UFC 163 Main Event Breakdown: Jose Aldo vs. The Korean Zombie


Jose Aldo and The Korean Zombie will throw down in Rio, Brazil in just two days from now. I’m so excited that I woke up in the middle of the night trying to kimura the cat. But seriously, it is going to be an epic night of fights, so sit back and enjoy the absolute trash breakdown of the main event.

I’ve said it so many times now, Korean Zombie’s style is tailor-made for Jose Aldo. Jung likes to plod his way into an absolute war, with no consideration for striking ability, and turn fights in to downright slugfests. This may prove costly against a nasty striker like Aldo.

One of the reasons Aldo has so much success is that he can capitalize on the smallest holes in an opponents game, he has the ability to make you pay full price for the most minor errors. His fight against Chad Mendes shows this.

Even with his back turned, Aldo knew that Mendes would be shooting for a takedown, as the better wrestler it was almost inevitable. Aldo turned and timed a beautiful knee against the fence, starching Mendes instantly.

The holes in KZ’s game that we have seen may certainly be his downfall, but he could use this to his advantage. If he has worked on striking defence, and can keep Aldo at range with a stiff jab, we could be having our words for supper. The thing is Zombie has always fought this way, and old habits die hard.

Along with his passion for wars on the feet, KZ has a pretty slick Jiu Jitsu game. He holds eight submission victories as a pro, and anyone who can pull of a twister sub in real time is pretty much a grappling boss. This could come in to effect at the later stages of the fight, which brings me to my next point; Aldo’s cardio.

We’ve seen Aldo slow in the later rounds of a few of his fights, mainly due to the massive weight cut Aldo endures during his training camps. This could be Zombie’s main key to victory. If he can take Aldo down late, smother him on the ground and use that great Jits game, then we may see a new champion.

The truth of the matter is that Aldo has the advantage in this fight, as much as I’m a huge fan of KZ, he is well and truly outgunned in this fight. I’m more than pumped to see these two guys fight, and I’m sure it will be entertaining, but it’s going to be lopsided in the Brazilian champion’s favor.

  • Aldo is going to run thr the zombie

  • I would agree except smoothering Aldo. The problem others guys have had is he's a Massive FW. Holding a guy much bigger then you down is a very very tough job. Espeically a BJJ blackbelt. Same size I think KZ would have a shot of dragging him down in deep waters. But against Aldo, he's just gonna get t'd off on all night.

  • Just another lackluster main event not worth paying for. Is anyone seriously believes that Korean Zombie stands a chance against Aldo, they haven't been watching MMA lately.

    • u must not know….hes a zombie……from the walking dead

  • Good breakdown!!