Michael Bisping Promises To Retire ‘Slow & Fat’ GSP Once & For All


Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has not held back in the seemingly never ending lead-up to his title defense against former welterweight kingpin Georges Saint Pierre.

Bisping began his verbal onslaught against GSP ever since their fight was first announced, and continued his campaign after their fight was rescheduled for UFC 217.

While GSP is going up a weight class to challenge Bisping, “The Count” insists he will send the French Canadian back into retirement.

Bisping discussed his thoughts on GSP last week at a UFC 217 press conference (MMAFighting.com):

“He still looks like a lizard. I said that at the last press conference, and he still looks like one now. He looks like a blown-up version of himself, trying to get bigger. He’s the biggest Georges St-Pierre that we’ve ever seen, but he’s still the smallest guy that I’m ever going to fight. I was 15-0 at light heavyweight, I’m the world champion at middleweight. He’s a blown-up welterweight. I mean, he’s bringing in all these trainers. He’s got Freddie Roach down there. Freddie Roach is a great boxing coach, but he doesn’t know f*ck-all about MMA. He couldn’t even spell UFC, let alone MMA.”

“This p*ssy only wants to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight anybody else, because he thinks he can take me down and control me on the floor.”

GSP hasn’t fought since a narrow decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 back in 2013. He retired after that fight and in turn vacated the welterweight title.

Now four years later, GSP returns as a middleweight, in an effort to take the belt that Bisping won after knocking out Luke Rockhold last year.

Bisping went off on GSP’s coach, famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who has worked with the former champ for years:

“He’s training with Freddie Roach. I hope to God, Freddie, you’re trying to turn him into a boxer. I hope he comes out and tries to stand with me, but we all know that’s not going to happen. He’s going to jab, try to take me down. Why? Because we trained together a long time ago and he outwrestled me back then, but that was 12 years ago. But that’s what he thinks is going to happen, so I knew this fight would come off because he hasn’t got the balls to fight anyone who he doesn’t think he can beat, like Anderson Silva, like many other people.”

Will GSP’s return at middleweight prove to be victorious? Or will Bisping defend his belt for the second time?