of the night. Once it was announced that Velasquez had won, the celebration spilled into the MGM Grand Garden casino floor as “Mexico!” chants echoed through the casino.

Velasquez could hear them and the usually stoic heavyweight showed some emotion. And the party didn’t stop there as Velasquez celebrated at his after party at Pure nightclub. At around 6 in the morning PST, Cain tweeted his appreciation to his fans.

“Thank you to all who support me. You gave me strength in the fight.”

It has indeed been a big year for Mexico and Velasquez will ring in 2013 knowing he made his country proud. 

  • I didn't know Cain was Mexican, I thought he was American. Oh well, dumb me.

    • he is american just like many italians, germans etc

      • As soon as I read the title of this article I was like "oh no" I knew it was gonna cause this kinds of reactions and for one am sick of it, who cares about the brown pride tattoo or the fact that he feels the need to represent his culture, get over it he is American, just as much as the Irish Americans in Boston and we all know they like to represent Ireland, shit there's and Irish mob, or the Italians in New York man they ran those rackets for decades and claim their heritage to the max, we are all Americans but nobody represents America because there is no original culture in this country everything come from somewhere else. Name one true American dish…..the only thing that's American is taxes, free rides for the rich, government lobbyist and corporate banks, who wants to represent that. Just let the guy be and enjoy his fights. Now am going to the drop kick Murphy's concert and get drunk and represent my 1/8th Irish heritage peace!!!!

        • @ Daigoro

          There's no original culture in America? I think you'll find, that Blues, Jazz and Rock are all, singularly, American cultural inventions. In terms of food, Cajun cuisine would be native to America. The hot dog would be native to America. The deep fried chicken wing, would be native to America.

          I agree with you on all other points about taxes, lobbyists, banks and free rides etc.

          I have no problem with letting Cain be on this subject, however, the subject keeps getting rubbed in our faces and I'm personally tired of it. Cain was born and raised in America. His wife and children, the same. He lives, works, earns his living and raises his family in America. I am fine with him being proud of his heritage, he should, by extension, be equally as proud of being an American. However, he never mentions it, which is again fine, if he'd shut-up about being Mexican, all the time. For his not Mexican. He's American of Mexican heritage. It's a pretty straight forward concept to grasp.

          • Stop your whinning girlfriend & give the new champ his proper dues.

          • i understand what youre saying. but i think the only ppl rubbing the subject in our faces is the ufc and their propaganda machine if they werent that involved, we prob wouldnt even notice it that much, theyre trying so hard to push the market in mexico that they let eric perez come out with the luchador mask on, let me tell you i was born in mexico and came here when i was 14, and a luchador mask doesnt mean shit to me. this is the melting pot man and everything has influence from somewhere else, even the stuff you mentioned i bet if you dig a lil deeper youll find something about it (dont really feel like researching the chicken wing tho) like a wise man once said "can we all just get along". i have 5 nephews all american citizens and am sure when asked they say theyre mexican, its a cultural thing dude its no big deal, i mean you guys dont even want us here right? mexican, central american, south american and european immigrants tend to segregate themselves in this country to specific states, cities and neiborhoods so when their children are born all they know is this coulture, both their parents are from the same place so they learn the language, food and heritage and thats how they identify themselves, no one ever thinks about america and the bigger picture, and youre right this country is great and provides for us, and trust me i love it, but it is by no means free of charge we pay our sales tax, fed tax and income tax every day and year so we are always giving back, all of us not just immigrats not to mention all the other bullshit, so lets just let it go.

          • MMA Truth- You make plenty of sense, but because this is a sensitive subject a lot of people will immediately say things like "just let it go" and "he can represent whatever he wants".

            There's a double standard about many things in this country, and what cain does fits directly into that.

            Being a long time fan of boxing, I'm pretty much oblivious to it now though. There's only certain athletes that push their mexican (or latin american) heritage that give credit to the US being relevant to their success.

          • Your poor little american ego. mma douche you have got to be the most ignorant person to post on this website. What the fuck are you talking about music and food for. Cain Valasquez has Mexican heritage and clearly he enjoys seeing people from Mexico do good in life If this makes you insecure thats your problem not Cain's. Expecting Cain to forget about Mexico and Mexicans and give nothing but praise and respect to america? Get a clue you fucking retard. you should be banned from life.

        • Sorry, daigoro702, but taxes aren't very "American" they have been around for thousands of years. The Roman empire had taxes and many before them. U.S. isn't even in the top FIFTY countries for income taxes.
          Im proud to be American heritage, and im also very impressed with Cains performance.

      • @ OMR

        Your comment makes no sense. He's American, like many Italians, Germans, etc.? Aren't Italians and Germans, precisely that, Italians and Germans?

        • @ MMA Truth,

          For the first time your comment didn't make any sense. Let it go….

        • Many comments on lowkick make little sense such is the following, but the fact your @OMR got 6 weaks (and counting)just shows that sense means little around here anyway.

  • He is american. He should represent both sides of his heritage,Its like any other individual whose parents immigrated to this great land. People are proud of their parents and for what they went through to provide a life for them here, but they should also be proud of the opportunities they received from being here.

  • He is american and he has made that clear, however he identifies himself with his roots, both of his parents are Mexican, he lived close to Mexico and he used to travel to Mexico all the time to visit his family. He probably had a rough time identifying himself with people from other cultures and as he has said before he couldn't found a Mexican role model who looked like him growing up, so he became the role model, I spent a part of my childhood and my teenager years living in both countries and it was hard for me to fit in the States, it seemed that most kids couldn't get pass the fact I was Mexican, so I understand why he feels he represn

    • So I understand why he feels he needs to represent Mexico even when he was born in the States, not so much Mexico as a country but more as a culture…

  • Whats with the Brown Pride tattoo? Could it be any bigger. I'm sure sponsors like Nike will love seeing that in 100 font all over his chest.

    Seems like a great thing to do when you are drunk, just like all the dumb ass white guys getting chinese tattos.

    • The tattoo is misunderstood, Dana actually explained quite well, however I wouldn't consider getting that tatto a wise decision, the good thing is that we are here to watch Cain fight, not to make a big deal about his own personal decisions…

      • Anything that reads white pride, brown pride, black pride is just a bit off putting to me. I had to write something, after all its a forum with an article that reads "Brown Pride"

        • The difference between white pride and any other culture claiming pride is that, Caucasian people slaved other races thinking that they were a superior race based on the color of their skin, the whole Nazi theory was based on that, KKK and all the other racist associations claim the same thing and to go on and get a tatto that reads white pride would be kinda like they agree with such theories, while brown, black or Asian pride only statement is that they are proud to represent their culture/race. Still I think is a touchy subject specially when people don't understand the difference between the statement white pride to any other race claiming pride…

          • Asian culture depends on what part of Asian culture you look at. Asian Islamic culture was perpetuating slavery long before white culture did and still does to this day. But this is lowkick so lets keep politics out of it because many here struggle with MMA nevermind history.

          • @pound for Pound…Brown pride is differentiating yourself from other races….There is no confusion about that. This mentality leads to racism. It may not have the same origin as NAZI or KKK however it is propaganda that serves no purpose. Tattooing a massive slogan of brown pride is just retarded when America has served as the land of opportunity for you and your family.

          • You know I am not the one to tell you what it is and what it is not, you have every right to fell the way you fell and I have a different opinion, so happy new years, have a blast, enjoy your family and friends…

          • @P4P…..Cheers, happy new year.

          • you know if a fighter had "white pride" tattooed across his chest there would be all kinds of racial shit hitting the fan.

          • Ivy

            So because someone hijacked the word "pride" means that NO ONE Can say they are proud to be white for fear of being labeled a racist – even if they're not? That is what you are saying?

  • Not that i care but i think he should give more love to the land that gave him all those opportunities….if Mexico is so awesome why is he not there with his family?

    • Again, he is not representing the country, he is representing his culture. After gaining his first UFC title he was asked where was he from and he said I am American, the UFC is the one to take that side of the whole Mexican aspect.

    • By the way Mexico is absolutely amazing, it has an infinite natural resources and most of the people in Mexico are great, however our government has always looked for their own interests instead of the country's, I am proud of my heritage but not of the politics in Mexico, and Cain is just an example of the kind of things that one of us can achieve under the right circumstances, I do not consider his belt a Mexican achievement because if he would have been raised in Mexico maybe he would've never got to where he is because of the lack of support and athlete needs,however I am proud of him as we share the same heritage…

  • Cain looks white to me not brown. Africans are brown. As for White pride, who isn't proud of what DW has achieved and the western world for that matter.

  • Well Like Eddie Guerrero Used To Say…. Viva La Raza….War Cain Velasquez…

    And Like Ric Flair Says..

    "This ain't no garden party, brother, this is wrestling, where only the strongest survive.”

    "I'm a limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun. WOOOO!!"

    "To be the man, you've gotta beat the man!"

    "Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because its the best thing going. Wooooo!"

    "All the women want to be with me, and the men want to be like me."

    So Again, War Cain Terminator Velasquez…WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

  • Ivy

    If a fighter had "White Pride" tattooed on his chest he would be labeled a "racist" – even IF he wasn't anything other than just proud to be white, but Cain gets to do it because he is NOT white because he is proud to be brown. It's backwards, illogical and unfair. I'm a white man and unapologetic for it. It doesn't mean I think I'm better than anyone, but I wouldn't change the fact that I am white any more than someone non-white would want to change their racial identity.

    • Shut up you insecure child. Stop overthinking you sound like a woman on the rag.

  • None of you morons have a problem when random 'USA! USA! USA! chants start up at anything from MMA events to concerts and sports games. Now all you insecure american degenerates wanna start crying because a fighter with Mexican heritage has a tattoo. MMA is entertainment to me, if this causes you over sensitive women to bleed from your vaginas maybe you should move on to something new for entertainment. Go watch Ellen and Rachel Ray.


      Did I miss anything Ripstic? You are just another joker who belongs in hypocrisy hell, I hope you don't randomly die from a terrible tragic accident.

    • Zip

      @ Ripstic

      What's you're issue with Americans, women and bleeding vaginas?

  • In other news Africa had a great year with Jon Jones success…Cains an american that just happens to be mexican the only true americans are indians.Im half irish an islander,I embrace my heritage but Im american.And anybody that chants USA at an MMA event is ignorant olympics would be appropriate but in mma and in life were all human.