Ben Askren is ‘100 percent sure’ he could beat GSP


Current Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren was not impressed by the performance of Georges St-Pierre this weekend. In fact, he lambasted the champ’s performance so much that he stated he’s seen more vicious things at a youth wresting tournament. 

Taking to Twitter, Askren believes that there’s no doubt he could topple the consensus number one welterweight in the world: 


  • cool story bro

    • Hang on, wasn't Nick Diaz 100% sure he could beat gsp? I'm starting to see a pattern here……

      • LOL – ding ding ding ding … we have a winner! This guy is so funny he needs to generate self interest by talking about the best WW fighter EVER, hands down & the guy has half the skill of GSP! These other promotion fighters sure are tough from the bottom of that pole!!! Yeah, Koscheck was certain he would beat GSP & KO his ***, Shields was certain he'd take GSP down & submit him, BJ Penn "knew" GSP was a quitter (LOL), Alves, Hardy, Fitch, Serra 2 & Condit all said they were going to KO GSP & Diaz said he was going to beat him & then after the fight, at the press conference said to GSP, that he knows he could beat him ….. BAHAHAHAHA if that was the case, why didn't you the 1st time genius?!? Oh yeah thats right, GSP embaressed you on the ground, where you said he was going to have "problems" & on the feet where you said you were going to Kock him Out!!! Sorry Nick maybe in the next life … even then, I doubt it!!!

    • It would be a jab fest from GPS if they ever fought.

      • I doubt it dude, he'd mix it up – take him down, strike, kicks etc. This guy is WAY out of his league, how many top 10 opponents has he beaten?!? Exactly! GSP would destroy this guy like he did Fitch & Koscheck combined!

  • Nice try Ben 🙂

  • Maybe…

    But probably not.

    • No dude, not maybe. How would he beat him?!? Take him down?!? NO! If he did it would be for a few seconds at best, thats what Koscheck did, but then again Koscheck was taken down more times & GSP broke his face! GSP would have punches, takedowns, submission, knees, kicks etc.

  • I have actually never got the opportunity to watch an Askren fight, but have heard the stories. Think I would rather watch paint dry.

    • I'm pretty sure if you type paint dry on google, Askren's picture appears …. no joke! Also, If you type Ben ASkren on it defines him as similar to paint drying!

  • The only person Askren could beat, is Carrot Top for worst hair cut.

  • No. You can't. GSP would keep the fight standing and pick you apart. GSP via UD.

    • UD?!? You honestly think he would alst 5 rounds vs. GSP?!? The guy hasnt fought anyone close to GSP or any top 10, I do not believe since they're all in the UFC. GSP would destroy this guy like Fitch & Koscheck combined, he'd seriously finish this guy & I do not say that often. I'm a huge GSP fan, but he fights the best of the best in the top division in the world. People complain about him not finishing people, well I suggest you check out his last 10 fights & see how many people he didn't finish, & then check out how many times they were finished by others, the numbers will be impressive. The losses they have suffered are impressive, but how many times they were finished were less than 12 or 10 out of 150+ fights. Which avgs. out to about 1 finish every 15 fights, yet GSP is suppose to finish all these guy noone else has been able to do!? Jesus, Fitch was 6 yrs undefeated, Shields was 7 yrs undefeated, Condit was 3+ yrs undefeated etc. GSP was the 1st & ONLY man to beat BJ twice @ WW (until Edgar beat BJ twice later @ LW). GSP was the 1st person to make BJ quit.

      • Lots of words my man. The simple fact is this, Askren is a good wrestler. If GSP can't finish Dan Hardy on the ground I am not about to pick him to finish Askren there. It is always possible that he could get a standing TKO/KO but I wouldn't bet on that either.

  • Who cares, is what I'd say. The planet is probably crawling with people who think they can beat GSP, let alone Bellator Champs.

    If Ben feels that way, then sign with The UFC, as Lombard did, take a couple of fights, as Lombard did and then, in all likelihood, prove to be a bust or average fighters, as Lombard is doing.

    Simply calling out The UFC 170 Champ doesn't mean squat. Anyone can do it and do it without fear of it actually happening. Line forms to the right Ben. Take a number.

    • too mmatruth..What are you talking about?? You say anyone can call out GSP and nobody cares. Then You say sign him to the UFC..HELL NO..The ufc does not need this guy. And You say work your way up like Lombard did? yOU do know lombard is 1-2 in the UFC with a HIGHLY dissapointing run right. I love Lombard but he looks like **** in the ufc. The only reason Ben is doing this is because he saw Nick D make 200 grand plus sponsors off a loss where he did not even try to make an attack in the fight with GSP. EASSSYYYYYY PAY DAY for nick. His mouth got him a lotttttttt of money. Askren is smart looking to break the same way nick did. For instance. see how Diaz said I like GSP after the fight. all the gu n to the head talk really got him paid. WOW

      • He was using Lombard as an example of how it's easier to look good in smaller promotions Einstein. Completely missed the point fella!

      • gm1

        Very true…Nick was probably praying that GSP would stand a box with him all 5rounds but he forgot it was an mma fight.

        Askers doesn't keep up with fighters who come into the UFC from other lower end companies…they don't do very well….tell him to call Jake Shields…….

  • wooow!!!!

    I think GSP just pi$$ed his pants…

  • The most boring LnP fighter in MMA right now is convinced he can beat GSP.

    Man, I didn't thought medical marihuana is the staates was -that- strong….

    • watch savages 🙂 cali kush is the best on the planet…i know this and i dont even smoke it, its that strong.

      • Outdoor master kush

      • Did you all forget abou BC Bud???? or the Green Crack that comes from????lmao….smoke alil bit of that bud you'll forget how much cali bud is mostly chemically aided. lol…".Cali bud the best " **** thats funny. I know this man…an i smoke it all. lmao….cali the best…that cracks me up.

        • don't go too much on the defensive. i know there is better out there, my point was to direct him to a cool movie, and make a joke…the part where i said i dont smoke it but i know or feel its strength. i stopped smoking about 14 years ago. may hit a joint once or twice at a concert when i am there, but certainly no connoisseur

          • checked it out. nice recommendation, thx.

            PS: all pot heads, if former or active, know in the end: every single strain is awesome. ;]

  • Come back and say this after you fight someone who is in the top 20 of you division before you even dare call out the guy who is top 3 P4P

  • From one Lay and pray artist to another one, great. The NCAA Wrestling fans would see that fight as their Super Bowl.

    • Double burn! I love it!

    • Really? I doubt it seeing as NCAA fans have probably never heard of GSP since he is Canadian…

  • I do think Askren would outwrestle GSP… he would just have a problem standing with him.. he'd probably get jabbed half to death… but i can't say with 100% confidence that GSP would win.. it's pretty much a toss up to be honest…

    • @ The Experience

      If it's a toss up, between GSP and Askren, as to who would win, what does that say about The UFC 170 Division? Ben Askren has never come close to fighting a guy the level and quality of GSP. I suspect that would also be true in terms of other 170s' like Hendricks, Condit, Diaz, Ellenberger, Maia, MacDonald etc.

      Like Lombard, it's easier to look good and even great, in the Jr. promotion, but doing it in any division in The UFC, let alone 170, is a whole new world of hurt.

      I can say that with 100% confidence.

      Askren is a good fighter, to be sure, but being successful enough to win a belt in Bellator and doing the same in The UFC are two separate and un-equal subjects.

      • I think The Experience was talking about their fighting style, not the 170 division. By the way, the 170 division is not as deep as you're making out to be, sorry.

        • Of course it is. The only division that's even close to being as deep as WW is LW. The problem is GSP's already beat half the guys that make it deep.

          • Super(EH) to the rescue once again. Every good superhero needs his villain in order to be successful.

            JK, EH.

          • The only guys who can actually beat Georges are Maia, Condit, and Rory in the WW division. The rest of the match-ups are pretty much tailor made fights for Georges to win, nothing special there.

          • Haaaaa. So does that mean 185 is the thinnest division in existence? Weidman, Jacare, and maybe Belfort are tough match ups for him. That's it.

          • Wrestling is, according to most of you, Anderson Silva's weakness, right? Last time I checked, he has fought and beaten a ton of them at 185.

          • A few.

            Okami and Marquard are grapplers more than wrestlers. Jacare's wrestling, along with Weidman's, trumps either of their's easily (along with guys like Leites, Maia as he's quite small, and others). The only guys with credentials comparable to guys in the 170 lbs division were Hendo and Chael (other than Chris).

            However, I was more speaking on you relating depth of the division to the amount of tough challengers to GSP. You said only three would provide a tough match up, and one he has already beaten soundly. I was just relating that to 185, where its a stretch to treat anybody as a legitimate threat to Anderson.

          • @ UG

            I agree that Maia could / would be a serious fight, but only if he could get it to the ground and even then, he'd only get a decision. If Maia couldn't submit Fitch, I really don't think he'd submit The Camp.

            Condit? I can't believe you'd list Condit and not Hendricks. Particularly given that CC recently lost to GSP and I'd hardly call Hendricks tailor made. Speaking as a GSP fan, I'm worried about fighting Big Rig. He's dangerous.

            Rory – they won't fight. GSP will be out of the division, before that happens. At least that's my opinion on it.

          • Hendricks can't beat Georges unless he lands one lucky shot.

        • @ UG

          I understood what Experience was talking about. l believe my answer conveyed, so.

          I'd have to disagree with your synopsis of the 170 division as a whole. It is deep, maybe a little ill-legitimate in the rankings with the cutting of #9 ranked Fitch, but none-the-less, it's deep enough. Certainly relative to Bellator or any other (lesser) promotion, which could be named.

          Don't be sorry. 🙂

        • the WW is the best division on all of MMA, LW is a close 2nd, but WW is #1. YOu need to educate yourself on the WW/UFC dude, b/c after that comment, it proves you do big time!

  • This message is for Bjorn Rebney, if he or one of his people ever checks out any of the boards on MMA sites like LowKick.

    Hey Bjorn, why didn't you sign John Fitch to give Ben Askren PROVEN top level competition to measure himself by. You had ever opportunity to sign Fitch but you didn't because to have him come in and run through your Welterweight division, including Ben, would have been embarrassing to Bellator. In light of the way Bellator ran away from signing John Fitch, Ben should keep his mouth shut about being able to beat anyone in the UFC.

    Side note to Mike Drahota:

    Hey Mike, If Bellator fighters are going to challenge in this way then MMA media needs to challenge Bjorn Rebney about why he ran from signing John Fitch and ask how Bellator will ever be top competition to the UFC if it protects its favorite fighters that way.

    • @ MMA Marco

      I believe the biggest reason Bellator didn't sign Fitch, was simply timing. Bellator is a tournament style promotion, where The UFC is not. Had their tournament not begun or the fighters signed and matched, the probably would have jumped all over Fitch. At least, that's what would have made the best business sense for Bellator.

      In terms of Fitch now, he seems to have done OK for himself. He's inked a deal with the new NBC franchise and the bottom line is, NBC is a big company and they are obviously looking to put something up against FOX-MMA. Long term, it may work out for him if NBC really puts the bucks into their promotion.

      Time will tell, but it ***** how The UFC treated and cut, John. He's a solid fighter, IMO and still #9 in The UFC (ghost) rankings and will remain there until he loses. Sorry, Dana.

  • yhn

    Then we truly would have The Ultimate Take Down Championship. I say might as well use wrestling scoring too for this fight. Actually I hope it does happen so I can watch the fight every night before bed instead of taking warm milk.

    • @Yhn: The Ultimate Takedown Championship is exactly what it would be if that fight were to take place. Thanks to Georges Safe-Pierre's fight, I was able to sleep like a baby on Sunday morning. If you have any problem sleeping, you should definitely try watching one of his fights.

  • any askren fans here?

    • Do they really exist? I always assumed they were just a myth…like the tooth fairy or jeebus.

  • Nick should go to Bellator he could be champion there

  • But he didn't say what he'd be beating him at. Tiddly winks? Mop top hair contest? Disrespectful comments by a guy not even in the top 10 at 170?

  • I agree Crane. Ben Askren is completely irrelevant. Besides, we will never know because Dana hates him and will never bring him to the UFC. Ben has pretty much cemented himself in mediocrity and he knows it.

  • D

    I could beat GSP too…If he got hit by a bus first.

  • Ben Askren forgot a word.
    "After tonight I am 100% sure I could beat OFF GSP"

    Ben Askren you silly fella, go win a match with a top contender, if you ever get one.
    So in the mean time, feel good about beating up cans and dream about beating GSP.
    I mean, it's ok to dream right?