Best of Chael Sonnen’s trash talk against Anderson Silva


  • Chael Sonnen is a closet homosexual.

  • When fight night comes and he loses, will he still keep talking? Man I hope not. His deal with Anderson is worse than Mir’s obsession with Brock.

  • I kinda feel sorry for the guy and the humiliation thats coming. Cant wait for the funny videos mixing the trash talk and the actual fight where hes gonna be beat up. If he gets one take down, i will applaud him.

  • Personally attacking people shouldn’t be included in trash talk.
    Fraud. theif, liar…is a bit too much.
    Disrespect his fighting, not his entire life.
    The UFC is hyping things so much now days, their fights seldom live up to the BS.

  • I am sick of this guy trash talking Silva, who tha fukk does he think he is? I mean talking smack about your opponent is one thing but he took it too far already, because we can not deny Anderson Silva has faced the best competition there was at the time in the MW division, the Math teacher from Ohio was the MW champion and he has only been defeated for the very best, Lyoto, silva, henderson and Belfort, the one legged Canadian is one tough mothafocka, 2 really slow LHW, Irwin can put anyone to sleep if he catches you, and Forrest already beat Sonnen, so who tha fukk does he think he is he has been defeated 10 times already, he is one trick pony, and I am not saying he does not have a chance because he does, but he is thinking too much of himself, hopefully Anderson Silva catches him with a knee in his first takedown attempt KO´s him and after 7 second of the very first time Sonnen´s mouth will be shut down forever…

  • Come on guys, its all good fun. It makes this fight SO much more interesting. I cant wait too see what happens during the staredown, the fight and after the fight. There is just so much tension.

  • We’ll see how much trash talking Chael Sonnen can do in the cage.

  • why would anyone want to be his fan? what happened to values like HONOR, HUMILITY, RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comedy Central presents: Chael Sonnen

  • i have learned to embrace his trash talk. this guy is hilarious

  • Man u gotta like chael! He is so funny 😀
    I hope he pulls of the upset.

  • i think the line about bowing in brazil was the funnyest thing ive ever head

  • This guy entertains the hell out of me. I don’t care what anyone says. The fact that he’s manipulated soooooo many people in to hating him, just him more likable to me. I want to have a beer with him.

  • That entire reply tell me more than you know.

  • Chael wins 1st Rnd via tongue lashing!!!!

  • You gotta love his confidence…LOL….”this is gonna be a one sided pounding and I’m swinging the hammer” LMAO!!…this guy is truly is a politician……unfortunately for Sonnen, he won’t be able to get around this issue by being clever with words. CHAEL!!! Eventually you will be locked in a cage with the best Pound4Pound fighter in the world. hahahaha….have fun man!

  • “the loudest one in the room is usually the one thats scared”

  • Chael’s gonna win via DQ…Anderson gonna kick Chael in the balls (forever making him sterile or impotent), flip Dana off and moon the crowd.

  • I love Anderson Silva.
    I hope he knocks Chael out then picks up his limp body and slow dances with it!

  • It was funny at first and then it started to get annoying and now its just sad, obviously his trash talking isn’t working, he needs to shut up and train his wrestling cause if he can’t take Silva down hes getting KO’d for sure

  • Who knew? (I am being ironic)

    And just like I predicted weeks ago, the whole fight has become a States vs Brazil issue…

  • i think it’s great that a. silva is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. it seems like most of you have forgotten how a. silva has treated his opponents in the past. it’s not like chael’s trash talk is unwarranted – silva repeatedly proves his douche baggery every time he fights, and for some reason his fans still defend him because he’s a phenomenal fighter. imagine fedor, gsp, or even brock lesnar dancing around badly with a giant grin on his face in the ring and offering a hand to their opponent every time they dropped them. it’s completely unprofessional, yet ppl let it go when a. silva does it. i don’t get it, do you guys feel like you’re being racist if you condemn his behavior? because that’s the only explanation i can think of.

  • Hmmm, with most of the talk here, it looks like Sonnen has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Let’s see, according to the wise words of the “kids’ in this thread, Sonnen will lose. Sonnen will get a beating. Sonnen will be facing the P4P best fighter in the word.

    Now there kids, what if Chael just happens to control your boy Silva on the ground? It’s well known that Sonnen’s double leg is perhaps the tops in MMA. Silva has always had a hard time with quality wrestlers. Silva LOST his first round to Hendo and Hendo’s wrestling isn’t as good as Sonnen’s.

    I can see Sonnen dominating Silva once he gets it out of the first round. Perhaps within the first round as well. If Sonnen can avoid any stand up with silva in the first round and also avoid the sub attemp if he gets him to the ground, Sonnen takes this fight.

    I have SERIOUS questions on Silva’s gas tank and I know Sonnen will bring it to the 5th round. I also feel that after the first round with Sonnen smothering Silva on the ground Silva will be too gassed to effectively secure any BJJ submission.

    If it goes to second round or further, Sonnen takes this fight!

  • Are you sure Sonnen tops Hendo when it comes to wrestling?

  • yes. his team members even said Chael is the best pure wrestler we have and Hendo is part of Team Quest

  • If, If, If, If…… IF


  • Now if Chael wins that will be the funniest thing LOL! I would love to shake that man’s hand.

  • Normally team mates hype up a fighter when he is about to fight, so here is an advice do not take their words as facts…

  • I dont like that whole States vs Brazil thing simply because Chael Sonnen is not an accurate representation of the US…. Maybe the things wrong with the US, but not the nation itself.

  • Sonnen is no one and will remain no one after Silva makes short work of him. He knows this. With that in mind, this may be his only big pay-per-view and his only big money making opportunity. So he is making the best out of it and “campaigning” hard to get those ppv dollars. He has got to know how stupid he sounds.

  • Chael Sonnen for President 2012 xD

  • politicians dont know when to stop running their coksuckers. and thats when anderson silva comes in.

  • Big mouth, he better back it up

  • Yes they do hype a fighter up but over a fellow teammate? I think not. Cuz then they wont be able to say Hendo is the best Wrestler in MMA when Hendo fights. They are aware enough not to commit to a false claim such as that

  • They should have titled this ” the worst of Chael Sonnen’s trash talk”
    He sounds like a schoolyard bully not a UFC fighter.

  • i didnt know anything about chael sonnen until this fight came up. Is he usually like this??

  • Is this WWE? Wait its UFC so what a **** are he doing here???

  • Is this WWE? Wait its UFC so what a **** are he doing here???

  • Is this WWE? Wait its UFC so what a **** are he doing here???

  • Is this WWE? Wait its UFC so what a **** are he doing here???

  • I hope anderson knocks him out.

  • He’s “no one”? Here I was thinking Sonnen was the guy that totally dominated Nate Marquardt. Marquardt being the guy most people thought had the only chance of beating Silva ( second time around).

    Could it be you’re just a snot nosed lil wackoff and like talking sh*t based on what you hope will be the case rather than what the facts show?

    Get out of the kid stage and grow up.

  • He should KO him and then teabag him.

  • And coming soon to DVD, the best of Chael, part one.

  • I did pick up a couple of decent one-liners from him to use here and there.

  • He dissed my boy Forrest so now it’s on.

  • There’s no question he has the better takedowns. You can tell just by watching. He’s incredibly explosive on that double. Running through guys like a bigger stronger Koschek. Dan is definitely slower and less explosive. Great fighter. But Chael is way more relentless with wrestling.

  • I’d say it’s a fair assumption that he’s just a wackoff and just up Silva’s ass. I’m a Silva and Sonnen fan but this guy was trying to tell me that becuz I’m not a pro fighter in the UFC that I have no idea if Silva was doing his best against Maia. Talking about the finding range excuse. I don’t even have a grudge about that fight but I’ve done enough training and am a big enough fan to be able to tell Silva was playing around a lot in that one. Everyone knows that, that’s why people got mad. If he was having trouble with his range he wouldn’t have been toying with him. He woulda been serious and deadly. But he was having his way with Maia, coulda easily finished in the first or 2nd round. Sonnen may be a long shot but Silva fans are being just as immature as they claim Sonnen is. He’s definitely a force at 185 and will continue to be one. Beating the best Marquardt there has been really means something.

  • Point is this fight just needs to happen so the post fight arguments and excuses can begin. Win or lose, Silva fans will milk this one for all it’s worth. Especially if he wins. But if he doesn’t they will have excuses for days. I’m a Silva fan too. But the ones that think he’s God and can’t admit that he screwed around are getting annoying. They’re like, “Yes Mr. Silva, you’re right. We fans don’t know what’s going on in the cage. Great fight against Maia, sir. Please give us more fights like that.” If the best Anderson Silva couldn’t finish Maia that’d mean Silva is easily below Marquardt. The past is the past. Just don’t see why they can’t admit he was acting like a douche and hope for better in the future.

  • And I know Maia had improved since Nate the Great, but come on people. Silva shoulda stomped him out instantly. He is the best in the world standing in MMA. Had no problem hitting him every time he wanted to. I can’t wait till Sonnen makes him fight him. He might get ko’d but he’s good enough to stop Silva from doing what he did last time.

  • I hope he can’t. It’s always fun watching ****y people get shown up.

  • SEX change gone BAD.

  • ok… his list of demands was hillarius…thanks for the laugh Chael :-p

  • yeah, that was great, erect a statue in my likeness in your living room and bow to it every night. that was priceless. the only thing i wish chael didn’t say is that Silva has ducked him for a long time. cuz chael didn’t earn his shot till he beat Nate. But everything else is all in good fun anyway. no big deal. can’t wait for this one.