Brock Lesnar’s camp responds to Frank Mir’s comments


Finally, official statement has been released from Lesnar’s camp relating Mir’s death comments about Lesnar, where Mir wanted to break Lesnar’s neck and wanted Lesnar to be the first person to die due to octagon related injuries. Lesnar’s camp released this statement:

“Frank Mir wants murder? The beast is now even angrier than last time. It’s okay, Frankie “The Stalker” Mir could use another beatdown. Except this time, it will be more vicious. The Champion hopes Frank Mir makes it past Shane Carwin. Frank may never be able to fight again after the third fight is over. Expect the unexpected Mr. Submission Man, you may leave without an arm.”

Frank Mir fights Shane Carwin at UFC 111 for the interm-heavyweight championship the winner of the fight gets a possible shot at Brock Lesnar unless they are too heavly injured during the fight. In that case Cain Velasquez will fight Brock Lesnar for the title.

  • ok, and Mir was over the top?

  • i no, mir’s comments were blown out of proportion, but still this rubber match is going to be sick

  • This is either gonna be really good for MMA and the UFC or it is gonna be really really bad. Someone is gonna get hurt when this third fight happens.

  • if it even happens . . .

  • Those comments are pretty dumb.. like a 5th grader said them

  • this is how hyping a fight works, hate eachother b4 a fight and give props after, Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg are a great example of this.

  • Can you imagine being arm-barred by that gorilla?

    The rubber match will probably not happen for a couple years anyway. Frank won’t beat Shane, won’t beat Cain, won’t beat Dos Santos, won’t beat Duffee, probably wouldn’t win in a Nog rematch. etc. etc.

    And yes, the idiots who are crying about Lesnar responding to his death-threats, are just children who should be ignored.

  • They weren’t “over the top”, they wrong, they were despicable, there’s no excuse for them. Lesnar’s response is “over the top”.

  • Did you guys expect something different? C’mon, it’s Lesnar; he was in the WWE. Don’t act surprised. They are both acting like immature children. I think in the end it does not advance the sport by any means and probably sets us back, yet again. It is fun to watch on the other hand.

    A comment like that which Mir made does not merit a response. Lesnar should have just ignored it and let his actions speak for his words. Looks like Mir got what he wanted- more attention. HEY, LOOK AT ME!!

  • I am….hurt and….saddened….by these rude comments from these fighters…’

    This aggression will not stand,

    This aggression will not stand man!…..

  • I don’t know… Talking, insults. etc. Is SOP for most fights, always has been, for boxing too. It doesn’t hurt the sport to trash talk someone you don’t like.

    Wishing them death on the other hand, in a sport that has had to struggle for sanctioning for that exact reason, does a lot of damage to the sport. Maybe the UFC won’t get New York now?

  • the other said he’s gonna get murder and they saying his gonna get cripple,very funny.

  • And the winner in the heavyweight trash talking contest is…the other fighters! They are gaining fans that these two bozos are losing.

  • Sure they both sound stupid but all us MMA fans are eating it all up. Who isn’t hoping for a rubber match due to all the thrash talking? I know i’d like to see it especially with the chance to see Mir tossed again.

  • You know I like when all the fighters talk shit and have fun with playing with the minds of the other fighters but this is almost cartoonish. Mir has always been a great shit talker but there is a time to talk and a time to shut the f*** up. Wants to what??? I love this sport and it does not need people talking about seriously injuring or killing people. Yea yea I know they were thrown a little out of proportion but he still said the shit and it just pisses me off that anyone would want to put another scar on a sport that a lot of people still find hard to watch or talk about because they still think its too violent. Shit like this does not help.

  • For me none of this matters. Mir won’t make it past Carwin. Carwin is gonna do the same thing to Mir that he did to Gonzaga, and all of the others..

  • I agree with GracieHunter0718, Mir won’t make it past Carwin so the point is moot.

  • They never said he was gonna literally KILL HIM. They just said he was gonna get beat down like a bitch like the time before. Mir’s a douche for life.

  • That would be funny if Lesar and Mir were having beers together and surfing the net laughing & checking their bank accounts haha

  • UrHype if that happened I would be laughing my ass off for a few hours…

  • Kenny you’re a pussy!

  • You know I actually agree with this.

    I still believe this has been a publicity stunt all along. Brock is very good at promoting and playing parts. So has Frank Mir.

    Back in June they were very buddy-buddy at the UFC Magazine photo shoot. They were “Very” good friends at that time. They have pulled that video from most of the news articles. The only one that I have found is the Henderson, Bisping photo shoot video.

    Later, Brock put out a rather “staged” video in promotion of their 2nd bought. This one still remains on youtube.

  • Actually it was discovered today that this statement is FALSE and did not come from the Brock Lesnar camp!

  • I think that you may be right about New York in the sence that they will think a lot harder about the situation and this stupid publicity does not help… I disagree with you about the fact that he is just talking crap because in the real world if I said that to someone it would plant my ass in jail. Its just bad press and Mir as a self proclaimed sport announcer should have known not to act so stupid. Lesnar was of course had to come back with his over the top WWE comment.

  • Yep, I definitely see that happening here and I think it all started with our new WWE addition to acting and drama.
    I might also say, its working quite well.

  • Mir is such a dick. He’s got to be one of the cockiest morons ever in the UFC. I don’t think it’s part of a “persona” he puts on either. I think Mir is truly a major dickhead. I hope Lesnar beats him into oblivion.

  • Feel better now?
    How do you REALLY feel?

  • No no, I agree with you. Lesnar was the one with the standard pre-fight smack-talking. His response was what we see all the time from practically everyone.

    Frank was not just running his mouth. He called for death, in a sport that has had to fight and fight and fight against that image.

  • ohww jeeezzz , i think this time mir is gonna to die!!

  • damn!!!!! mir is gonna eat his shit after brock kicks his ass once again…

  • **** Mir. **** Lesnar. I want to see Carwin, Velasquez, Dos santos. Those guys are straight up fighters that dont talk much shit, they just rumble. Thats the way it should be.

  • Very fuuny and smart

  • That’s right ! man

  • the both almost the same classe man . LOL

  • Wonna be a professional ..atleast showing yourself a respect and a class