Brent Primus Earns Controversial Stoppage Over Michael Chandler

Photo by Ed Mulholland for USA TODAY Sports

Longtime Bellator fighter Michael Chandler, who has been on fire as of late, met his toughest competition to date on Saturday night at Bellator NYC on pay-per-view as he defended his lightweight title against Brent Primus.

In the very first round, Primus kicked him and Chandler fell down. Chandler got back to his feet but his left knee was hurting him badly. This led to Primus targeting the knee while Chandler tried to keep composure. Chandler showed some life as he rocked him with a right hook but Chandler stumbled again immediately. The referee calls time and the doctor checked on Chandler. As of a result, the fight was called. Primus is the new lightweight champion.

In his post-fight interview, Primus said that he would love to give Chandler a rematch right away. Chandler claimed that he could still go but ultimately it was not his decision.

Coming into this fight, there were some question marks regarding how Primus would do against Chandler due to his history against top tier competition. He was on a seven fight winning streak with his most notable win over Derek Anderson in August of 2015. He proved the doubters wrong by beating Chandler. This loss is devastating to Chandler, who was on fire leading into this fight. He was on a four fight winning streak with his last loss coming to Will Brooks in November of 2014. The Bellator homegrown talent has been on top of his game as of late and it will be interesting to see who the promotion pairs him up with next. Possibly, a rematch with Primus.

Brent Primus def. Michael Chandler via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 2:22 of Round 1.

  • Robert Rasor

    Primus “believes” he broke Chandlers leg when the replay obviously shows that Chandler stepped on his ankle wrong.

    • Juan Diablo

      Yeah, all Primus did was prove he was a dbag last night. Idk if Chandler tore his achilles or some other ligaments, but something was definitely torn, and he still almost KO’d Primus. Celebrating and thanking God when another man gets injured, shameful. Plus he was still on that trip thinking he caused the injury at the post fight, and I know he had seen the fight replay in the back by that point. So ya, hes a dbag

    • JamesC

      I actually feel bad for Primus. He was in the heat of battle and did not realize that he had nothing to do with the injury whatsoever. It was the MMA equivalent of Chandler slipping on a banana. Primus will now watch the replay and realize he did not do a thing.

      No controversy in the stoppage. You have to protect the fighters even from themselves. That fight had to stop.