Brian Stann Retires From MMA, Joins Fox Sports Broadcast Team


It appears that “The All American,” Brian Stann has decided to move on to different ventures other than fighting, today announcing his retirement from active MMA competition. The hard-hitting striker appeared on a special edition of “The MMA Hour” on MMA Fighting to elaborate on his decision.

Stann, always the consummate professional, will join the broadcast team on UFC on Fox Sports 1 South, calling NCAA football games this fall. Stann himself was a college football player at Navy. The network announced his hiring before his retirement today:

Although he never fought for the title, Stann always laid it all out on the line. He did just that in what was to be his last UFC bout ever, getting knocked out by Wanderlei Silva in Japan this March. Stann knew he could have probably fought differently but wanted to put on a good show for the fans.

And that, in a nutshell, was what Brian Stann is all about. Fans will remember his swing-for-the-fences style and his professionalism, evident by his knockout of Alessio Sakara when he let up on the gas pedal.

The MMA world lost a great person, fighter, and hero today in Brian Stann. Best wishes go to him as he continues to succeed in other sports-related avenues.

  • **** that's sad.

    Such a great human being! Wish him all the best!

  • Stann is a great athlete and an even better person. He will be missed, best of luck to him!!!

  • More consistent and better career choice. Good for him!

  • Salute Stann. Just wish he'd go out with a win.

  • Stann was smart enough to get out while he was ahead, regardless if he went out on a loss. Awesome individual, in and outside the octagon. He'll be missed by the UFC and welcomed to the Fox network.

    I would love to see himself, Randy, and Lesnar behind the broadcast booth for future Fox MMA events.

    • are you kidding me? Lesnar was the most incomplete champion EVER. He was a giant musclefreak wrestler with little skill outside of that. His MMA knowledge seemed miniscule. I would HATE to see the most overpaid fighter in UFC history get job doing commentary. Randy would be fun. Brian Stann awesome choice! best wishes to Brian as he moves forward with his life outside the cage

      • I honestly thought Lesnar did a good job in the first UFC Fox event.

  • He is actually one of the best guys I can think of who never fought for the belt. Theres a small group og guys who are names who never fought for the belt. Stan was always mentioned, but just no chance to.

    Ya know, if UFC paid like other sports. You wouldnt have guys giving up sports to just talk about sports.

  • sad news pretty sure he gonna make more money over then they fighting for the ufc lol

  • Alot of ex-military guys struggle to adapt back into society especially after serving in war zones and seeing the trauma. I'm surprised Brian Stann had the fortitude to even compete in MMA after everything he went through. Alot of people wouldn't even know the great work Stann does through his charity either.

    Brian Stann is an amazing human being. The best we will ever know in MMA.

  • I wish Stann could coach some of the fighters out there about humility and professionalism.

    • Stann would have been the perfect guy for Matt Hughes new role….not to say that Matt isn't doing a great job