Bisping talks Vitor Belfort, wants title shot


UFC Middleweight contender Michael Bisping shared thoughts about his upcoming clash with Vitor Belfort. Bisping and Belfort will headline UFC’s upcoming card in Brazil, with the Englishman being one win away from getting a title shot. Nicknamed “The Count”, Bisping declared he’s in it to win it, adding that he’s nowhere near of underestimating Vitor Belfort.

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  • All you gotta do is win bisping. Which you haven't been able to do in the past for the big fights that would have got you a shot. You act like you keep getting looked over and forget that you arent undefeated.

    Having said that, Im torn cause I really want to see you fight Silva, it would be a fun fight instead of another wrestler but I also dont want to see you beat Belfort…

  • Well, he certainly seems supremely confident and that's a good part of what it takes. Also, I don't doubt him when he says the he can go 5 hard rounds, while standing on his head. I also don't disagree with him that Vitor has had issues in terms of endurance. Where I'd disagree with Bisping, would be in his remarks about Vitor having the heart of a chicken. Clearly he does not.

    What I saw in Vitor's last performance was a very gamey guy, who still has a great deal in him and that he's tough. He proved that @ 205 and against, perhaps, the best fighter in the world. He nearly submitted a guy whose never lost and never even come close to losing; Matt Hamill DQs' aside.

    As a Belfort fan, I will be rooting for Vitor, but I don't think Michael will prove to be a push-over or easy fight, particularly as the fight goes longer, should it go longer. And if he does win, well, then at least we get to see Silva / Bisping. I don't know that I'm dying to see it, but I know many do, so, what the heck.

    And yes, he's been around a long time and one could argue that he's owed the shot. That's not much of an argument, but in these challenger strapped times, I'm more than fine with it. And if it feels a need, pleases the British fan constituency and gives a pat on the back to a, what is now, long time veteran, then great. Let's do it in London.

    …just have to get past my boy (Vitor), first.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock…Spock vaporizes Rock in RD1. If Rock happens to not be vaporized and wins….then Paper covers Rock in Silva / Bisping. Silva RD1 TKO

    Proving that one can get a shot at the belt, but taking it is another matter.

  • Last time Bisping was this respectful of a fighter he was on the wrong end of a highlight reel for three years.

  • There are so many ways at looking at this. I think we will see more than just a stand up contest, Bisping has gone to the ground with BJJ experts before and done better than people care to remember. I have no doubt he can avoid submissions but I seriously doubt if he can avoid Vitor exploding in the way we know he can. However it wouldn't surprise to see an ''inactive'' Vitor, opening the door for Bisping to do what he does best and that's out score his opponent because of his high output in the striking department. He may lack power but his cardio is outstanding, even when he gets tired he throws the same amount of punches without comprising his technique.

    Dana has pretty much said that this isn't really a number 1 contender fight because Vitor won't get a fight with Silva if he wins. Silva won't want to face another wrestler a MW either according to Dana. Bisping would get destroyed by Silva but I just want to see him fight as much as possible, and I don't want to be teased with these FANTASY ''super fights'' either. I think if Bisping wins the sooner we the G.O.A.T back, if Bisping looses we won't see him until the summer. The last time Silva fought more than twice in a year was 2008

  • They are sure milking this Vitor Belfort for everything they can. Reminds me of wrestling abusing ric flair and hulk hogan for years past their prime hahaha.

  • Bisping deserves a shot "if" he beats Vitor. I just see the fight ending badly for him though. Even if he wins he will just get picked apart by Anderson on the feet and stopped early.