BREAKING: Conor McGregor Pulled From UFC 200


Reigning UFC featherweight champion the “Notorious” Conor McGregor made headlines today (April 19, 2016) when he released a tweet indicating that he would be retiring at just 27 years of age ahead of his scheduled rematch with Nate Diaz which was set for the main event of July 9’s blockbuster UFC 200 from Las Vegas.

After the MMA world blew up in the midst of chaos, UFC president Dana White appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter to clarify the news.

According to White, McGregor has been pulled from his main event spot at UFC 200 due to the fact that he refused to come to Las Vegas to participate in promotional activities for the card:

White confirmed that these promotional responsibilities are mandatory, leading the UFC with no other choice than to pull the Irishman from the card.

As far as retirement goes, the UFC president had no word on whether or not McGregor’s tweet was true.

The “Notorious” one has become one of the fastest stars in sport history over the last few years, but is coming off of a shocking loss to Diaz in a welterweight bout at March 6’s UFC 196.

What do you make of this news?

Have we seen the last of one of the UFC’s most iconic champions?

  • kevin

    I’d hardly call him iconic, he won the belt which is a huge feat; however, he’s yet to defend it, then moved up 2 weight classes to fight a guy who was one weight class above his own…and lost.

    Would Anderson be iconic if he beat Franklin (which he wasn’t suppose to) then lose to the sandman?

    Same can be said about GSP, another fighter who wasn’t suppose to beat Hughes.

    The only thing this guy has done is talk his way into the spotlight. Does he suddenly become a better champ then Aldo, JJ, Anderson, GSP, Hughes, Penn, Couture, Lidell?

    Flavor of the week, this guy isn’t a Hall of Fame candidate, he’s never Defended the belt, and he didn’t really deserve a title shot to begin with. The UFC painted this guy into something he’s not.

  • jmedno5891

    I think he was just bluffing to try and keep the UFC by the balls but they called him on it.

    • aNYagenda

      This isn’t good for him, he’s got more to lose then the UFC does.
      I dont know if hollywood will be calling if he leaves everything a mess this way.

      • jmedno5891

        I agree, I would be shocked if he actually calls it quits. Hopefully he’s invested some of that money for the future.

  • 895 2341

    rumor is hes pulling out of the nate fight to get GSP in ufc 200. crazy but plausible

  • MeatCrusher

    C’mon people, he is negotiating for more money. Period.