Ben Henderson says he’ll beat up any opponent who uses steroids


The topic of PEDs is a prevalent one in today’s MMA world, and for good reason. Fighters seem to be failing drug tests and getting TUEs for TRT everyday. While they seemed to have helped Vitor Belfort against Michael Bisping, that is not always the case. One fighter is not scared of opponents who use them in the least, and that man is UFC Lightweight champ Ben Henderson, speaking to Five Knuckles:

“My thing with the whole steroid thing and whatnot — like, I understand part of a competitors nature is to take whatever edge, whatever advantage you can get to be the best. To that I just say if I’m facing a person – it happened in college wrestling, sadly it shouldn’t, but it happened in college wrestling, people on steroids and whatnot. But if I know someone is mentally weak enough to take steroids, ‘Oh, I need the extra edge, I need to do this’, and they know it’s illegal, they know it’s wrong and they do it.

If you’re so mentally weak that you have to take steroids, me, five-rounds in the cage with you? I will destroy you. Cause you are mentally weak. So I’m all for it, if you want to take drugs go ahead and take drugs. I don’t really care, but I’m going to whoop your butt because you are mentally weak and that’s where you win fights is in the mental stage. If you’re weak enough to break down, I’m going to kill you.”

Henderson may have a point here, as fighters may feel that adequate training, focus, and nutrition is not enough to pull out the victory. Obviously many do look for any added advantage they can get, and estimates for those who use PEDs in MMA are sky-high right now. The topic wil most likely rage on as a discussion point within MMA for many years to come. Steroids may be a fixture in MMA, but are they necessarily a huge benefit to those who can use them without being caught?

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      • seriously he needs to do something with that hair. im tired of seeing him flip his hair back during fights. i dont know if hes thinks it looks cool, but put that shit in cornrows or something, jeeez, i have semi-long hair and that stuff annoys me.

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          • i dont think so, just my opinion. kj noons used to do the same stuff with his hair, which just seems so impractical in a fight. hey i dont really care about hair but give me some credit, atleast when guida's hair bounces all over the place u never see him him try to "smoothley" carress it back in to place

        • Actually, give Frankie Edgar some credit. Messing up Henderson's hair was the only damage he was able to do.

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  • Chael Sonnen will challenge him for the LW title after he takes his beatdown from Jon Jones.

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