Bigfoot Silva Says UFC Doctor Nearly Gave Him Cancer, Wants Travis Browne Rematch In September


UFC heavyweight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva has been inactive since failing a post-fight drugs test back in December of 2013. The former EliteXC heavyweight champion got popped for elevated testosterone level after his fight of the night battle with Mark Hunt in Brisbane, Australia, but claimed it was the fault of the UFC doctor that prescribed him his TRT.

Nonetheless, the fight was changed from a majority draw to a no-contest, and Silva gave up his post-fight bonus as well as receiving a nine month suspension for the infraction.Now eying a September return to action, Silva sat down with to discuss the controversial ‘doctor’ Marcio Tannure that has apparently caused him so many woes:

“After the suspension, I went to two endocrinologists and they told me I should thank God that I was suspended,” he said. “They said that if I continued taking the dosage (of hormone) Dr. Tannure told me to, I would have liver cancer in a year. I had videos showing him injecting (TRT) on me, I had emails and everything, but I had to give up on (suing him)”

Now that testosterone replacement therapy is a thing of the past, Silva should never have to worry about being overdosed on the controversial treatment. As far as his comments on potentially getting liver cancer, they are rather concerning. Tannure, of the CABMMA, may have a lot to answer for in the coming months (if he still has a job).

“I will be cleared to fight in September, and there’s a show planned for September 13 in Brazil, a day before my birthday. Fighting in Brazil would be the best birthday gift of all times. I attended to several UFC events in Brazil and it would be a dream coming true to fight there one day.”

“It hurts so much to be out right now,” he said. “I was born to fight. I’ve done this since I was 4 years old. It’s hard to see all the fights in the division and not be able to get in there. I went down the rankings, I’m number four now and Travis Browne is number three. “It would be a wonderful fight for me, for sure,” he said. “He’s a super tough fighter and is well ranked. I want to fight the best and would be great to fight him.

Silva and Travis Browne first met in 2012, when ‘Bigfoot’ knocked ‘Hapa’ out in the very first round. Browne recently got taken back a step in his title hunt, as Fabricio Werdum battered him over five rounds at UFC on Fox 11. It would make sense for the rankings, and there were questions surrounding the first fight.

Browne injured his leg in the first fight, which many fans believe led to the eventual finish by Silva. What do you think, would you like to see Browne and Silva have a do-over in Brazil?

  • Epic rematch.

  • Shut up Bigfoot. You got caught before juicing and you're going to say "it was the doctors idea". Bull shit Sasquatch!

    • Well, the thing is Bigfoot is lying. Testosterone doesn't cause liver cancer at any dose – so TWO doctors telling him the same completely inaccurate thing means either he's lying or his interpreter is playing an epic prank on him.

      The UFC hates testosterone and is glad to be rid of it so why would a UFC doctor do that? And who on this website would let a doctor inject you with stuff that you didn't know what it is? The story is so implausible as to prove its falsehood.

      Aliens injected me while I slept would be more plausible.

      So why the lie? Covering up his own use. Now, Lowkick members know that I am not anti TRT (if done properly) so why does this bother me.

      It's the lie

      • "I would have liver cancer in a year. I had videos showing him injecting (TRT) on me, I had emails and everything, but I had to give up on (suing him)”

        uh…why. He caused you to lose a lot of money. Sue his ass if your story is true. In the American legal system he's done…if your story is true.

        • I would pay a pay-per-view fee just to hear Bigfoot try to say endocrinologist.

          • X lies down a gigantic play on words, soiwannabe is hilarious and DKM made me lol. Funny thread!

          • This shows the intelligence of the average lowkick user when it comes to MMA and Medical science.

      • "Aliens injected me while I slept would be more plausible."

        Lmfao!! Good one…

        This is a LIE of gigantic proportions though! I guess that's a Giant's "forte"…

        • What's this about giant farts XP?

      • Whats worse is previously he stated he had to take steroids to counter his disease. Hes a big fricken tard.

    • The "weaks" on this comment( which is 100% accurate ) make me wonder if we should have a intelligence test or at least an age restriction for this site 🙂

  • I respect him for asking for that fight. It shows cojones!

    • How does it take balls to call out a fighter you`ve already beat?
      I`m not so sure his leg injury played as big a part in that defeat as some like to think.

  • Why? He knocked him out with ease in the first, of course he wants another easy pay day.

    • No, Browne hurt his knee in the first fight and was on one leg when Silva mauled him. Both fighters are smart enough to know that was a big factor even though they don't talk about it. Rankings wise it makes a lot of sense too.

      • gm1

        Either way, he beat Brown…
        I thought this whole story was about him almost getting cancer….

        then he calls out someone he already beat…

        call out someone who kicked your a%^….

        or call out someone like JDS, even a rematch with DC….
        DC was 25lbs lighter that Bigfoot and he still man handled him…

        • A knee problem isnt exactly a solid win IMO. Healed, Brown could come back and whoop that giant ass.

  • Sorry Entity, Bigfoot walks through Browne if they fight again…….. for the second time.