Bisping: I’ll get to Silva after I beat the “living snorts” out of Vitor Belfort


Former TUF contestant and coach, Michael “The Count” Bisping, shared thoughts about his upcoming bout with Vitor Belfort, and the potential encounter with Anderson Silva. Bisping once again declared he’s “definitely the number one contender” if successful against Belfort, with sights on challenging “The Spider”. When talking about how he plans to dethrone Silva, Bisping said the key is to believe in victory.

  • Bisping is entertaining on/off the cage, and hes not afraid to fight silva (hint, hint). if he can survive past round 1 and break vitors spirit, he will win. but if he cant he will get hendo'd round 1.

    i rather see vitor vs silva 2 either way

    • Bisping must be smoking a new kind of crack if he believes he has a chance against either Belfort or Silva .
      I'll say Belfort by KO Round 1 if he starts quick if Belfort takes his time like he did with Silva then KO starting round 2, either way Bisping is not getting to the midpoint of the fight standing.

  • Bisping will give anderson problems if you watch his fights with chael he was more competitive than anderson was even tho anderson tko'd chael

    • Two totally incomparable styles. Andy KOs Bisping at precisely 1:32 of round one with a left cross.

  • If Bisping wins, it will be because he "decisioned" the snot out of Belfort, not beat it out of him. He's never beaten the snot out of anyone or at least any one worth talking about. And he hasn't even done that in ages.

    If Bisping has an advantage in this fight it would be in the cardio. Other than that I see no advantages, anywhere. I'll take Vitor in a round one TKO.

    • @mma truth. stfu! "decisioned" the snot out of belfort." stfu, all your gsp comments are now irrelevant. thanks

      • You are hilarious, man. You rile up so easily. It was a quip, man. Just trying to have a laugh or two. Sorry, if Bisping is easy fodder, but then again, Michael like's to doll it out, so he and his fans (of which I'm kind of one), should be able to take it, too. British stiff-upper lip and all.

        And if you want to weak all my GSP comments, that's fine. I've been weaking all you comments for weeks, because I'm a petty, small minded, spiteful MMA fan.

  • bisping is a donkey even if he gets pass vitor with out getting KO'd all he does is win the right to get monkey smashed by Anderson either way we get to c Bisping sleeping like when he fought Hendo

  • I hope Bisping gets his shot against the G.O.A.T at some point.

    • Not ahead of Belcher and not at the expense of Belfort, I don't.

  • LMAO…yeah, michael the cvnt, pound for pound biggest douche in need of another Hendo-style reality check. Belfort by murder.

  • who is he kidding?

  • Well if Belfort grabs an armbar, you can bet hes taking the arm home as a trphy next time…..SNAP Crackle PoP!

  • Belforts faster hits harder Belfort by KO