Benson Henderson Labels Pettis vs. Aldo As Horse Manure


Benson Henderson returned to action at UFC on Fox 10 for the first time since losing the Lightweight belt to Anthony Pettis; the resulting decision win over Josh Thomson didn’t have fans clamouring for a ‘Smooth’ title shot, but a win is a win nonetheless, right? Wrong.

The lacklustre snoozefest that Bendo and ‘The Punk’ took part in was confirmation that Henderson wasn’t ready for the title shot, according to UFC president Dana White that is. DW put a final nail in Henderson’s appeal for a title shot in the wake of UFC 169, confirming that Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis is what he wants to see next and reaffirming that it wasn’t just a tantrum after Fox 10.

Needless to say, Henderson is none too happy with the news of Aldo vs. Pettis, as he took to his twitter account to voice his frutration:

‘Smooth’ has only lost twice in the past seven years; a submission and decision loss to Anthony Pettis at UFC 164/WEC 53 respectively. The Bendo that showed up to fight Thomson at Fox 10 would not have beaten Pettis, in fact I think ‘Showtime’ would have had no problem whatsoever, so perhaps White’s decision is saving Henderson from another whooping.

The fact also remains that the UFC has been trying to make a superfight for the past three or four years now. Attempts at Silva vs. GSP, Silva vs. Jones have all fallen through, so this may be the ideal opportunity for a champ vs. champ super fight. I personally think that Henderson needs at least one more fight before considering a title shot, otherwise he will just be picked apart by Pettis, who is a better fighter right now.

  • What is horse manure about Aldo Pettis? Bendo was always 1 of my favorites from WEC, my overall favorite however was Aldo. I loved the Bendo in WEC who actually knew how to finish a fight. The fact that he has something negative to say about this fight shows he's just bitter. Aldo has been a record title holder. Bendo got his belt started talking about an Anderson Silva type run, won a bunch of close decisions got slaughtered by Pettis last time out and he has the nerve to say Aldo vs Pettis is horse manure? If Pettis said he was going to wait and then challenge the 170 title winner, that would be horse manure. How is 1 of the most dominant champions in UFC no scratch that MMA history moving up and getting a title shot manure? I can't even understand what would make Bendo say something so dumb.

  • I like the guy, but this fight makes much more sense than when he wanted to fight GSP

  • Ivy

    He meant that horse manure smells good silly goose.

  • Bendo, pyramide triangle fighter, for those who know!
    Started talking about fighting A silva, when not one fan was thinking about it, than won some questionable decisions and still thinks he's a rare find? Not in my book!
    Now there's a superfight every fan wants to see and Bendo is not down with it, delusional!
    (tip, if you think bendo fights are going to the judges, put some money on his ass, because triangles are often very lucky!!

  • What a sour patch kid. He had a crap performance against a guy with a broken thumb, yet he implies that he is getting the short end of the stick. Perform and earn your title shot instead of eeking out split decisions Bendo.

  • Use to love Bendo past tense, presence tense not so much anymore lol