Bjorn Rebney: We matched Eddie Alvarez’s UFC offer dollar for dollar


Eddie Alvarez has been in the news heavily as of late, and unfortunately, the focus is not centered around his fighting talents. As reported last week, Bellator FC has exercised their option to match any contract offer tendered to Alvarez by the UFC. Now, after Alvarez appeared yesterday on “The MMA Hour,” it appears that the plot has thickened considerably.

Alvarez proclaimed that he is being sued by Bellator over the contract dispute after it was widely believed that his former boss Bjorn Rebney had given him his walking papers freely last year. What’s more, Alvarez wholly disputed the report that Bellator matched the UFC’s offer, calling their offer “McDonald’s” to the UFC’s “fine dining.” Rebney was quick to dispute this statement, offering the following to MMA Fighting:

“I will tell you point blank, no questions asked, we matched it dollar for dollar, term for term and section for section. To avoid any kind of ambiguity, let me make clear, we took the UFC contract, we took it out of the PDF format, we changed the name ‘UFC’ to ‘Bellator’ and we signed it. We didn’t alter a word, we didn’t alter a phrase, we didn’t alter a section, we didn’t alter a dollar figure.”

So it appears that the truth in the matter is somewhere in between the two sides of the tale. Alvarez’s offer was said to have a $70,000 number to show with another $70,000 to win. An attractive $250,000 signing bonus was also on the table for Alvarez. This apparently caused a huge rift with the UFC’s current Lightweight champion Benson Henderson, who expressed his disdain upon Twitter last night. Henderson reported that he makes $39,000 to both show and win.

But that controversy will easily pail in comparison to the mess created between Alvarez and Rebney, who had previously been working partners with an overall positive professional relationship.  Rebney obviously doesn’t have the overall bargaining power presented by the UFC, and felt some tension when Alvarez showed up on a call with a team of six attorneys. Rebney continued:

“Ed and I have four years of a good working relationship and about 30 days of not a good relationship. When you weigh those factors out, there’s a very high likelihood we could shake hands and get past it with a fair amount of ease. Ed’s in business and as you can see from the numbers, it can be a very lucrative business. I know I can shove off and move forward, put things back in line in short order. I hope Ed can do the same. It may be a long, drawn out fight between the two or something that can be settled relatively quickly. We’ll see.”

Rebney may think that the situation can be remedied easily, and Alvarez was automatically thought to have been going to the UFC when his Bellator contract expired in October. Now,  seeing the former Bellator champ in the Octagon could be all the way at the end of an ugly battle full of red tape.


  • To be honest, I'm not really up on all the payouts and who gets what, but it's strange to think that Bendo would be making such s####y money as a Champ.

    Smart move on Bellator's behalf, in terms of how they handled the negotiation and the PDF document.

    Competition is a good and healthy thing. Perhaps this will eventually help all fighters to start earning more money, because something just doesn't seem right, here, in regard to fighter pay.

  • lets not forget about Bellator screwing over Nam and Hollet guys who could of been fighting in the UFC and needed the money, but kept them out of ZUFFA for contract clauses even though they werent using them

    • The Hollett situation is garbage, but the Nam situation is incredibly deep. He was cut completely, and Sam Caplan (Bellator Matchmaker) gave him the fight with Dantes. It wasn't until after the fight with Dantes that they tried to hold on to Nam. Plus, the original companies that were going after Nam was ONE FC and World Series of Fighting (Ray Sefo's company). It sucked for Nam, but after Bellator set him up with the Dantes fight in Brazil I understand their logic.

      The Hollett situation was garbage, and so was Dave Herman's.

      This will keep happening more and more with fighters finishing Bellator contracts and attempting to move to the UFC. Bellator is attempting to put their foot down to becoming a UFC feeder organization.

      • The fight between Nam and Dante's was for Shooto in Brazil they had 18 months they could hold him from going anywhere even without giving him a fight. I dont think either promoter side is clean, when it comes down to these things. One side of me feels for the fighters and the other side feels that they signed that contract with legal clauses up the wazoo

        • First David post: I know he the fight was in Shooto brazil, but Caplan acted as match maker for the event because Dantes was involved.

          I definitely feel for the fighters. It makes me wish they would just bite the bullet, and form a union in the UFC (and why I've talked about it ad nauseum). None if this crap would happen anymore, and there would be one big time promotion for everybody.

      • ZUFFA dragged BJ Penn though court using every trick they could or tactic because he tried to fight else where after he beat Hughes the first time.

        • And thanks to BJ trying to leave with the belt is why the UFC has championship clauses.

          • They actually sued BJ twice when there original argument about the belt being ones property failed in court they came back the second time contradicting what they argued the first time. Beyond that I cant remember the specifics of the court battles

          • I like how you got 3 weaks on the post about BJ. Its like people just want to hide from the truth that Zuffa has been incredibly dirty in the past.

    • Dana started the contract game long before Bellator did. Bellator are only copying the competition as a necessity of survival. I do recall dana preventing Couture facing Fedor some years back when the two of them were due to meet.

  • The UFC have had a long battle with fighters over contracts…..Just about every star has fought with them…BJ Penn, Dan Henderson, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Shamrock, Randy Couture…..the list goes on and on..Now there is a ben henderson with his nose out of joint….

    Is it that fight promotors are dirty scumbags, or is it that Fighters don't know how to read and negotiate contracts.

    • I would imagine the contract could say the fighter would have to give the promoter their first born child they dont really think about all the clauses and how it can affect them later, the fighters are just trying to make money and make it big. They would sign it no matter what it said to fight and get paid.

      • @D.S… are definetly right…The ultimate fighter is a prime example of guys desperate to fight on the big stage, so until they make a name for themselves they don't have alot of bargaining power. If they get a five fight contract and start tearing up the division they can't renegotiate their contracts until its up and feel robbed…But then you look at guys like Koscheck who has fought for the title, never held the belt and are swimming in money. Koscheck obviously did well as a TUF coach but how much of this is guys like koscheck being able to negotiate better contracts for themselves.

  • $ is good but if u want to be considered the best in the wold u have to fight the best in the world AND WIN !

  • UFC can pay fighters what they want to pay them, Ben Henderson 'only' getting paid 39 thousand to fight? Well listen here if he could go some where else and make as much money as he is in UFC i'm sure he would and that's the bottom line. I'd rather watch Eddie Alvarez fight anyday over Bendover Henderson.


    He's earned it for f*ck's sake! He always fights his ass off, always entertaining and a very likable guy…and he's the f*cking champ!!