Bendo vs Melendez & Cormier vs Mir confirmed as main and co-main events for UFC on Fox 7


Looks like Daniel Cormier has been taking classes at the “Chael P. Sonnen International School of MMA Trash Talk”, and apparently it’s working. After calling out Frank Mir, the UFC has officially made Cormier’s request a reality and confirmed that a bout between the two heavyweights will take place at the HP Pavilion as the co-main event for UFC on Fox 7 scheduled April 20th.

After slowly rising up through the Strikeforce ranks and making the journey from relative nobody to household name, the remaining Strikeforce Heavyweight grand prix Champion, will finally be making his long-awaited UFC debut against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.

After the bout was confirmed, MMAFighting contacted Cormier who had this to say:

“I’m very happy to be fighting again in San Jose and for my UFC debut to be on FOX. I respect Frank a ton, but my plan is to go out and win. And win in a dominant fashion.”

“I am happy the UFC is making Frank live up to his obligation. We have unfinished business. This is a dream come true.”

Frank Mir will be fighting for the very first time since his loss to former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos. While Daniel Cormier will look to continue his winning streak and carry out the second half of his plan with a drop to the Light-heavyweight division, with the intention of “Kicking Jon Jones’ ass” by the end of the year.

As originally reported by Yahoo! Sports the UFC has also officially confirmed that the main event of UFC on Fox 7 will be non-other than the title unification bout between remaining Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez and reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson.

After having experienced his friend and fellow teammate Nate Diaz defeated at the hands of the current UFC Lightweight Champion, it will be interesting to see what strategy Melendez employs in this bout. Only time will tell whether he avenges his fellow Ceaser Gracie teammate, while also providing us with an answer to the question… Who is the best Lightweight fighter in the world?

  • Can't wait.

    May they all stay healthy and without injury, going into the fight. May the best man win, all-way-round. May all the fights be epic.

    Hmmm….I wonder if we should sacrifice One More Crappy Post's LowKick membership on an MMA alter, to ensure it happens?

    • in before onemoreretard is butt hurt

      • @hunterb

        the skrap pack is overated!! good business choice by the ufc, harness the hype!!

      • @ Hunter

        Prayers made and wouldn't you know it, One More Crappy Post, showed up. Surely the sacrifice of his LowKick membership is per-ordained in ancient MMA scripture. His name has been written in and should now be proscribed from the annals of LowKick history, as having arisen from the Dead Sea Trolls, only to be banished back to them and the abyss, which is the internet.

        Or to put it in One More Crappy Post parlance….GSP Sucks!!! Rant, rant, rant. Copy, paste, copy, past, copy, paste.

        All in favor of banishing One More Crappy Post and his Bruce Lee, micro-shorts avatar from LowKick, for ever and always, should there be no scratches from this card and should the card prove to be exciting…please say, I.

  • Awesome finally Melendez is in the UFC

  • Bendo > Melendez
    Cormier > Mir

    I don't see Bendo losing unless it's to Maynard or Pettis. Cormier on the other hand…what a star.

  • melendez is overrated, bendo is on another level and will beat him similar to diaz. Mirs stand up and overral game has been trash ever since he put on the weight, Cormier KO rnd 1/2….Bendo vs alvarez now thats interesting

    • I suppose you'd have said Henderson was overrated when he was WEC champ also????

      I agree about Alvarez though. Would love to see that match up. Alvarez brings it in spades.

      • not really when bendo was in the WEC no1 was calling him top 2 LW in the world and def not top 10 P4P like many people have melendez and on what basis? the guy beat aoki who has no striking or wrestling to speak of and an impressive win in kawajiri however he is not top 10. Then there is the "Win" against unranked josh thompson which could have gone either way. Gilbert melendez has not done anything worthy of his extremely generous ranking and thus he is overrated…but still a good fighter

        • What is your basis that makes them good? that they fight in the UFC?

          • PS: My top 3 LW list is Edgar, Alvarez, Henderson, in that order. You could argue on what basis is Alvarez so high. It is based on the skill set you observe when watching them fight not necessarily what imaginary rankings their relative opponents are.