Breaking: Conor McGregor Won’t Return To UFC Without Promoter’s Stake


With the MMA world focused on this weekend’s (Sat., November 4, 2017) UFC 217 from New York City, the hottest topics in the fight game are still when and against whom UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will set foot back into the Octagon.

McGregor teased a title defense against interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson during a recent Q&A in his native Dublin, but also left the door open for a potential trilogy bout with rival Nate Diaz or any number of potential boxing crossover fights.

That left his UFC return uncertain at best, but based on what he revealed during a short Q&A session surrounding the debut of the documentary film about his life, there’s a much bigger topic that has to be hashed out before “The Notorious” fights for the UFC again. According to MMA Junkie’s Chamatkar Sandhu, McGregor revealed he will not fight until he has a promoter’s stake:

That may not come as a surprise to many, as during a down 2017 without him in the actual UFC, it’s clear the promotion needs him, perhaps much more than he needs them. If he does indeed get the promoter’s stake in the company that he very well may deserve, he’d like to get a fight booked in Ireland:

Sandhu clarified that the Q&A session was a short one, but the main takeaways were that the UFC was understandably trying to get McGregor back into the octagon before year’s end to bolster a sinking bottom line, and McGregor wouldn’t be playing ball without part ownership of his next fight:

So McGregor has reportedly drawn a proverbial line in the sand for new UFC owners Endeavor (formerly WME-IMG), and after they let him take the entirety of 2017 off MMA to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing ring, they most likely aren’t going to be too happy about the position he’s now put them in.

They also don’t seem like people who like to be pushed around, even by the biggest star in MMA.

Should the UFC give in and grant McGregor his promoter’s stake, or is he getting too big for his own good?

  • Draven

    UFC should just strip him of the belt already.

  • Don Bivens

    They created the monster by hyping the joke of a fight in boxing and gifting him a really quick ascent to the top. I’m not saying he’s not a gifted fighter, that was clear long before he entered the UFC, but they made it easier for him.

  • Shock Wave

    Go be a boxer, and duck them.
    Take the title and all is well again.
    Good riddance.

    Also, don’t come back.

  • Murderous1

    I tried to tell all of Clown McChicken’s stupid fan mcnuggets that he will never win again it’s all about getting payed the most while being destroyed

    • JamesC

      Yes, it’s called prize fighting. If u risk brain damage the up side should be u can win miik

      • Murderous1

        miik ?

  • Jenny

    Simple. Strip him. Stop promoting him. Ignore him. His narcissistic ego will have him crawling back to the UFC. What else is he going to do? Box? We saw how that went, Mayweather player with him then TKO’ed him at will. Act? Not with that accent and mini man frame. Good riddance.

    UFC will never give a fighter stake in the company. Never going to happen.

    • EADGBE

      I don’t know…He has money. A lot of it. Very unlikely he’ll “come crawling back to the UFC”. Also, he definitely has the leverage to ask for a stake, why wouldn’t he? Becasue you don’t like him? Wheres my coffee?

    • JamesC

      That will hurt the UFC and help Connor. If u strip him he has no more champions clause and could fight somewhere else. He could follow the Mayweather model and go off and promote his own organization where he would get cuts from every end. Meanwhile the UFC would lose its biggest draw when they have big loans out. Remember Connor has made his money and doesn’t need to fight. He should be looking to cash out. He is going to be due a loss…any he knows it. Khabib, Lee, are horrible matchups for him. He might be able to beat Tony if he catches him, but I think Connor is going to struggle against a big guy who applies pressure.

      They need to give Connor a bigger cut either from the marketing budget, PPV points or straight show money.

      For Connor it’s that old saying how it’s tough to go to the gym to face animals when u are sleeping on silk sheets

  • HeteroFriendly

    And he deserves it.

    This isn’t zuffa era, this is big hollywood money.

    Hollywood keeps at least 80% of anything.

    And they’ll suck your blood dry and throw you out if you dont demand your value.

  • Justin Morris

    Fuck right off. Go hold titles hostage somewhere else.

  • Good for him. He’s got the talent and draw to have leverage on them. He should use it. This is called something from nothing. It’s crazy to see so many people defending the UFC giving fighters scraps. If anyone can start turning the tide and getting the performers paid anywhere near what they should be paid he’s the one.

    • JamesC

      I generally agree, but Connors money ain’t coming from the owners side. What they will do because he is such a draw is they will put on COnnor events where the rest of the card isn’t stacked except with potential up and comers who they will pay crap to. Don’t be surprised if Gall or Northcutt aren’t on the next Connor card.

      The amount of money Connor will ask for will hurt other fighters bottom line. If he wanted to help fighters he could demand more of a cut for all fighters. What he is doing will drive up the top draws price and lower the already pathetic low tier. With every low tier guy gambling they will be the next Connor. Most won’t…it will become like lotto. Especially because it won’t be about fighting skills, but marketability.

      Guys like DJ will be phased out and Mike Perry types will be the kings of the sport.

  • ernesto chavez

    Good for Mr. McGregor and may he be very successful.

    Imagine if he were to sign and promote other MMA fighters to get them better pay, retirement plan, health benefits, allow — currently banned — individual sponsorship deals, etc.

    Since the Union and Fighters Association plans appear to have fizzled, McGregor or a FIGHTERS COOPERATIVE might be the best way to go.

  • Fester

    AND a handjob from Dana White, in the center of the octagon.