Bellator reveals cast members for upcoming reality show “Fight Master”


Fans of MMA have been waiting to see Bellator’s version of the fight-based reality tv show they’ve titled “Fight Master” for a while now. Will it be just a cheap rip off of The Ultimate Fighter? Or will it bring some new ideas, concepts and programming to the table?

Well we’ll all have our chance to find out the answers to those questions when the series premieres at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 19th. Until then Spike TV and Bellator have been providing us with few details bits at a time.

First the concept, then the name, then the coaches, and now finally the full cast. 32 Welterweight fighters young, old, new and experienced alike will enter a tournament for the chance to win $100,000. The finale will be broadcasted live and the winner will move on to compete in an official Bellator Welterweight tournament with the opportunity to earn a title shot at the Welterweight belt.

Fighters will get to choose from 4 coaches consisting of MMA legend Randy Couture, award winning coach Gregg Jackson, former Bellator Featherweight champion Joe Warren and MMA legend Frank Shamrock.

You may notice some familiar names and faces, the likes of which could be Joe Riggs, Tom Welch, Marcus Aurelio or many others. Check out the official roster below as well as video allowing you to “meet the cast” and let us know if you recognize anyone else:

Marcus Aurelio

Nick Barnes

Eric Bradley

Mike Bronzoulis

Frank Carrillo

Darryl Cobb

Christopher Curtis

Evan Cutts

Mike Dubois

Tom Gallicchio

Ismael Gonzalez

Gareth Joseph

Chris Lozano

AJ Matthews

Rob Mills

Steve Montgomery

Chip Moraza-Pollard

Brett Nakamura

Jason Norwood

Dom O’Grady

Jacob Ortiz

Josh Quayhagen

Joe Riggs

Eric Scallan

Cristiano Souza

Brendan Tierney

Bryan Travers

Andy Uhrich

Tim Welch

Cole Williams

Joe Williams

Artenas Young


  • Jackson & Couture are clear slaps in the face to Dana & the UFC.
    Joe Riggs is trying out?!

  • Joe Riggs, LOL. Watch him win the whole thing.