Bisping: I have to go out there and take my respect


During the Pre-event press conference in Sydney, Australia, Wanderlei and Bisping got into a war of words.

Wanderlei, who will be making his middleweight debut on feb 20th said that hes “going to kick his (Bisping) ass”. Bisping felt he had said nothing to disrespect Wanderlei and did not know where the hate was coming from.

“I think it’s funny,” Bisping said. “I haven’t said two words to the guy, but a lot of animosity has seemed to have built up. Right from the start, I saw blogs on the internet, him saying various things and laughing and poking fun. He seems to think I’ve been disrespectful towards him. I’ve got nothing but respect for Wanderlei. How can you not respect a guy like that who’s had the career he’s had.”

War of words continued as Bisping pointed out to Wanderlei that he needs to win fights in this bussiness or else he’s going to have to retire, to which Wanderlei had no response.

The argument got really heated when Bisping interrupted Wanderlei’s answer to which Wanderlei had this to say;

“Shut up,” Silva countered. “I feel good. I feel happy. I feel comfortable in this new division. You guys will look at my performance, and he’ll be retired after this.”

When asked why he disliked Bisping so much, Wanderlei responded by saying “Everybody don’t like him.” To which Bisping responded “Fortunately, I couldn’t give a [expletive].”

The fight takes place on Feb 20th on UFC 110 and if this post-event interview can tell us anything it is that this match is going to provide us with fireworks.

  • bisping is a great fighter but hendo left the ufc with your respect

  • Is…is that respect for bisping i see?

  • This Will Be A Great Fight Beserker Silva Vs Precision Striker Bisping & Its Surprising To See Bisping Be Humble And Not Talking Sh*t About Silva Until Provoked, Just Shows Bisping Is The Better Man And Fighter.

  • BISPING IS a english bum!

  • Are you serious go watch the fight again, Henderson was more aggressive, he was controlling the fight and landed more strikes, Henderson was easily winning

  • Just remember, now that everyone seems to be registered, when you make a “IM certain screw you guys” reply and they lose…….
    hahah, you’ll have to eat those words later.

  • Actually, he receives pay checks, no street corners with a tin cup.

  • I’ll be glad to admit I was wrong if Bisping manages an upset ,but i wouldn’t bet on it. Wanderlei is one of the toughest guys on the planet.
    Its good to see Bisping has learned to respect the fighters that deserve it. . His great cardio shows he takes the sport seriously.
    I’m actually starting to like him,but if the real Wanderlei Silva shows up, he’s in big trouble.

  • Ofcourse not comparing the two, in the lead up to the dennis kang fight, everyone was saying “Bisping is going to get Bis-PINGED” and what ever other lame puns come up.

    And then after the fight when bisping won, people were like, “The real Dennis Kang didnt show up that fight, i dont know what happened”. etc and the list goes on with whatever excuses that Kang wasnt himself.

    We cant just sit here and say “If the real silva shows up, bisping is in trouble”. And then after the fight, Win you will all say “Silva is back”, lose you will say “The real silva didnt show up”.

  • Your right…no one should make excuses for a fighter that loses. Many times the reason a fighter like Kang doesn’t seem to be performing like they should is because of the effectiveness of their opponent.Bisping fought a smart fight and put Kang off his game.

    I’ve been a Silva fan since his first UFC appearance in the 90’s.
    He hasn’t looked great since he came back to the UFC.
    I’m hoping he regains his old form,but he’s probably on the same road as CroCop. Mirco hasn’t been the same since Gonzaga took him out with that high kick. Wanderlei may have been knocked out one too many times as well. If he gets back to where he was 5 yrs ago ,he’ll be wearing a UFC belt within a year.