Bellator matches UFC contract offer to Eddie Alvarez


Former Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez left the promotion on a high note, knocking out Patricky Freire with an emphatic headkick last October. That victory was expected to propel him into the mix at the UFC, as Alvarez noted that Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney had let him explore his options freely. The UFC has apparently offered Alvarez a contract, but Dana White has recently noted that the negotiations were not going along so smoothly.

Now comes news that Bellator has apparently matched the offer tendered to Alvarez by the UFC. Alvarez was in a contract match period, giving Bellator the right to review and thus match any offer he had received. Although none of the sides involved in the discussion released an official statement, Rebney was on hand to say the following:

“It really becomes for us a mathematical analysis. We know where we would want to be with Ed, we know what kind of a deal structure would work for Bellator and our partners at Spike TV, and we’re just waiting. We’d like to keep him, but it will all boil down to the numbers.” via MMAJunkie

A few months ago, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Alvarez would soon be plying his trade in the UFC with the best Lightweights the world has to offer. There are several good or even great fights waiting for him there, and no one expected any semblance of a return to Bellator after Rebney was kind enough to let him go to the UFC. Perhaps negotiations have gone south, and now the lawyers will get involved as Alvarez is set to make one of the toughest decisions of his career.

Where will Eddie Alvarez end up fighting in 2013? Does he need to make the move to the UFC to solidify his standing as a top contender?

  • Bellator.. Let him go… all you can offer the man is a Headline against michael chandler on Spike.. UFC has the bigger tv platform and ppv money.. He will be bored and never get to prove his worth in the MMA market.

  • Bellator is doing nothing but climbing in to the consciousness of the world more and more by the day. Their relationship with SPIKE (and more importantly VIacom) could turn them into a real player for top tier talent in the coming years.

    • It'd be nice to see Bellator compete with the UFC, but at the end of the day, Zuffa would probably buy them out if that were to happen. .

      • Most likely impossible. Bellator isn't owned by some firm akin to what SF was owned by, or WEC. It is owned by Viacom (a much bigger company than Zuffa), and their foray into MMA with SPIKE (more there agressive advertising of it) shows they aren't likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

        • Ted Turner sold WCW to Vince, its not impossible sometimes knowing when to exit is the smart move.

  • Dana watch your back. All your stuff is catching up to you. Bellator is on the rise. They soon will say they have the best competition in the world; They are on a come up.

    • sorry but just no

    • Time will tell. I certainly hope so as Dana has been making a mockery of some MMA like giving Sonnen to Silva twice and now to Jones. A world class rival in the market would ensure DW sharpens up his act. Not that he don't make great fights. There have been some brilliant match ups in the UFC but it has become purely about the money lately for the fertillas and DW and less about integrity and putting on the best possible fights. If Bellator can get some serious depth in their divisions and just as importantly get GOOD judges it will soon catch up the UFC.

  • Eddie Alvarez will get more recognition if he stays in Bellator. UFC has a stacked lightweight division that will eat Eddie up. Like it or not there is no easy fights for him or anyone else in the top 10 or 15 lightweights in UFC. Bigger fish in a smaller Bellator pond or Risk losing everything in UFC for the same amount of money.

    • You could have said that about Henderson and now he is UFC champ (albeit by way of bulla judging against Edgar) and Alvarez is a great fighter to watch. he brings it every time, is super aggressive and world class. I do wonder how he'll cope with some of the stronger wrestlers in the UFC but his stand up is probably as good as anyone's in the UFC and better than most.

  • If Alvarez had an ounce of intelligence he would get the hell out of Bellator and jump to the UFC ASAP.

  • If Alvarez wants to fight the top guys on the planet or play in the minor leagues its a easy choice to make