Bigfoot Silva Fails UFC Fight Night 33 Drug Test; “Fight of the Night” Bonus Goes To Hunt


The back-and-forth war between Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane Australia has been called the best heavyweight bout in UFC history.

The bloody affair saw the Hunt and Silva trade countless power shots with each fighter having their advantage at different points throughout. In the end, the fight was declared a draw, Hunt and Silva were awarded their much-deserved $50,000 bonuses for “Fight of the Night,” and MMA fans everywhere were left buzzing in the wake of one of the most violent and entertaining bouts ever seen.

But it’s not all praise and nostalgia quite yet, unfortunately.

News has come from MMA Junkie tonight that “Bigfoot” has been forced to give up his post-fight bonus after failing the UFC Fight Night 33 drug test for elevated testosterone levels.

“Bigfoot” had apparently received a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) prior to the bout, something that was fully known by the UFC.

However, his levels still tested outside of the allowed range.

Silva has been suspended for nine months and his $50,000 has been awarded to Hunt. Silva will also have the bout changed to a No Contest while staying a draw on Hunt’s record. The UFC released an official statement on the finding:

“Silva is on a medically approved regimen of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and had been in compliance with therapeutic guidelines on all pre-fight tests performed prior to the event,” a statement issued by a UFC rep read. “The results of his test on the day of the event indicated a level of testosterone outside of allowable limit. Silva has been informed that the elevated testosterone level is a violation of the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and his Promotional Agreement with Zuffa.”

Silva is disputing the claims, but not in the sense you’d think. He admits that the test failure was real but his doctors, rather than him, are the ones to blame, stating the following on Facebook:

Clarification: Months before my fight I looked for the UFC doctor Marcio Tannure in Brazil so I could start the hormonal replacement “TRT” which was authorized and recognized by a professional. I started the treatment and 2 weeks before my fight I did all the exams required by the UFC. My testosterone level continued to be low so I was recommended by the doctor to increase the dosage. Unfortunately my level increased too much and caused me to suspend. I only did what was recommended by someone trained who understands about the subject therefore it was not my mistake. I’m cool because I know that the mistake was not made by me, I never tried doing anything wrong for my fight.

Interesting point of view, but ultimately it’s probably not a statement that’s going to hold up in front of the powers that be.

That’s bad news for Silva, who was suspended in 2008 for using the anabolic steroid boldenone. “Bigfoot” challenged the ruling, citing a testosterone booster used to combat the side effects of his battle with gigantism. Silva once had a cyst causing his pituitary gland to release large amounts of growth hormone into his system. He got it removed but his testosterone levels were affected adversely, prompting the need for TRT.

He was cleared to use it despite while monitored by athletic commissions regarding his very specific medical situation. That’s not the issue here, though.

The unnecessarily large dosage is, and it’s pretty cut and dry after Silva already admitted to it. With his latest suspension, “Bigfoot” is beginning to become a liability despite his ability to put on a show. Can he be trusted to show up clean for his future Octagon endeavors?

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez for USA TODAY Sports

  • I think it's due to the fact that he's not disputing anything that I sort of buy what Bigfoot says. He's not making excuses, imo, as he's taking his punishment like a man so far. I just hope he doesn't appeal.

  • Wow i did not know Big Foot was on TRT, the list of fighters going on TRT seems to be getting quite big lately hopefully it does not become a trend and common thing in mma even though i am not against the use as long as it is done correctly.

    • Yeah i think it is getting more and more out of hand with all these guys stating they need TRT. How are they tested? Do they just say I don't feel good in my tum tum and the doc prescribes it? another fighter in his mid thirties, hmm do we notice a trend? It's a natural lowering people, this stuff needs to be banned or everyone on it. I would prefer banned.

      • I thought it was odd that Silva was giving Overeem a hard time about getting caught…yet Antonio gets caught AGAIN!! What a hypocrite

  • "The Best Heavy Weight Fight" came crumblin' down.

  • Okay…because Entity isn't here yet, allow me to begin…

    There goes that desert island; bazinga.

    Mark Hunt to star in "Castaway 2: The Antonio Wilson Chronicles" …Wilson will need a needle placed into his head every half-hour of the film, to re-inflate…well, Wilson.

    Dana White's Classic T-shirt & Hoody collection "mysteriously" goes up in flames, out back of his home; no one is charged.

    Antonio Silva's drug test's com back positive for, doh!

    Dana White quote of the day…"For the last four days, I've been waking up every morning with images of that fight in my head, going….F**K, I hope Silva passes the drug test."

    …I'll stop now and await Stewie's take on it. 🙂

    • lol, for once I dont have much to add to that, but I will say, many of us know he has to take steroids for his disease. Seems they over did it a bit eh?
      WILSONNNNNN!!! classic 8))

      • What disease, does it have to do with his odd structure?

        • "Acromegaly" most commonly affects adults in middle age and can result in severe disfigurement, complicating conditions, and premature death if unchecked. Because of its pathogenesis and slow progression, the disease is hard to diagnose in the early stages and is frequently missed for years until changes in external features, especially of the face, become noticeable.

          • If I remember correctly, the necessary medication he takes depletes the body of needed steroids made naturally, hence his need to take them.

          • Well maybe this would be one of the scenarios a person needs it although within levels. I genuinely did not know that.

  • LMFAO !!!!! Überroid is fabricated in a laboratory!! HAHAHAAAAA f'n monkey freak!

  • This is starting to be silly really. This TRT exceptions need to stop since they are clearly advantageous to the fighters that have them. Don't ban steroids all together for all I care, just make it a even cue for everyone and not a loophole for some fighters!

  • I think this is a rather "unique" situation and should be viewed as such. If the TRT treatment is monitored and administered by a Dr. assigned/approved by the UFC, it is the Dr.'s responsibility to keep the athlete within the allowed range of testosterone.

    Like I've said many times before. It is very common for men to have low test. levels and this is a medical condition! One that many are not aware of and don't do anything about when they should, whether they're athletes or your average Joe, it can significantly hinder the quality of life.

    It's a touchy subject and should be handled as such. Just because his test. levels were high, does not mean he is a "cheater". There's also something like test. spikes, a boost in levels for a short period of time by natural cause. Does this give an athlete a clear advantage? NO, it does not! If he was tested throughout camp and his levels were fine up until the post fight test. His heightened test. levels on "fight night" and the advantage of such, are very insignificant! Now if it was throughout his camp, we would have a different conversation but imho, this whole **** is blown out of proportion and Dr.'s should be held accountable for these situations.

    The UFC might have to consider only allowing TRT, administered by their own specialists, that are monitored by themselves (not affiliates), in the United States. This would take away all doubt, concerning foul play.

    • I was unaware of Bigfoots scenario but I have heard from a doctor that administers it that it should be banned altogether. He stated that if someone has Hypogonadism it is due to only few things, born that way, head trauma steroid abuse, and weight cutting. He said it is easily treatable by rehydration with the weight cutting one. He said it does not creep up on you and affect you all of a sudden as an over 30 year old man that is just a natural lowering. If you have a natural hypogonadism disorder it would have been treated throughout your life as it would greatly affect you and you would never have made it to a high level of any sport with the condition so guys claiming they need it at 25-40 years old and coming from competitive sports backgrounds are just abusing the system. He said if it was caused by previous abuse then that is a horrible reason to allow them to continue fighting on it since they knew all along that the cheating was wrong and it only allows fighters to keep cheating. He said if it was caused by Trauma then the fighter is not safe to keep fighting and needs to retire as it could be life threatening for them to continue with Trauma induced hypogonadism. John Fitch has stated in an interview that the TRT thing is a joke and that it is extremely easy to get it as the docs in most cases just take your word for it. All an athlete has to do is artificially suppress their endogenous testosterone levels. All steroids temporarily suppress testosterone production by the body to some degree. If the athlete has properly timed a non-testosterone based steroid cycle before visiting a laboratory, blood tests will return low testosterone values. An unknowingly (or willfully) uninformed doctor will simply interpret the low testosterone levels as proof of the athlete's medical need for TRT.

      This type of self-induced hypogonadism can successfully be used by MMA athletes to obtain a TUE for TRT.

      But only in the MMA is it so easy to “legally” use steroids.

      Fitch siad this as well. “I am 35 years old, and I promise, I would and will bet money that my testosterone levels are just as good as a younger fighter. You know why?” Fitch asked rhetorically. “Because I have not wrecked my body with steroids, never used ANY type of PED and train healthy and properly to compete."

      Bigfoot may be one in a 1000 that needs an exemption legitimately.

      • No offense, but that doc. needs to get his head out of his a-s-s and educate himself on "current" studies, not dusty old books with research of decades ago. New studies have shown and proven over and over again that low test. is very common and is mostly caused by the Contemporary Diet the majority of us is on and the Nutrition, better yet LACK of Nutrition that causes a lot of problems. Some more or less severe than others, one of which is low test. This is a problem with a lot of MD's these days, their knowledge is not up to date.

        Test. levels that would be considered "extremely" high nowadays, would be LOW compared to the average male, a couple of hundred years ago. It's easy to say, oh just change your diet, but this is not that simple, cause that's simply not how the body works. It will take a lot of time and won't work for everyone, surely not overnight, so it's not a "instant" solution. We're talking 6 to 12 months for most people.

        And what he's saying about having to been treated for it from birth, is nonsense too. Most men are not aware of the disorder until their 30's or 40's because then their already lower than usual levels drop even more and the symptoms become more notable. They will probably have symptoms earlier in life but don't recognize them because the average person will have no idea, that there's something wrong with them.

        I'm trying not to write a book write now, but i will share more information and current research on the subject sometime soon.

        • So proper nutrition like John Fitch would be the answer not TRT. This Doc is a currently administers the stuff and also says nutrition is a better way and is not corruptable. I have not seen a single study with more than 2% of all men in the US having it. Most are around 1% or less. All say the majority of low T is people over 40 by a huge margin.