Brian Ebersole offers his take on the Josh Koscheck / AKA split


When Josh Koscheck parted ways with his gym, AKA, he did not do so quietly. Instead he pointed to Javier Mendez as being the reason for his departure, telling MMAWeekly, “There was a lot of poison going on around there and I’m really disappointed because we had a good thing going. It was a good thing and I think people’s egos got in the way. Well, not people just Javier, his ego got in the way, and too many cameras in the gym and him trying to build himself up and his brand, his AKA brand, which is fine I understand that, but it should never take precedence over training guys. As a head coach of a gym and he says he’s the man, he’s the boss over there, he should have the responsibility to make the fighters as best as we possibly could be, but he never did that.

One fighter who spent some time with both AKA and Josh Koscheck was Brian Ebersole.  In fact, according to a recent interview it was Ebersole that booked Koscheck’s first professional fight for him.  It should be noted that Ebersole left AKA as well, so his take on the subject is not one that is tainted by the fact that he still trains with that gym.  Ebersole’s take on Koscheck and his split from AKA differs a great deal from Koscheck’s take, “If he had any problems with Javier, it’s because Javier was the only one that would conflict with him. Most of the coaches are very non-confrontational. Javier tells it how he sees it. Josh probably had a big problem anytime criticism came; and 90% of that would have come from Javier, because it was not in the nature of the other coaches. Not surprising that they butted heads.  And not surprising that Kos has acted like a child in regard to his life-changing plans. Disappointing to many, no doubt.  But not surprising to anyone who knows him.” – for more see Vigilante MMA.

It’s probably safe to assume that this is not the last we have heard about this issue.

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  • mother F U C K E R. i have lost respect for ebersole. WAR KOS!!!!!

  • JIm

    They also got tired of his dirty eye poking techniques. Jon Jones will be the next guy to be called on the carpet for his dirty little tricks in the octagon….These guys are going to seriously maim another fighter if they aren’t stopped.

  • I agree with everything you said…..except I’d switch the names around.

  • Yeah, reading between the lines as best you can and knowing what we know of those two guys I’d have to agree with JoeFaceHood. Kos has always been kind of a dork and he still is.

  • Would be a good fight

  • What dirty tricks are you refedding to with Jones? I dont mean to disagree or say you are wrong, I’m just curious.

  • *referring*

  • haha props i appreciate a burn.

  • Ebersole via arrow chest hair face choke rd 2

  • Coment is almost as dumb as your name..Almost

  • Gumazz changed his name from The Titan so we wouldn’t suspect his doucheness – and its an arrow not a quarrel 🙂

  • Brian didnt say anything bad about Kos, whats your issue?

  • I think it’s most likely true what Ebersole said. Koscheck is a strong personality and quite the douchebag as we have seen on the ultimate fighter both as a fighter and especially as a coach. I don’t think he will ever be in title contention and I loved when GSP jabbed his **** face untill it was purple and black.

    Moral of the story, don’t be a douchebag.

  • john does a lot of open handed jabs, but most notably, hes front kick to the knee is illegal. i said it the first time i saw it, and he’s been doing it for another 3-4 fights now easy. its a push away mechanism for him to find his range, and if it weren’t ILLEGAL, it’d be great technique. However, it is. someone needs to stop it, its almost unfair with his size as it is, to add some sly cheating to the fight is even more ridculous. he leans back maybe 2 feet (cause of how lanky he is) and at the same time front kicks the knee, making it impossible to hit him unless youre stretch armstrong.. ud ont see anderson or gsp using ilegal techniqes,

  • Anderson Silva uses the front kick to the knee quite often as a pushaway technique. I will give you the open hand jabs though, in a way. He doesn’t really throw a jab, but puts his hand out to keep his opponent away. That is still a questionable technique, since it can cause alot of problems with fingers in eyes. Cro Cop vs al Turq and GSP vs Shields are prime examples. If I recall he has received a few warnings for that, as well as a couple of other things, but I don’t believe he does it with malicious intent. He is trying to use his physical gifts to his advantage, as he should. He is still refining his technique, but to be a champion, one has to use their physical gifts as well as learned skills to their full extent.