Manager: Bigfoot prefers to fight again before going for the title


Ever since Bigfoots huge upset win against Overeem went down, the Heavyweight division has seemed to fall into somewhat of a blackhole. With no clear cut #1 contender or any marketable matchups that makes sense from a logical point of view, the UFC is stuck trying to find Champion Cain Velasquez an opponent for his summer return to the octagon.

Many options have been thrown around as both rumours and potential ideas, but after absolutely refusing to fight his friend, coach and training partner Daniel Cormier, the UFC seems to have two options left. An immediate re-match and inevitable trilogy fight with Junior dos Santos or Bigfoot vs Velasquez part II.

Dana stated in the post-fight press conference that based on the way Bigfoot fought and the manner with which he finished Alistair Overeem, he wouldn’t be against giving him a title shot. But the question is, does Bigfoot want the opportunity so soon?

Silva’s manager Alex Davis spoke with MMA Fighting and had the following to say on the matter:

“Personally, I’d rather have him get some other fights before he fights Cain. But it’s up to the UFC, if they want him to go for the title, we cannot say no, either. But all is up in the air at the moment.”

Davis, who refers to Bigfoot as “Junior”, chimed in further regarding potential matchups, the abilities of his fighter and more:

“Junior does not pick opponents. That has been his attitude forever. Personally, I like Josh Barnett, I like Stefan Struve. I think that Junior can beat any heavyweight in the world on a good day. If it’s a rematch with Cain that’s on the horizon, we are game also. The first fight with Cain, Junior made a small mistake in the beginning with that kick, I think [if it] was not for that, would have been a different fight altogether, so we are open to whatever the UFC wants for him.”

We’ll see soon what the future has in store for Bigfoot. But until then let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • I'd like to see Bigfoot vs. Werdum 2 now that they've both improved so much, then the winner fights Cain. Is Werdum slated to fight anyone?

    • werdum will coach tuf brazil so i think he will fight nogueira first

      • Yea that's right.

        Ashame though, kickassfast had a good idea.

        I bet Werdum is pissed he took the TUF spot – he could've been in a #1 contender fight but instead he's filming a show that won't do much for his US popularity and the fight won't do much for him in the title picture.

    • BigFoot VS Cigano for title shot. They are the only top contenders in the division, but they were also destroyed by Cain. So, pin them against each other and let the winner fight the real champ.

    • bigfoot vs Overeem rematch, for sure bigfoot will take a nap dis tym…

  • JDS vs Bigfoot the winner fights velasquez

    • If this does happen and JDS beats big foot it will become clear that no one can hold either JDS or Cain down but each other.
      I don't see JDS beating Cain, but it is possible – anything is at their level.

      • i never thought that Velasquez would dominate JDS that way but he did so you never know what will happen when you have so high level fighters in the cage

      • No Rock'em, it would not be clear. MMAth doesn't work like that.

    • I think they are friends so I doubt they would fight

  • Stupid! Now is his only chance….if he loses his next fight he will never again have a shot at the belt….BF should just go for it.

    • @ Brasil

      There is that argument. Just go for it. Taking another fight is a risk and why take it? If you have a chance to fight for the belt and I truly do not believe that Bigfoot could be / will be a better fighter as a result of it, then why bother? Take the fight, take the shot, take the risk and see if you come out on top. It's not a bad strategy.

      I believe you might be right, even though I've called for Bigfoot to take another fight.

      Your argument makes a great deal of sense.

  • bigfoot vs. don frye

    • Ill predict Frye wears out Bigfoot by letting him punch himself out on Frye's face.

    • Let's throw tank abott first to see if he can pass. Old school rocks!!!

  • Zip

    No clear cut #1 contender? Who goes 5 rounds with a beast like Cain on a bad night? JDS does. Lets match JDS up with someone, anyone, get it over with, and look forward to Cain vs JDS III.

    • JDS should beat Cain in a rematch if he watches out for the mistakes Cain makes. Cain comes in head low so often leaving himself wide open to uppercuts ( of which JDS is a master) and to knees. So long as he doesn't get his eggs scrambled early like last time JDS will catch Cain clean at some point and regain the belt IMO.

  • If BF came out of the Reem fight calling for Caiin…saying that he only lost because he got blood all over his eyes and could not see we would all be excited about the fight…but it seems like he is not that confident about being able to beat Cain.

    • I don't know about that…. I think no-one would really believe it

      • I actually think that is the main reason the fight was so short. I think that BF was hurt early in that fight and combined with having his vision impaired led to the stoppage. Cain may be able to do that again but I think Antonio can give him a much better fight than he did.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, Overeem gave the fight away and I wouldn't make too much out of Bigfoot's win. He's a great fighter and a serious contender that's for sure, but he's slow. He won for no other particular reason that AO didn't take him seriously and was handed-his-head, for not doing so. I think he'd be wise to take another fight, but then again, another fight is not going to improve his speed and regardless, I wouldn't see the outcome of a second bout with Cain, going any differently than the first bout. Cain is just too fast, too dynamic, too everything, for Bigfoot.

    My thought on Bigfoot and a title challenge right now, would be this….He beat Travis Browne in a fight where Browne blew out his knee. Shock-of-shocks Bigfoot won. He has now beaten Overeem in a fight where AO rushed out in the 3rd, in a bout where he had won the first two rounds and handed Silva his head on a platter. I'm not saying Silva doesn't deserve the win, but I don't know that he worked for it, either. It just kind of showed up @ the top of the 3rd. Put those two wins together (the bad knee and gift) and I don't know that we could say that we have a definitive picture of Bigfoot. More than anything, if we look at his record, he seems to run hot-and-cold or as Alex Davis put it…"Junior can beat any heavyweight in the world on a good day". Problem is, guys like Cain rarely have bad days.

    Bigfoot should have to prove his title worthiness with one more bout and win.

    • Oh he'll get KO'd again by JDS or Cain…did I say that outloud? (. )(. ) ( .)( .)

  • the UFC will give Chael the next HW title shot!!! Chael will destroy JDS CAIN AND OVEREEM!!! mooowaaahaaahaaahaahahaha


    • I can see it now, trash talked into a coma lol

  • then Dana will make will make a superfight between Rousey and Aldo!!! lmao….Stupid!

    • Rousey is already in a superfight with camouche .ha

  • That was funny, everyone all up in arms in the Cain thread 2 below agreeing , yes he needs another fight, then look up 2 and see Bigfoots trainer all "he should have another fight first" lol