Ben Henderson: I want to be the best ever, and I won’t back down from that


Even though UFC Lightweight champion Benson Henderson has only defended his belt once (and in a highly controversial decision), he has his sights set on becoming the best fighter in UFC history. Apparently, Henderson has undergone some flack for setting his goals too high. He stated the following in an interview with MMAWeekly:

“I want to be the best ever and one of my goals is to break Anderson’s record for title defenses. I’m sorry, I apologize if I offended you somehow, but I do have longterm goals, I like to set my goals high and then go out and get them done.”

Certainly there is no problem with having goals, and Benson Henderson has proven that he can set and accomplish them. However, it may quite a bit premature to go after the great Anderson Silva‘s impressive streaks so soon. After all, Silva is a man who finishes opponents seemingly at will, while Henderson could easily no longer be the Lightweight champion if the scorecards went slightly the other way at UFC 150. We will see how his quest will carries on when he fights Nate Diaz in early December on UFC on Fox. Is Henderson just blowing smoke, or does he have a legitimate claim?

Check out the rest of the interview here:

  • im gonna go with smoke for 200$, mike.
    henderson is very much a gsp, not amazing striking but can hang with most, but wrestling that over powers almost everyone… unfortunately, he will probably be there for awhile, but not forever… nate diaz is actually kind of perfect to beat him, lanky n great bjj, way better boxing. it’ll be interesting to see if nate locks up a triangle or something and also cant choke henderson loll no one else has been able to.

  • Shame he should have lost his last fight

  • I still like Ben, I think the rematch should have been avoided but it was very close and could have gone either way. I think Ben is more likely to hold the belt though in my opinion because of his speed which he showed he can keep up, his strength which is probably at the higher end of the division and his skill set is also at the higher end. I say his only loss will be KO from here as he can’t be submit and his jaw has led to knockdowns already.