BJ Penn To Train With Jose Aldo In Preparation For Frankie Edgar


MMA fans around the world were told earlier this week that BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar would face off as TUF coaches next season, a decision that left many of us stumped. Mainly because Edgar holds two victories over Penn, both within five months of each other, but also because Penn is without a win since 2010.

Edgar recently pulled himself out of a three-fight tailspin, decisioning Charles Oliveira at UFC 162, and maintaining his high ranking at 145. Penn will be dropping to make Featherweight, and will likely be fighting to decide whether he will be able to remain an active UFC fighter. Another loss would surely mark the end of his illustrious career.

Penn will need to bring something new to the table in his trilogy-making bout with Edgar, especially seeing as ‘The Answer’ had too much speed for Penn at Lightweight. Edgar is a lot faster at Featherweight and Penn has been out of action for almost a year already.

So what is Penn’s plan you ask? The Prodigy is going to be training under Andre Pedernaires, along side Jose Aldo for his next fight. Check out what Pedernaires had to say via

“It was a honor to receive this invitation,” Pederneiras said. “B.J. and his brother are really close. He is really excited and motivated with his fight against Edgar. It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to show my work as a coach to the audience outside of Brazil, which is not used to see my work closely.”

Pedernaires, one of the founding members of the Nova Uniao fight team, trained under legendary Jiu Jitsu master Carlson Gracie and trained BJ Penn in the art himself.

Penn was awarded his Black Belt by AP while training at Nova Uniao back in 2000, before he had even set foot in a pro MMA cage.

“We’ve studied Edgar’s game a lot for Aldo’s fight,” he said, “so I believe there’s no better place and sparring better for B.J. to come back in great fashion and motivated.”

When Penn is motivated and in shape, he is a scary fighter. He cleaned out the UFC 155 division in savage fashion during his prime, and if he can get back to his best; Edgar might just get ran through.

On the other hand, Penn is 34 and his last showing against Rory MacDonald was very hard to watch. If Penn is truly past it, the fight with Edgar may also be just as hard to watch.


  • I just hope BJ allows himself to be coached and follows instructions. He needs to train harder than ever before for this fight, The odds are stacked against him, Cmon BJ just sacrifice and KO Edgar!

  • Makes no difference. BJ still loses this fight easy.

    • It's not hard to see BJ winning this fight even though he came back to fight guys like Diaz and Rory at ww and lost handily. Seems like that was a really bad decision considering he was edged out on points in both Edgar fights he was never really in trouble. He should've stayed at lightweight and climbed back to the title which I could see him doing with dedication and hardwork. People are quick to forget how talented BJ can be and if he takes this seriously and I have a gut feeling that he is he can and will win this fight against Edgar don't be so quick to count the hawainn out Diaz n rory are bigger and stronger than Edgar… That being said we ll see how good of shape penn shows up in I think he ll take this one Edgar will not win all three battles penn isn't just fighting for money this time.. WAR BJ

  • Man… sounds like BJ is on a mission. I have a feeling Edgar is gonna be in a lot of trouble and this is a GREAT thing for Aldo as well! Training with BJ… sweet!!! Just the fact that BJ is taking these steps shows he is highly motivated and that is a scary scenario for anyone accross the cage!

  • yes! BJ is back with a team. Even in pictures the old AKA Penn vs the chubby lw penn shows the difference in his work ethic when he's in a solid camp.

    • I hear ya man. I've been pondering why he's kept a "yes" group around him all the time.

      • Easy, their family. His brother's are his coaches.

  • Would love to see BJ and Aldo sparring….

    • lol BJ's legs black and blue and Aldo's face busted up from boxing.

  • D

    This is going to be awkward if BJ beats Edgar because they will definitely offer him a title shot.

  • Vic

    Its already a challenge for BJ to reach weight. By the time he reaches it, he be gassed already when he walks to the Octagon!

  • The only reason BJ has gassed is bc of BJ. If he has overcome his inner problems I think Frankie may be in for a surprise. Side note I think that BJ will add nasty leg kick to his arsenal wouldn't anyone ask Aldo for leg kick tips only makes sense and BJ fights like a demon off his back. One can hope such a great fighter stalled by mental shortcomings. Here's to hoping.

  • Unless he somehow gets to switch bodies with Jose during the training process, it won't help. I nominate "the Prodigy" for having the progressively most ironic and less suitable name…ever.

    Once thought of as the #1 p4p best fighter, Penn could be remembered for having a worse record against Edgar than Grey Maynard.

    BJ Penn…doing his best to take the title of the "too many comebacks" kid from Tito.